The Perfect Sunday Reset Routine For A Better Week Ahead

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This post is all about Sunday reset routine.

sunday reset routine

The weekend is short underway which is the perfect time to wind down and remind ourselves that there is more to life than our work and to take care of our mental health. Refocusing and recharging is necessary to have a great week ahead. That’s why investing in a Sunday reset routine will not only help you prepare for the new week; but also, give yourself time to relax and reflect.

What Is A Sunday Reset Routine?

A Sunday reset routine is a day that helps you re-balance your mind and body after the week and get yourself ready for the upcoming week. It doesn’t have to be elaborated, but making it comprehensive can add more value to your life. The routine interrupts the negative momentum you might regularly experience, which can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed when things get tough. Here’s a Sunday reset Youtube example:

Sunday is my favorite day of the week! It’s my day to stay home, unwind and enjoy my “me-time.” It’s also the day I like to organize my week to ensure it’s a productive one. This practice has definitely helped reduce my stress levels. So, with a Sunday reset, it’s typically a day filled with rest and productivity.

Even if you only do one thing for yourself during this time every week, it’s better than nothing at all. A Sunday routine can be as simple as doing a few things to de-stress, or it can be as involved as spending the day alone in a spa. It’s up to you, but the point is to make sure you set your intention and make time for it. Having Sunday reset ideas will support you in making the most out of this ritual.

mini self care daily planner

Why It Matters

The Sunday reset routine matters because it can help:

Clear Your Head – The worst feeling we can have is confusion or having anxiety on Sunday evenings about the week ahead.. We immediately feel discombobulated and unfocused. This is known as the Sunday Scaries. If that’s how our Monday starts, it might be difficult for us to focus on the week ahead. But if we start the week with a clear head and a plan, it can make a huge difference in how we execute the tasks for the week. The same goes for starting your Sunday. End your Sunday on a high note so you can create your Monday with a positive mindset.

Boost Your Energy – When you feel bad, it’s hard to muster up any energy. When you have a fabulous Sunday, you should feel energized and ready to take on anything. But if you don’t take advantage of this feeling, it won’t last long, and soon enough, it’ll be gone. If you’re walking into the week feeling depleted, you’ll be less effective; but feeling great can make you super productive.

Free Up Your Time – Everything is better when you feel relaxed; this is especially true for our time management skills. If we don’t handle the stress well enough, it’ll quickly overwhelm us and consume our time. No matter how much free time we have we can become stressed if we don’t properly manage it. And so relaxing at the end of your day can help you be more productive by giving your mind a break from all the stress and anxiety that comes from thinking about everything else except yourself.

Boost Your Creativity – A Sunday reset routine is a great way to think of new ideas. You’re not overthinking or worrying; you’re only thinking and relaxing. This can help you connect with your creative side, which can be valuable when developing something good.

Take Care Of Your Body – Our bodies carry us for the whole week, so you should ensure it’s not overworking itself by taking care of it on Sundays. Eating healthily and exercising can help build up your immune system and make you feel great, making us motivated enough to keep going throughout the week and boost our energy levels.

Get Better With Time Management – When you’re trying to make things happen, you’ll need to set goals down the road; but that takes time. The best way to make this work is by acknowledging your limitations as much as possible and learning from them. You’ll have fewer failures if you recognize them early on and take better action when they come up.

Prepare Yourself– A Sunday reset routine can be made easy by preparing and planning for it in advance. If you schedule your day out, you’ll make sure to get the most out of it instead of wasting a single minute on something that doesn’t matter.

Designing Your Sunday Reset Routine

sunday reset ideas

The goal of a the weekly reset routine is to get your mental and physical back on track after a long week. If you give yourself some time to readjust, it will be easier for you to get back into the swing of things on Monday. It is best to eliminate the negative energy and tension you have accumulated throughout the week, whether it was from work or family.

When designing your routine, think about how you would design your perfect day. What is your vision for the day? The first thing I would do is:

1. Evaluate the past week so I know what to plan ahead

2. Then, I’ll make a to-do list in my journal to plan out my Sunday.

3. Next, I’ll make sure the intentions I set for the day gets done no matter what. Whether I’m doing laundry, reading 20 pages from a book or meal planning, I make sure I’m present. It’s easy to get distracted and that’s where mindfulness exercises can be helpful. Another tip for you is to do the tasks you hate doing first so you get it out the way.

4. Lastly, I rest. I’ll catch up on my Netflix show, maybe enjoy a nice bubble bath or get some zzz’s. Whatever it is, I make sure to use the time to feel well-rested before Monday comes.

