6 Powerful Ways To Boost Immunity Naturally

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boost immunity power naturally

It’s that time of year again: the coughing, the constant sneezing, and the stuffy nose that feels never-ending. Yup, we’ve entered the cooler months and getting sick is just such a nuisance. It interrupts your daily life, makes you feel terrible, and it’s a major sign that your immune system could use a little boost. 

For me, I don’t get sick very often. I guess I’m one of the lucky few that avoid illnesses most years. However, if I’m super stressed from work, getting lack of sleep, or not eating healthily, my immune system gets out of whack and I start to feel run down.

I’m always looking for simple ways as well as foods, herbs, and drinks I can include in my daily diet to bolster my immune system.

Below are some things I’m currently doing to strengthen my immune system to keep me feeling healthy this fall season.

1. Minimizing Stress

No one likes to be stressed out, but constantly feeling the strain of stress can drain your immune system. There are many ways I try to keep my stress in check. First, I make self care a priority every day. Meditating, going out with friends, and doing weekly yoga sessions also help me combat stress.

2. Eating Loads of Fruits & Vegetables

grabbing strawberries

Your body feels what you eat. Whenever I feel bloated, constipated, or heavy after a meal, I can identify the cause quickly and usually it’s because I didn’t eat enough fruits and/or vegetables for the day. Ideally, your plate should have more vegetables and fruits on it rather than highly processed junk food.

traditional medicinals echinacea plus elderberry

Fruits will surely help, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away is not rhyming without reason. Fruits have essential Vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D, which all help to give energy to your immune system. I try to incorporate a small of bowl of strawberries with my breakfast most days since it’s loaded with Vitamin C but I’ll switch it up with an orange or apple on other days.

3. Drinking Herbal Tea

traditional medicinals teas immunity health

An excellent way to support and strengthen your system is to drink an immune-boosting herbal tea. I understand the power herbs can have to harness our health. I often turn to herbs in the form of tea because it’s easier to consume. To best support your body during winter, make use of teas with nature’s remedies like echinacea, elderberry, elderflower, eucalyptus, slippery elm, licorice, and reishi mushroom. 

traditional medicinals teas for immunity overhead

Traditional Medicinals has a variety of tea blends geared towards immunity. Three of my go-to teas that have immunity-boosting properties are: Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea, Reishi Mushroom, and Echinacea Plus Elderberry.*

  • Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea: Each tea bag has medicinal herbs for throat health, such as marshmallow root and licorice, combined with the power of echinacea to support the immune system. Echinacea is widely known for its immune-boosting properties. This tea has a sweet and lemony taste, nice aroma and feels soothing as you drink it.
  • Reishi Mushroom with Rooibos & Orange Peel: A sweet, citrusy blend to enjoy for daily, gentle immune support. Reishi is known as the “the mushroom of immortality” that not only supports the immune system but also is traditionally used to keep the body in balance. It’s wellness benefits have been touted for 4,000 years!
  • Echinacea Plus Elderberry: I love anything with berries! This really fires up the immune system which is not surprising since it contains Elderberry. It has a sweet flavor with a mild tartness, but still refreshing. I would say this is my favorite out of the three. Keep a few boxes of these to keep your immune system going strong all season long.
adding hot water to tea

4. Exercising Regularly

A fit and healthy body is a good indicator of an overall healthy immune system so it’s even more important during the fall season. Like I mentioned earlier, I try to stay active at least 4 times a week. Regardless of your situation, when you do regular fitness activities, it increases circulation throughout your body thus improving your health and bolstering your immunity.

5. Getting Adequate Sleep

A lack of sleep can have detrimental effects to your immune system. I make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night and so should you. I usually sip on a cup of tea right before bedtime to help me relax and get to sleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep, brew yourself a cup of Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Extra before hitting the hay.

6. Making room for Mushrooms

traditional medicinals reishi mushroom rooibos orange peel tea

Mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods on the planet and have been traditionally used to support a healthy immune system. I don’t really enjoy eating mushrooms but I don’t mind them in my teas. Of course, I reach for my Traditional Medicinals organic Reishi Mushroom herbal tea blend.

Following any one of my tips will provide you with a robust immune system and help you to feel great through the colder seasons. 

To learn more about Traditional Medicinals immunity tea blends, check them out here.

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  1. I do think your tip on drinking more herbal tea is a great idea. I really dont have any excuses since my office has started offering free herbal teas in our kitchen pantry!!

  2. Herbal teas are great and the ones you show here are really good. I also like your other tips to boost immunity

  3. These are great ways to boost immunity. I love Traditional Medicinals teas, and I’ll have to make sure I stock this one for cold and flu season.

  4. After recovering from a week and a half of being sick (pneumonia!), this is the perfect post. I still have laryngitis from it. I’d love to boost my immunity naturally.

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