Gift Guide: For The Minimalist

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This post is all about minimalist gifts for Christmas.

minimalist gifts for christmas

Looking for gift ideas for the minimalist in your life? I understand how daunting of a task it can be to find the right gift…so as usual, I went ahead and did it for you.

Here’s a curated modern minimalist gifts for Christmas guide for anyone with minimalist friends, family members, or coworkers. They’re simple, beautiful but also useful for everyday life. So grab yourself a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and have fun shopping online!

Minimalist Gifts For Christmas

If you have friends or family members living a minimalist lifestyle, then check out some of our favorite minimalist gift ideas for Christmas. You’ll find plenty of thoughtful gift ideas below!

1. Food Subscription Kit

Minimalists generally don’t want excess stuff for the sake of having them. This can make the gift picking process a bit tedious, especially if you’re not sure whether they would like to have the gift you have in mind. Well, in this case, a food subscription kit would be excellent minimalist gifts for him and her.

While you may not know whether your friend would appreciate jewelry, decor, and any other ideas you have in mind, you already know that they love eating. After all, at one point or another, everyone becomes a foodie when it’s their favorite meal in question. That said, a food subscription kit of their favorite recipes would be a great minimalist gift.

Food subscription boxes make meal preparation simple and can be a fun way to get wannabe cooks started. They can also motivate a newly health-conscious buddy to eat healthier by assisting them in meal planning. If you’ve got a pal who enjoys nibbling, try the snack subscription kit and they will think of you every time they pick up a bag! We love this one from Amazon that will send you healthy-ish snack each month. They have different plans to choose from too!

2. Candles

Candles are a terrific way to add decor to anyone’s home without being invasive. With their beautiful jars and sweet aroma, they give a stunning center point whether they’re lit or not. They also have many different applications like lighting, decor, aromatherapy, religious celebrations, and many others.

Better yet, candles have their symbolism, which is why they are popular in many cultural festivals. The warmth of a candle, for example, evokes feelings of love and support, while the light of a candle evokes feelings of optimism. As such, they easily make a versatile, meaningful, unintrusive gift for a minimalist’s home. Simply look for one that lasts long and you’ll have a welcomed addition to your friend’s home. One of my favorite go-to minimalist Christmas gifts!

3. Gift Card

For the minimalist, gift cards or gift certificates can be a terrific option. They allow your friend to pick anything they want from their favorite store. With this gift, be sure to look for cards that correspond to your friend’s passion. Here are some gift card ideas that make the best minimalist gifts for Christmas:

  • Ice Cream Shop or Frozen Yogurt
  • Ridesharing
  • Coffeehouse like Starbucks – coffee lovers
  • Spotify – Music lovers
  • Restaurant – Foodies
  • Play Station Stire- Gamers
  • Studio for Pottery Painting – Artists

If you’re skeptical about the choice of store, opt for the safe option of an Amazon gift card. This way, they can choose anything they want with it. Everything is available on Amazon.

4. An Experience

What’s the easiest way to pick clutter-free minimalist gifts for Christmas? — Choosing an intangible gift! Experiences are the best gifts for minimalists because the whole goal of their lifestyle is to prioritize experiences over possessions. It also allows your friend to take a break from the business of life.

Depending on your budget, you can go on a simple Saturday afternoon date to a fun coffee shop, plan a family day at the amusement park, or go all out and get a season pass to the amusement park. If your minimalist is a daredevil, you could also try skydiving or another adventurous experience on their bucket list. In fact, Tinggly offers 700+ experiences in over 100 countries in their Bucketlist experience so this would be the perfect gift to give them. You could even tag along and make lifelong memories with your friend while getting some fresh air.

5. Ancestry DNA Test

Would you like to make that special person in your life feel more connected to their roots? How about the unique gift of an Ancestry DNA test? I would love this as a gift because it would contribute to my sense of identity.

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It’s also a straightforward gift. All your friend has to do is spit into a tube, and it will reveal generations of their history as well as their ancestors. Additionally, an Ancestry DNA test comes with a subscription to, where people easily find their family trees based on possible genetic matches.

6. Nespresso Machine

This one is for coffee lovers (who isn’t?). Move over Keurig, Nespresso is where it’s at, LOL. Nespresso machines make a rich, smooth, and delightful cup of espresso coffee that is bound to be a great kickstart to your friend’s days. They are stylish, sleek, and have a contemporary finish that will easily fit into any minimalist’s kitchen. Whatever their favorite brand of coffee is, be it Starbucks, Peet’s, or Lavazza, this one will make their mornings better!

7. Coffee Mug

A new coffee mug is another fantastic gift option among the best minimalist gifts for Christmas. If you find one that says something meaningful, they’ll be glad to part with an old mug when they get the new one. Mugs have been an iconic gift since time immemorial because they are simple, usable, affordable, and meaningful. You could also upgrade them a smart mug like this Ember one that has temperature control to keep the mug hot for 80minutes. Just imagine them drinking hot chocolate in their mug on Christmas morning. A mug is a big hit with anyone looking to live a simpler life.

8. Charging Station

Charging stations help people condense their gadgets as well as the charging wires that go with them into a smaller space. They can be a valuable addition to a minimalist’s home since they help them stay organized. They can also be used to save space on an office desk. Indeed, nothing is more thoughtful than a gift that shows your friend that you understand them and their needs.

9. Notebook

People use notebooks to record their experiences, take down notes, sketches, thoughts, and ideas is the perfect gift idea for minimalists. They make excellent minimalist presents because they take up little room and easily fit in their lifestyle.

