44 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend She’ll Want in 2021

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valentines day gifts for girlfriend

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone, that’s why I created this Valentines day gifts for girlfriend gift guide to ease your worries.

I get it! It’s hard to find that special gift that she will love because you want to make sure that she receives something that shows how much you care about her.

In this “Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend” guide, you’ll find a great mix of gift ideas for her that are cupid-approved! Trust me, I would know because I’m a girl and I would totally love anyone of these gifts.

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Our Top Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend Guide

Check out these thoughtful and unique gift ideas inside my Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend Guide!

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Satisfy her sweet tooth with chocolate covered strawberries. It’s a Valentine’s Day classic she’ll love!

2. Personalized Necklace

A very sweet gift I found on Etsy to give your girlfriend, fiance or wife for Valentine’s Day. You can add words to each and every side of this bar necklace. It’s a type of gift she’ll treasure forever.

valentines day gifts for her under 50

3. Heart-shaped Cast Iron Cocotte

If your girlfriend loves to cook, this heart-shaped cast iron cocotte would be a dream for her. In fact, if the two of you are planning to have date night at home on Valentine’s Day, make sure to gift this to her earlier in the day so she, you (or the two of you) can use it to make V-Day dinner.

4. Let’s Stay In Book

If she’s a foodie at heart and enjoys cooking for you, this book is the perfect gift. After scanning through the book and scoping out the homemade Dulce de Leche recipe, I knew this book will definitely help bring the romance back.

5. Initial Bracelet

Who wouldn’t love this as a gift? Buy her an Initial Bracelet spelling out her name, nickname or initials. The bracelet is very stylish and you can stack several together for a layered look.

small gift ideas for valentines day

6. Microwaveable Slippers

They’re one of my favorite gifts on this list for a reason. I was gifted a pair and I love these so much! My feet stays so warm and cozy whenever I wear them. Also, when I pop them in the microwave, it releases a relaxing lavender aroma. Your girlfriend would totally love this! Heck, why not by a pair for yourself too so the two of you can have matching slippers?

7. Homesick Candle

I don’t know one girl who doesn’t love candles so you can’t wrong with this gift idea for Valentine’s Day. This particular candle is perfect for the occasion. Not only is it a cult-favorite candle, but it also smells like freshly cut roses. So, this can be a great flower replacement and will actually last much longer than a bouquet of flowers.

8. Preserved Rose

Instead of the traditional bouquet of roses, why not gift her roses that can last 6 months or longer? This preserved rose bouquet from 1-800-Flowers are real roses housed inside luxury boxes. It makes great decor for any room so she can be reminded of your love long after Valentine’s Day … unlike the fresh roses that dies within a week of its flower delivery.

most popular valentines day gift

9. Couples Mug

Me and my boyfriend love our couples coffee mugs that we got on Uncommon Goods so this would make a great gift idea for not just her but you as well. It’s perfect for new relationships, the newly engaged or married. You can sip your coffee or cocoa on the couch together in these cute his and hers mugs.

most popular valentines day gifts

10. Silk Pillowcase

My favorite silk pillowcase! It truly is the best out there and it would be a great treat for your girlfriend to sleep on a high quality pillowcase every night. It’s great for the hair and skin too which will make her love it and you even more!

slip pure silk pillowcase

11. A Handbag

Who doesn’t love a good handbag? There are so many options to choose from so you can go with a designer bag if you have the budget or a good find for under $50. I really like this bag because the price is reasonable, it’s versatile so it can work with any wardrobe and it’s just a great gift she’ll love!

madewell the abroad shoulder bag

12. Marshall Speaker

This wireless smart speaker can actually be a shared gift for a romantic evening at home on Valentine’s Day and other evenings afterwards.

