12 Self Care Habits Of Highly Successful Women

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self care habits of successful women

Every successful woman had to make certain sacrifices to be where she is now. There are things, however, that are non-negotiable in life. Self-care is one of these. But what is it exactly and why is it important to learn?

What is Self Care?

Self care is a deliberate activity that is performed to ensure one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. A balance among these three aspects is critical for your overall well-being. Knowing how to care for yourself will help prepare you for a life of opportunities and endless adventure.

Successful women commit to building self care habits and make it part of their everyday life on a habitual basis. Practicing these self care habits will help empower you to be the best version of YOU so you can grow in ways you never thought was possible.

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Here are 12 self care habits of successful women that you can adapt to become the best version of yourself.

1. She connects with other people.

meeting up with friends

It’s true successful women are all about the careers and business but they do care about having a social life outside of work. She knows reconnecting with one self is just as important as making time for others. Whether it’s catching up with a friend at a coffee shop or having Sunday dinners with the whole family, connecting with others is a must. They make it a habit to have a social life and enjoy it!

2. She Knows When To Disconnect.

Successful women knows when to disconnect from technology and social media each day. She knows when it’s time to put away her laptop and instead find healthier ways to spend her time such as taking up a hobby, doing something constructive, getting organized, or just turning it off completely for a couple of hours.

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3. She is responsible with her time.

Successful women understand that time is a commodity. You know that what you do with it spells the difference between reaching a goal and failing. As such, you set goals within a reasonable time frame and avoid activities that do not help you improve your career prospects and personal well-being.

4. She has hobbies that bring her life joy.

Hobbies are a critical component of a successful woman’s life. These are the things that allow you to do what you love. Hobbies help you relieve stress, avoid boredom, and nurture that other part of you that builds your self-esteem and satisfaction.

5. She eats healthy most of the time.

healthy breakfast

The quality of food that you eat is reflective of the quality of work that you offer. Eating healthy keeps you active, mentally alert, physically able, and emotionally stable. By eating healthy (at least most of the time), you assure yourself of having the body and mind of someone who is capable of making the right decisions that will be beneficial over the long term.

6. She is comfortable saying the word “No”.

It takes courage and a great deal of self-control to say no to someone. Very often, people find it difficult to refuse a request or even a demand because they don’t want to be perceived as uncooperative, rude, or selfish. Successful women know that saying no is far from being that. Saying no helps you establish your boundaries and take care of your own resources so that when you do say yes, you can give your best.

7. She knows when to take a break.

Every successful woman knows that life is not just about work. Taking a breather from time to time is necessary to allow yourself the opportunity to recuperate and recover. You know that taking time away from work is a necessary part of self care and that to be healthy, you need to interrupt the stress cycle and give yourself some “me time” to restore your physical and mental health.

8. She blocks out time for self care.

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It is very easy to lose track of time and circumstance when you are busy but all successful women know that opportunities are created and that by picking out a specific period of time to care for yourself, you take control of your health and well-being.

9. She makes time to stay active.

Staying active is a critical component of self care. By participating in a regular exercise regimen on your own or with a group helps you keep diseases and health conditions at bay, control your weight, and keep your musculoskeletal system strong. Being in good shape is not just about looking and feeling good, it is also about being at your best.

10. She writes her goals & tasks down daily.

jotting down goals and tasks

Successful women prefer to keep their goals in sight. By writing down your daily goals and tasks, you have a better sense of what you have set out to achieve within a specific time period. Breaking large tasks into smaller ones gives you a better means to complete a seemingly overwhelming and time-consuming job. By writing down what you want to achieve for the day, you can plan, organize, and execute the necessary steps to finish what you started.

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11. She creates a peaceful home environment.

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A home is a place of safety, security, and recovery for every successful woman. After work and play, you want to go home to a place that makes you feel safe and rested. To ensure a peaceful home, you learn to manage the different facets of your life, both as a professional and as a private person. You understand the demands of your work but never allow any of the strains of your career to seep into your home. You maintain a balanced relationship with your family and friends.

12. She stays educating herself.

As a successful woman, you have learned that life is a never ending opportunity to learn. For you, learning is not just about completing a course or a degree. It is about opening yourself up to the knowledge that the world has to offer. You willingly learn about things that are not just in your environment but beyond it. For you, learning more means being better at what you do, polishing your skills, and creating more opportunities with the qualifications you acquire.

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