How To Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of iHerb. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

This post is all about how to spring clean your health.

So, spring is here again. And as we come out of hibernating and the weather looks all nice and encouraging, we’re all itching for a spring cleaning of our homes. However, why limit it to your home only? Expand the concept and make the best of this spring by chalking up a wellness routine (or tweak your existing one) that will help spring clean your health, body and mind and will contribute considerably to your overall well-being. 

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spring clean your health

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Spring Clean Your Health Routine: 8 Ideas 

So, here are some tips for reevaluating your current habits and for preparing a spanking new to-do list. Ideas and product recommendations from iHerb for spring cleaning your wellness routine, in short!

1. Practice a self care morning ritual

spring wellness tips

When it comes to reevaluating your habits, you should start right from your existing morning rituals. The fact is, all too many of us have fallen into the habit of rushing through our mornings. I’ve been guilty of that. Getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, grabbing a sandwich and a glass of juice on the go and before we know, we are already seated at our office desk! 

Nothing can be better for your self-care routine than if you began your day feeling fresh, relaxed and grounded. And you don’t need a heck of a time on your hand for this, either. It’s not about how much time you’ve got, it’s about how you manage your time.

You can start by incorporating a routine of getting up 15-20 minutes earlier than you normally do. And use that time in a way so your brain and mind feel fresh and light and eased up. You may read something during that time; jot down some impressions on your journal; do a little stretching, yoga or meditation. What I like to do for a few minutes every morning is enjoy my morning cup of coffee. I’m currently loving this California Gold Nutrition Superfoods Collagen Coconut Creamer that I add to my cup of jo, savoring every last sip of it. It’s a dairy-free and lactose-free creamer and I love that it comes with added nutritional boost like collagen which is great for the hair, skin and nails.

You can do whatever makes you feel good and refreshed, but just make sure that your mind is not running in a fast forward mode during this early break. Don’t think about what you’ll do (or have to do) afterwards. Just savor the present moment and if you can do that, voila!, you’re off to a bright start to your day! 

2. Declutter your life 

With the onset of spring, one cannot help but feel an urge to bust open the closets, spruce up areas all around the home, and finally rid the home of unnecessary clutter. Decluttering is a necessity and when things look all neat and organized around your house, this makes for mental clarity as well and helps boost our productivity and wellness ratio. However, it is important that you stick with cleaning throughout the year and don’t make it a do-all-at-once sort of thing. Otherwise, things will go back to a cluttered, untidy mess in no time at all. So, include a regular weekly cleaning routine in your brand new ‘toward wellness’ to-do list.

iherb mild by nature

When you’re decluttering, you’ll likely run into old household cleaners. While removing old cleaning products, why not replace them with natural cleaning products this spring? I prefer natural cleaning products from brands like Mild by Nature because they’re non-toxic, good for your health and the environment. When I’m doing my laundry, I reach for Mild by Nature Laundry Detergent Pods (unscented) and Mild by Nature Dryer Sheets in Geranium scent. I really love the laundry products from Mild by Nature especially the dryer sheets. The geranium scent leaves my clothes smelling so good and does a great job softening by clothes. I also like to use Mild By Nature Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods. The lemon aroma gives off spring and vibes and overall just washes everything well. Natural cleaning products  like these will make for a healthier home and in the process, you’ll do your bit toward the environment as well. 

3. Clean out your pantry 

spring into healthy habits

Now, since you’re at it, this is just as good a time as any to take stock of your fridge and pantry. Are there items you’ve been meaning to discard for some time and discard them for good? Well, time to tighten your belt and chunk the junk for good this time! Toss out expired perishables and donate nonperishables. Stock up the pantry with healthy staples. Two new pantry additions that I eat almost daily are California Gold Nutrition Superfoods Organic Chia Seeds and California Gold Nutrition Superfoods Maple, Nuts and Sea Salt Bars. I love adding chia seeds to my morning oatmeal and the maple nut bars have become my new favorite post-workout snack. Both are full of nutrients and so yummy!