So here are some Sunday reset ideas to help you figure out your own routine:

  • Plan your day
  • Write down your to-do list
  • Be clear with yourself about the goal of each task
  • Prioritize your to-do list
  • Make a plan for what you’ll do with the rest of the Day
  • Do something for yourself
  • Maintain a Journal
  • Think of new ideas or projects for the future
  • Evaluate how you feel
  • Get rid of the negative thoughts
  • Listen to some music that moved you to another place in time
  • Read a Book
  • Do laundry
  • Declutter your space
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Create recipes you’ve been meaning to try
  • Meal prep
  • Do something that helps others
  • Take some time to do something you love doing

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My Sunday Reset Routine

Below is my routine. Use it as inspiration to build your own Sunday reset routine. I also included a Sunday reset checklist that you can download and print at home.

1. Sleeping In

Sleep is suitable for all humans, and getting enough of it is crucial. Sleep is a way to give your body time to heal and be restored. A lousy sleep cycle can tire you, leading to missing out on the essential things in your life. Setting up a routine that lets you sleep with your mind at ease will help you relax even more. You’ll also be naturally refreshed once your body has had its chance and a clear mind to do what needs doing for the rest of the day.

Additionally, if you have been suffering from sleep problems, like insomnia, they may be treated by getting a better sleep cycle. Try a sleep cycle app to help you fall asleep more easily.

2. Tidy up Home

One of the first things to do at home is to clean and tidy up the house so you don’t wind up with a mess that builds up. If you have clutter, it would be best to do some decluttering before you clean and vacuum the house. Making sure that your home has everything you need for the week will make you feel more organized, especially if you live in a chaotic household. This part of the routine will allow you to eliminate any bad vibes that might have been lingering long after the cleaning is done.

3. Grocery Shopping

sunday reset tiktok

I make time every Sunday to load up by fridge with groceries that will last for the week. It’s the best time to go grocery shopping since you’ll have a new mindset on precisely what you want. It will be easier for you to make healthy choices and look for other things that can help you with your diet in the upcoming week. Buying groceries by yourself is always better. Make sure to not leave the home without a grocery list. You are less likely to make decisions based on immediate needs if you are at the store without a list.

4. Plan for the Week

Planning for the week is a way to eliminate the negativity that might prevent you from doing things during the coming week. You can do it Sunday night or as soon as you wake up. Planning for Monday through Friday will give you a better idea of what to expect and how best to tackle the rest of your week. You’ll use this time to ensure that you are prepared and that you’re going into each day with a specific purpose. This will ensure that you move forward with your goals in place, which can help keep up your motivation throughout the entire week.

Planning also enables you to make the most of your time, which is precisely what you want. You want to feel like your time was well-spent when you reflect on the week. Get a planner or journal. Make a to-do list for each day of the week and add new to-dos as they come. Use a calendar to highlight important events or projects that are happening so you don’t forget.

sunday reset notion

Sunday Reset with Notion: Then I input everything in my favorite online tool to organize my week, Notion. To be honest, I use it to organize my entire life. They have pre built templates for almost everything. I highly recommend you check it out!

Planning out the week on Sundays will increase productivity and help you stay accountable.

5. Pamper Session

my sunday reset routine

Now it’s time to get some pampering done. You might be working all week, and this is the perfect time for a deluxe pamper session. It’s okay to treat yourself even if it’s only for 30 minutes. However, I highly recommend to take as much time necessary to take care of you. This is your “me time” so use it wisely. Buy yourself flowers. Get your nails done. Take a warm bubble bath or nice long shower. Treat yourself to chocolate. The much needed self care will also help reduce the stress that you might have accumulated throughout the week. So get to pampering!

6. Relax & Recharge

This is when you need to take a deep breath and relax. Make sure you turn off all your devices and spend time with yourself. Let go of things that might worry you and think about how great life could be if you only had a lighter heart. You can read your favorite books, scroll on Instagram, watch a good movie, or even enjoy silence. Allow yourself to relax and do whatever it is you want to refuel and recharge. Do what you love because this is the best way to recharge your mind and body and make you feel better about yourself.

Sunday Reset Checklist

sunday reset checklist

Final Thoughts

By following the routine above, you’ll ensure that you’re ready for Monday morning. You’ll also have used that time to rest and recharge before tackling another week of stress. So get into a Sunday reset routine that works for you! It can make all the difference in helping you focus on what’s important and feeling good about everything.

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