Nowadays, there are smart notebooks like Rocketbook that allow users to take notes with a special pen and transfer them directly to Google Docs, email, iCloud, or Dropbox. The notebook could then be microwaved to erase your notes and be used again! What a fantastic minimalism idea!

10. Tea Set

Some people are big fans of drinking tea. As such, if your minimalist friend is a tea connoisseur, consider buying them a tea set. It comes as no surprise that tea lovers, like coffee lovers, take their brew quite seriously.

Whether your tea enthusiast is new to the trend or has been drinking tea for a long time, you can easily find a tea set that includes all the tools they’ll need to make the perfect cup. Remember to choose a tea set that matches their style and taste whether it’s exquisite bone china, stoneware, ceramic, porcelain, or stainless steel.

11. Robot Vacuum

Minimalists adore clutter-free environments. As such, a robot vacuum will make their lives easier, especially if they have pets or children. They’ll be ecstatic at the prospect of programming a robot vacuum and then not having to worry about the constant mess that comes with having kids!

I daresay that a robot vacuum is a minimalist’s dream come true because it virtually eliminates cleaning. As a result, they will have more time to devote to the things that are most important to them. Definitely one of my favorite minimalist gifts for mom!

12. Bath Salts

Bath salts are a very easy and charming gift to make and give. They’re made with simple ingredients and can be customized to suit anyone. They come in different sizes and forms and can be mixed with essential oils for different cosmetic uses. Bath salts have grown in popularity because of their numerous health benefits and adaptability. They also come in different scents such as lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, and peppermint.

13. Kindle Unlimited

Another idea that’s always trending books. People can relax and get out of their heads by reading books. Because books may easily pile up and take up a lot of room, so instead of a physical book, Kindle books are an excellent option for the minimalist who’s also a book lover. As such, you can give your favorite reader a kindle unlimited to free up extra space for them.

14. Tickets To Live Event

Whether it’s a comedian, musician, author, lecturer, or celebrity, buy tickets to a concert or live event—whatever it is that tickles their fancy. Live events are one of the most basic gifts that can last a lifetime. Memories are priceless to minimalists, and taking a friend to see one of their favorite singers would undoubtedly make them happy.

That said, whoever your minimalist is, you’re aware of their comedy or music tastes. If you have enough money for two, join them on their adventure and make merry together.

15. Yoga Class

Although yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years, many people still haven’t tried it. Perhaps one of them is your minimalist pal. It may therefore be a fantastic first-time experience for both of you, and you might even return more frequently.

Perhaps we could all benefit from some stillness in light of the recent pandemic. Yoga can help clean one’s thoughts and rewind after stressful times and would therefore be a great gift to end the year.

16. Cooking Class

This could be one of the best simple gifts you could give to the chefs and even non-chefs in your life. Cooking is a skill that will come in handy at one point in every person’s life. It’s fun, calming, and can be the start of healthy living for your friend. In this sense, you would not only potentially teach your minimalist a new skill, but you’d also assist them in better living.

17. Donation To Their Favorite Charity

If your frugal friend is insistent about not wanting anything, consider donating to their favorite charity as a present. They’ll be pleased that their cause is receiving attention, and you’ll feel good about being philanthropic.

18. Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is a multi-functional cooking device that can be used as a warmer, sauté pot, steamer, rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, name it! It, therefore, saves on space. More so, it particularly cooks dishes up to 70% faster, which is ideal for minimalists who want to open up their schedule for other meaningful things.

19. Consumable Gifts

Consumables are excellent minimalist gifts for Christmas because they don’t stick around enough to disrupt their lives. Homemade cookies or bread for example would be great gifts this holiday season. You can choose from a variety of consumable gift options including:

  • Coffee beans
  • Christmas cookies
  • Bath and body
  • Essential Oils
  • Chocolate
  • Assorted Nuts
  • A nice fragrance or perfume

20. Spa Day Treatment

Most of us don’t get to spend a day at the spa regularly. A spa treatment would be wonderful if you have the type of friend or family member who enjoys luxury experiences. It might also be the ideal gift for someone who has been overworked during the holidays and needs some relaxation, maybe a facial or light massage.

As such, look for local spas with good recommendations in your area. Whatever their situation is, you’ll provide a remarkable experience for your minimalist loved one.

21. Cash Deposit

When all else fails, go back to the fundamentals and give them some cash. This is such a great gift idea! There are times when giving cash may seem inappropriate, but cash can be among the simplest minimalist gifts for Christmas. With cash, you can be confident your pal will use it instead of regifting it at the next holiday event of the season. They can either save, spend it, or give it to charity.

More Minimalist Gifts For Christmas

Here are even more Christmas gifts for the minimalist in your life! See our top picks of minimalist gifts for her!

gift guide for the minimalist

1. Cozy Minimalist Home Book // 2. ONA Essential Oil Diffuser // 3. Vera Wang Fringe Cotton Throw // 4. Ralph Lauren Salad Bowl // 5. Villeroy & Boch Vase // 6. The White Company Blanc Scented Candle // 7. ICANVAS Print Canvas Art // 8. Follain Refillable Everything Soap // 9. Rebecca Minkoff Signature Leather Tote // 10. J.Crew Cashmere V Neck Sweater // 11. Givenchy Noir Nail Polish // 12. Type A The Minimalist Deodorant // 13. Balance Your Flow Necklace // 14. YSL Libre Perfume // 15. The Row Textured Leather Pouch

Which of these minimalist gifts for Christmas is your favorite? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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