16 Super Cool Ombre/Gradient Nail Art Tutorials

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ombre gradient nail art designs and tutorials

I love good mani especially one with a cool ombre and/or gradient nail art design. It’s so cool looking yet intimidating at the same time because it looks so complicated. After looking at several ombre and gradient nail art tutorials, I’ve learned that they’re not as complicated as they might seem.

There’s also been a lot of confusion between the ombre and gradient nail designs so I thought I’ll go ahead and explain the difference. Ombre nails are the transition between colors within the same family from nail to nail (ex: dark blue to light blue) where as gradient nails are a transition of two or more colors on one nail (Ex: blue at the base and pink at tip with purple being the transition color). If you’re still confused, The Swatchaholic did a great write up on it here.

I love both designs and a combination of the two but I’m still trying to perfect each technique. If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve put together a few of my favorite ombre and gradient nail art designs (with tutorials) from some of my favorite nail bloggers and instagrammers. Enjoy!

Ombre/Gradient Nail Art Designs & Tutorials

1. Rainbow Heart Swirls via @clairestelle8

ombre nails gorgeous heart

2. Dotted Multicolor Ombre Gradient Nails via @anty120


3. Easy Gradient French Manicure Nails via @thenailtrail

ombre nail art french manicure

4. Gorgeous Gradient Nails via Pretty Polymath

ombre nail art pretty polymath

5. Turquoise Ombre Gradient via My Life in Turquoise

ombre nail art turquoise

6. Fresh Summer Nails with a Chevron Gradient via @majikbeenz


7. Ombre Spring French Mani via Le Zoe Musings


8. Chevron Gradient Tutorial via Tips and Topcoat; Created by @mydaintynails

ombre chevron nails

9. Summer Gradient Nails via @anty120

summer ombre nails

10. Zebra Stripes Gradient Nails via @majikbeenz

zebra stripes ombre gradient nails

11. Geometric Gradient Nails via So Nailicious


12. Rainbow Gradient Right Angle Nails via @nails.by.teens

rainbow gradient right angle nails

13. Sunset Gradient Nails via @nailstorming

sunset ombre nails

14. Silver Blue Original Ombre Gradient Nails via Fav Nails


15. Strawberry Ice Cream Gradient Nails via @sohotrightnail

strawberry ice cream ombre

16. Nude and Mauve Ombre with Lace Glitter via Chalkboard Nails


Which ombre nail art design(s) would you love to replicate? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. I love ombre/gradient nail art. It can be a nice soft base for decoration (dots, snowflakes, hearts, etc) but I like it plain or with a minimal decoration. Additionally, this is very easy nail design so even beginners can do it.

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