3 Surprising Coconut Oil Health Benefits You Should Know About

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coconut oil health benefits

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Ever since the public became more aware of the different health benefits that many of nature’s gifts have, much attention has been given to coconut oil. According to many studies, coconut oil is not only a vital component in transformer oil, but it can also be used to revitalize your body in more ways than one. Want to know what the top 3 coconut oil health benefits are? Then here is a short article to help you out.

1. Ward off Infections

For one, constant consumption of coconut oil can help you ward off infections. Many scientists have proven that coconut fat have strong antibacterial properties that can kill off many diseases. So if you’re the type who has a weak immune system, then you might want to explore the possibilities of including coconut oil to your daily diet.

2. Weight Loss

Coconut oil can also help you achieve our ideal weight if you’re currently in the process of trying to lose weight. It not only speeds up the metabolism by encouraging the body to burn stored fat to energy but it can also cleanse the digestive tract of any harmful waste remnants. One of the most touted coconut oil health benefits according to many health buffs is the fact that it can help you improve your strength to weight ratio significantly.

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3. Fabulous Skin

Lastly, if you’ve already been acquainted with organic beauty products, you may have probably already seen that coconut oil is a vital ingredient in organic soaps, shampoos and lotions. This is because coconut oil can effectively restore moisture to the skin and give it a healthy glow. It can also cure common skin ailments like eczema without increasing the risk for infection.

Bonus: Whiten Teeth

A new trend for whiter teeth is using a method called oil pulling which is a detoxification process that’s been in practice for centuries and can be done using a variety of oils, particularly coconut oil. The oil is swished around in the mouth for 20 minutes, while pulling toxins from inside the mouth. Overtime, this detoxifying method will improve oral health.

If you want to experience these coconut oil health benefits yourself, make sure to get your own organic bottle today. I would recommend Nutiva Coconut Oil. I use it for everything- my hair, skin, and food. It’s USDA Certified organic so you can’t get any purer than this. Coconut oil is starting to become a staple in most health stores nowadays so getting your own stock shouldn’t be a problem.


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