How I Incorporate Tea Into My Daily Self-Care Routine

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Traditional Medicinals. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

add tea to self care routine

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know how much I enjoy a good cup of joe before I start my day. However, what many of you don’t know is that I’m also a big tea drinker. Lately, I’ve been enjoying all kinds of teas from the herbal tea brand Traditional Medicinals. What I like about Traditional Medicinals is that they offer a wide range of plant-powered teas to support your wellness rituals, helping you feel soothed, balanced, and refreshed.

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Also, Traditional Medicinals works hard to source organically farmed or organically wild-collected herbs from ethical trading partnerships, seeking out medicinal-grade plants. So only a small fraction of the world’s herb supply meets their high quality standards. 

The holidays can be very stressful and tiring for me, and I need additional support for my overall wellness. That’s why I decided to switch out my morning coffee and incorporate the power of plants to my self-care routine. 

traditional medicinals tea self care routine

I simply incorporated three Traditional Medicinals teas into my routine for three weeks. I selected Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger, Roasted Dandelion Root and Chamomile with Lavender based on my wellness rituals and daily self care routine. I buy all my teas at Whole Foods, but click here to find retailers near you.

So…How Did I Add All 3 Teas To My Routine?

I added the teas during the time of day I needed them most. Here are 3 simple ways I like to add tea to my self-care routine.

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1. In The Morning

traditional medicinals tea self care routine

Coffee Tea is what I look forward to in the morning and I make it a quiet, mindful practice each day. I’ll start with Traditional Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Root tea because it gives me that needed restorative boost so I can start my day with ease and comfort. Dandelion root is great for supporting your liver’s natural detoxification process and promoting healthy digestion.* If you are looking to change up your morning routine, then you’ve got to keep this herbal tea in mind because I think the tea tastes quite similar to coffee.

2. Mid-Day Break

When you’re feeling tired or stressed from work, take a break and make yourself a cup of tea. For me, I find myself taking a mid-day break around 2:00pm. At this point, I’m ready for the workday to end but I still have projects I need to finish up before calling it a day. Traditional Medicinals Chamomile with Lavender tea has really helped me recharge and relax.* I can smell the lavender notes with each sip and it’s heavenly. Having that mid-day break is vital to my self-care routine, because I’m in a much better mood and can get more work done.

3. Post Workout

After spending about an hour at the gym, it is extremely important for me to fuel my body with something healthy for a quick recovery. I usually would make a smoothie, but every once in a while, I’ll have a cup of tea along with an energizing snack. I’ve been enjoying Traditional Medicinals Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger tea for awhile now and it really  supports a healthy response to lingering exercise-related inflammation.* 

Now that it’s winter, I especially look forward to this tea post-workout since it warms me up. It has an earthy and savory taste with a kick of spice that’s pleasant. I’ll drink it while cuddled up in bed with a soft blanket and a good book. 

Since enjoying 3 different teas for 3 weeks, my love for tea has grown tremendously.  I’m a fan of Traditional Medicinals because they make it easy to get important and useful herbs into your system. I hope my tips have convinced you to add tea to your self-care routine. I encourage you to check out Traditional Medicinals and incorporate one or two teas to your daily routine to start. Right now they have a buy two get one free offer, which you can grab here!

traditional medicinals tea self care routine

Are you a tea drinker? When do you enjoy drinking tea? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. I enjoy drinking tea as well. Only herbal tea that I have grown myself and either make it fresh during the spring and summer or late fall. During the winter I dry the tea and use it that way.

  2. I love Traditional Medicinals! Funny too, I bought a couple people that chamomile lavender tea as part of a Christmas gift for two people. It really is a part of a wellness routine.

  3. I am more of a coffee drinker. But my husband is a tea drinker. He drinks tea all throughout the day. I would like to start drinking tea, though. We’ll see. 🙂

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