13. The Makeup Set

Is your girlfriend a makeup addict? Then she’ll love this makeup gift set from Glossier. It’s such a popular makeup brand with high quality makeup products that’s all over Instagram so gifting this to her would make her jump for joy! The fact that the packaging has different shades of pink already lets you know it was meant to be a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend.

valentines day gifts for new girlfriend

14. Rose Bouquet

Flowers are a girls best friend. Show up to her place with a large bouquet of flowers and she’ll smile. But why stop there? You can give her flowers every month automatically with help from The Bouqs Co. She’ll get a fresh set of flowers every month at her doorstep and each time she gets it, she’ll see it as just another reminder of how much you love her.

valentine day ideas for wife

15. Build Your Own Red Wine Box

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift the both of you can enjoy. If you two are wine lovers, this Build Your Own Red Wine Box is perfect for everyday drinking. There’s a plethora of red wine collections to choose from.

winc build your own box of red wine

16. Personalized Travel Jewelry Case

I saw this and thought, “OMG, I so need this!” because I travel a lot. If your girlfriend likes to travel a lot too, then this would be the perfect gift for her. Not only will it fix a common issue when traveling (spending your whole vacation untangling necklaces), but it also has space to leave a personal touch so every time she sees her name or initials, she’ll think of you.

pottery barn quinn-leather-petite-travel-box

17. Rayban Sunglasses

If your girlfriend doesn’t have a good pair of sunglasses, buy her one and make sure it’s good quality like Rayban sunglasses. You’ll be getting her a pair of sunglasses from a popular brand, they’re stylish and a cult favorite. She’ll totally love it!

ray ban round metal classic sunglasses

18. Everyday Duffle Bag

If your girl is the on-the-go type, then an everyday duffle bag would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t stop there! Add a few small meaningful gifts inside the duffle bag too!

lo and sons catalina-deluxe-organic-canvas-natural-weekender

19. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses will always make a great gift for her especially on this special day. For the wine lover, she’ll love this wine glasses set.

open kitchen by williams sonoma wine glasses set

20. Personalized Notebook

A personalized gift is always thoughtful which is why I think this personalized notebook is a gift she would love. You can add her name or initials and position where ever you want it on the notebook. You can even leave a greeting or note inside.

the daily edited a5 notebook

21. Date Night Subscription Box

As much as she loves to cuddle up together on the couch with you and watch Netflix, it can get exhausting after awhile. She’ll want to change things up and you can help with that by gifting her a date night monthly subscription box filled with fun, relationship-building games the two of you can enjoy together. You guys will laugh like you’ve never laughed before!

22. Silky Pajama Set

Let her sleep like a queen in this silky pajama set. It’s the perfect gift for her this Valentine’s Day especially this red one. She’ll enjoy sleeping in something soft and luxurious!

23. Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

If your girlfriend loves to do makeup, she’ll recognize this eyeshadow makeup palette right away. She’ll love it and most likely will use the palette for a day and/or night makeup look on Valentine’s Day.

tartelette in bloom clay palette

24. Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt

Once she’s snuggled up in this huge Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt, she’ll no longer be afraid of going outside in the cold. Added bonus, no more fighting between the two when sharing blankets on the couch. You can have it all to yourself.

25. Chloé Parfum

When in doubt, go with perfume. You can never go wrong with perfume and this set from Chloe’ is the perfect gift if she loves flowers especially roses. Chloé Love Story Parfum smells like you’re laying in a bed of flowers. You can smell the lovely scent on her as the two of you hold hands while taking a casual Valentine’s Day stroll.

26. Sweater Set

This sweater set is so cute and I thought it would make a great girlfriend gift for Valentine’s Day. I love that they have a pink version and it just looks so cozy to lounge around the house in.

free people imogene sweter set

27. Running Sneakers

I love a good pair of sneakers like the next girl so this would make a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Check her closet to see if her sneakers are looking worn out. Even if they’re not, she definitely won’t turn these down!

nike react infinity run sneakers

28. Hoya Heart Plant

I remember seeing this plant on Instagram and thinking how much I would love that as a gift. If your gal is a plant lover, she’ll love it too! When choosing a ceramic pot color, choose one that can easily complement her space.

valentines day gift last-minute

29. Luxury Bath Experience

Give her a luxurious bath experience from the comfort of her own home with this bath set from French Girl. It includes an exfoliating body polish paired with a relaxing bath soak and ultra-hydrating Body Glow Oil – all with the calming scent of Rose. If you’re lucky, she’ll invite you to join her and share the “bath experience” together.

luxury valentines gifts for her

30. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

If she’s a plant or flowers lover, she’ll love this. Imagine her seeing this by the windowsill and watching it bloom every time she passes by it. Once the garden has finished blooming, she can wash the grow bottle and use it as a vase. It also comes with a cork lid that doubles as a coaster for the bottle.

valentine gifts for wife

31. Airbnb Gift Card

I remember getting an Airbnb gift card a few years ago and I just loved it because I travel so much and it helped me a lot during my travel stays. Honestly any gift card is freeing because they can decide how they want to use it but if she is one that prefers Airbnb over hotels, this will make her very happy.

32. Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

As a girl who loves to cook, this heart shaped waffle maker was love at first sight. Your girlfriend would love this as a gift if she loves cooking. Imagine surprising her when she wakes up with heart shaped waffles for breakfast.

33. Zodiac Sign Necklace

A zodiac sign anything always make a great gift. This zodiac necklace is beautiful and she’ll love wearing it and showing off how proud she is to be a versatile Gemini or fiery Leo.

34. Spa Set

A facial in a box? How could she not love it! It’s the perfect gift for your girlfriend that she’ll use daily. I love the fact that it’s already in a gift box which is less of a hassle for you.

herbivore botanicals cloud nine collection

35. Romantic Wooden Picture Frame

This adorable handmade wooden picture frame from Amazon makes the perfect Valentine’s day gift for her. Grab a favorite photo of the two of you and stick it inside the wooden photo frame for a meaningful wall or table decor. Make sure she places it in a room she often visits so each time she walks by it can be a daily reminder of the love you two share.

36. What a Difference A Day Make Print

This burlap print is the perfect gift to give her that celebrates you two’s relationship throughout the years. Put it in a frame by the bed or hang on the wall. The two of you can look back at the days that mattered most like your first date, your first kiss and etc. One of my favorite romantic Valentine’s Day gifts on this list!

romantic valentines gifts for her

37. Comfy Blanket

When you’re not there to give her warms hug, this thick comfy blanket will come in handy. She can wrap herself in this thick blanket while staying warm, cozy and overall just feeling the love from you.

38. Essential Oil Diffuser

Sometimes you need to give her something that she needs and not wants. An essential oil diffuser is the perfect gift for her if she needs to dedicate more time towards self care. An essential oil diffuser is a great way to introduce aromatherapy into her life and she can enjoy the benefits from it such as relieving tension, getting a mood boost or if she just needs instant relief.

39. Special Location Framed Map

She’ll love a gift with a personal touch. With this keepsake gift, you can map out your love story. It features a personalized map destination, highlighting a special location. So, you can choose the exact location where you first met or kiss, and then add your names, date and a personal message.

personal valentines gifts for her

40. Personalized Key Chain

This is such a cute gift idea to give your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. You can personalize it by adding her name, her initials or the both of yours to give a personal touch to a closely-held item. You can do whatever you like!

cuyana leather tassel keychain

41. Custom Morse Code Necklace

How fun would it be to write personal messages or inside jokes between the two of you completely in morse code? This is such a great gift idea! Leave a personal message for her to decode before giving it to her.

what to get your girlfriend for valentines day in high school

42. Fuzzy Robe

Any girl would love a fuzzy robe for Valentine’s Day. This super cute fuzzy robe will envelope her in heavenly comfort to make her mornings and evenings a simple delight. It’s perfect for her pre and post-sleep routine as well. So, on the big day, set the mood by turning up the romance. You probably know her wakeup routine by now so run her a bath with flower petals, romantic music and a few lit candles. Then have her robe laid out and ready for her when she gets out.

hot valentines day gifts for her

43. Make Your Own Chocolate Fondue

These Belgian dark chocolate fondue pots are such an excellent gift idea that both of you can enjoy! I would so use this with fresh strawberries for me and my boyfriend to enjoy. I mean who doesn’t love hot, molton chocolate?

what to get a girl for valentines day

44. Monogram Cosmetics Case

Ladies, let’s be real here. Will never not love a good makeup bag and this monogram cosmetics case already has me thinking of updating my current one. She’ll bring this along with her other travel-ready items the next night at your place.

valentines day gifts for her

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