4. Restock your spice rack

spring wellness ideas

Spices can become less potent over time and many of us forget to spring clean out the spice cabinet. So, throw out old or expired spices and restock with fresh ones. It’s important because spices add antioxidants, aroma and flavor to your meals and most of them come with amazing health benefits. I advise to buy fresh spices that you use often in smaller quantities to keep them fresh and avoid throwing them out a year later. You should also use spices that are organic and benefit your health. California Gold Nutrition Superfoods have good quality spices that are certified organic. I restocked my turmeric, ginger, and garlic because I recently learned these spices are great for your cardiac health. Now I add these spices often in my cooking. So, make sure to incorporate more dried herbs and spices into your meals including these three this spring. 

5. Give your supplements a refresh

spring into health

Consider tweaking your supplements stack this spring as well. Have a close look at your current supplement stack and zero in on the ones that are not delivering expected results. Either discard them or, you may also consider donating them to appropriate places. It is also a good idea now to stock up on healthy vitamins like multivitamins and vitamin C. I recently replaced my expired multivitamin with Gummiology Adult Mega Multivitamins Gummies. I like that the dosage of each individual vitamin is not large  and also love the raspberry flavor.  My seasonal allergies have been acting up a lot since spring’s arrival so a supplement like California Gold Nutrition Vitamin C gummies has been super helpful.

6.  Reset your sleep schedule 

Bad or disturbed sleeps affect us in so many ways that it is barely possible to overstate the importance of getting a good night’s rest. Planning a proper sleep schedule should be at the very top if you want to spring clean your health. Here are a few tips for a better sleep:

  • Eat at least an hour before going to bed. 
  • For the last hour before sleep, perform only light tasks. This means no checking emails, social media, etc. In fact, you should altogether banish your phone from the bedroom if possible (and this helps with your morning ritual, too, since all too many people check their phones the very first thing in the morning!). 
  • Try to commit yourself to some relaxing and restful pre-sleep ritual every day. 

I also strongly suggest that you take some dietary supplements that serve as a natural trigger for sleep. I’ve been using a magnesium supplement for months now and it works really well. I’ve recently tried California Gold Nutrition Magnesium Powder and it’s very effective in keeping me in a calm and relaxed state which helps me fall asleep faster. I add it to plain water and drink it an hour before going to bed.

spring into wellness

7.  Manage Stress

Similar to sleep deprivation, stress affects our physical and mental health big time. So, managing (even better, avoiding) stress has to be part of each and every self-care and wellness routine. In fact, everything I’ve talked about until now can actually go a long way in helping you manage your stress. Eating healthy, regular exercise, getting good sleep, following relaxing rituals in the morning and before sleep—all of these can help bring down your stress levels to a considerable amount. 

Essential oils is another thing you can keep in mind that next time you need to destress. I love incorporating essential oils to my wellness routine because it supports my body in so many ways like relaxing. When I’m stressed, I look for an essential oil that I know will uplift my spirits like Mild by Nature Happy Essential Oil Blend. This particular blend is energizing and really lightens up my mood. It has a citrusy scent that just cheers me up and brings more joy to my day.

8. Spend More Time Outside

Spending time in the sun can do wonders for both our body and mind. For one thing, exposure to direct and naked sunlight boosts our body’s production of Vitamin D. Apart from that, there are several studies that suggest that spending time outside improves our overall mood and self-esteem and helps reduce stress. 

So, find ways to get out of wherever you’re holing up. Take a morning or afternoon stroll around your neighborhood or nearby park; if possible, take  your workout routine outdoors—at your patio or backyard; and at weekends, head out for natural retreats close to your place. After all, what better season to acquaint yourself with nature than spring? 

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to spring clean your health and found them helpful! So, help yourself and enjoy this spring (and the coming ones) to the fullest!

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