4 Ways To Improve Your Work-Life Balance

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I’m passionate about my job, but I don’t let it envelope my life. When I’m at the job, I like to create an equilibrium between work and play and which has really helped me enjoy my work and home life, because one isn’t being sacrificed to the other. Here are 4 ways I try to improve my work/life balance.

1. Get Organized

I’ll admit, I’ve got sucked into the chaos of work clutter and ended up wasting a lot of precious time. So, I came up with a more organized system at work to ensure work is done by 6:00pm.

2. Make Friends With Co-Workers

When you make friends with your co-workers, your work is no longer just work anymore. I like to have fun with my co-workers and going out to lunch with them because those few minutes of personal time keeps my mind inspired and fresh.

3. Ask For Help

I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t do everything- so I ask for help. Whether it’s at work or at home, it’s okay to need help once in a while because at the end of the day, people like to help one another.

4. Schedule Time to Relax

With all the running around and work meetings I do, somewhere in that mass of work, my personal time gets lost. To keep my sanity, I like to take a yoga class before or after work to clear my mind. I also like to schedule a meeting with myself after in my bath tub after work while I play some relaxing music.

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  1. Excellent tips and advice! Personally, I love #4 because I believe that relaxing your mind at some time during your day can help you release and get back in a state of creation and creativity. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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