40+ Party-Ready Holiday Hairstyles

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40+ Easy Holiday Hairstyles That Will Make a Statement at Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. Find a style for short, medium, long, natural, or curly hair. Click pin for tutorials!

Everything shines and sparkles during the holidays and so should your hair. The holiday party season is the perfect excuse to experiment with your hair like adding bows and other cute sparkly things. Though it’s not officially the holiday season quite yet, I still think it’s best to prepare with an arsenal of holiday hairstyle ideas now.

We’ve put together a huge list of 40+ party-ready hairstyles to steal from! It doesn’t matter if you have long, short, curly, natural or straight hair. There’s a perfect holiday hairstyle for everyone!

Once you have your holiday dress picked out for the big holiday party, top off your look with a statement-making hairstyle.

Holiday Hair Inspiration

Bob It!

1. Short hair tutorial: Soft Curls

2. Messy Long Bob

3. Faux Bob Updo

Curl it!

4. Easy Holiday Curly Hairstyle

5. Half Up Half Down Holiday Hair

6. Curly Bang & Bun

7.1930’s Pin Curl Hairstyle

Braid it!

8. Braid Out Style on Natural Hair

9. Dutch Fishtail Braids

10. Crown Mesh Braid

crown braid tutorial

Tutorial here

11. The Ultimate Mermaid Braid

Mermaid Braid tutorial

Tutorial here

12. Fishtail Braid Bun

holiday hairstyles 28

Tutorial here

13. Messy Halo Braid on Natural Hair

Wave It!

14. 5 Minute Holiday Waves

15. Old Hollywood Waves

16. Holiday Half Up Do

Sweep It!

17. Big Bouffant Hair

holiday hairstyles 30

Tutorial here

18. Side Swept Pixie

19. Side Swept Holiday Curls

20. Swept Back Holiday Hair

holiday hairstyles 10

Tutorial here

Pin It!

21. Plaited Updo

holiday hairstyles 38


22. Easy Pinned Afro

23. Fast and Easy Up Style

holiday hairstyles 15

Tutorial here

Bang It!

24. Half Up Half Down

holiday hairstyles 21

Tutorial here

25. Top Knot With Faux Bun

26. Quick Formal Updo

27. Korean Curled Bangs

28. Zoey Deschanel Bangs

29. Bridgette Bardot Tutorial

Put a Bow On It!

30. Side Bow Bun

holiday hairstyles 08

Tutorial here

31. Half Up Hair Bow

32. Hair Bow Tutorial for Long Hair

33. Hair bow with bangs

holiday hairstyles 29

Tutorial here

Pony It!

34. High Ponytail w/ Ribbon

holiday hairstyles 37


35. Goddess Ponytail

36. Simple Textured & Voluminous Pony

Updo It!

37. Twisted low Bun

holiday hairstyles 02

Tutorial here

38.Natural Hair Holiday Puff

39. Sleek High Ballerina Bun

holiday hairstyles 03

Tutorial here

40. Side Swept Updo

41. Simple Holiday Hair

holiday hairstyles 11

Tutorial here

Which holiday hairstyle(s) would you love to try this year? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


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