Lip Care 101

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lip care 101

One of the few beauty issues that I constantly struggle with, especially during the colder months, is dry chapped lips. Elements such as dehydration, strong winds, lack of humidity in the air and staying in the sun too long are just a few that can cause this beauty dilemma.

No matter what the culprit is, the most important thing is to try and find a solution for our lip woes. Below are a few of my favorite lip savers that has worked well for me and worked quickly.

lip care 101, dry lips

Lip Care 101

A few year’s ago I was introduced to Sara Happ at a PR event and it truly is a miracle worker. This amazing brown sugar lip scrub creates the perfect condition for smooth, soft lips. It instantly exfoliates my lips and I just love its sweet taste and smell. I’m hooked!

I don’t need much in life, but I do need this: Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.  I can’t tell you how much I love this product. It’s a multi-purpose cream that does EVERYTHING from shaping brows to smoothing out cuticles. I use it almost daily to rehydrate my chapped lips and it has a nice shine factor too!

My other tried and tested go-to lip savers are Rosebud Salve multi-purpose lip balm that deeply moisturizes and soothes dry lips and its tube version. Both comes in really handy when I’m travelling to a cold and dry environment.

If you don’t have any lip savers, then do a home remedy instead. Try this delicious DIY lip scrub I made with cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil.

What is your go-to for dry lips? Share your lip savers by commenting below!

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