33 Popular Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers

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Wordpress has over 70 million blogs to its name. Weebly houses around 12 million and Tumblr comes in at a cool 101.7 million users. With so many blogging platforms out there and new ones being created every day, it’s not surprising that bloggers have to vie for the attention of their readers, striving to stay current and relevant in a space filled with seemingly limitless blogs.

Whether you are a fashion blogger posting daily inspiration or a lifestyle blogger taking your readers on a journey to a healthier, happier existence, these blog post ideas will help you to stay ahead of writing trends and grow your faithful following one amazing post at a time.

1. How-to’s/Tutorials

Hundreds of millions of readers take to Google each day to discover new things, many of which are looking specifically for how-to articles. This topic is so popular that it even warranted its own website in eHow. When paired with images, this genre has the potential to gain new followers on merit alone. For blog post ideas, consider a blog report on the hottest new trends from Fashion Week, then – break down each trend in a wearable way, citing links and photographs that help your readers not only learn how to wear the look effortlessly but also find the style for less.

2. Lists/Listicles

Top 10, 20 or 50 lists are a sure fire way to create buzz in your comments section. Sites like Buzzfeed and Listverse have created names for themselves based solely on listicles of every variety. Think about what is currently being talked about on social media and celebrity buzz articles then, cover this topic in your own unique way. For instance, around Mother’s Day, a Top Ten Stylish Mommy Bloggers list might be in order. Remember to always use photographs to make your posts more appealing.

3. Checklists

Whether you want to help your readers prepare for a road trip or create an at-home version of your favorite mojito, checklists are a great way to help your followers get everything they need to achieve a desired end result. Make checklists even easier to navigate with links to products that you personally love. Don’t forget to make printing and sharing easy.

4. Product Reviews

Product reviews will not only drive traffic to your website but they may also land you a few freebies. YouTube phenomenons and die-hard bloggers are often asked to review items honestly in exchange for free samples. As always, keep reviews relevant to your brand and clearly disclose any freebies or sponsored reviews to your readers. Don’t suddenly review a bow and arrow when you are known as lipstick maven just because its free.

5. Video

Vlogs are a trendy and current new way to reach your audience. When you run across a video that makes sense for your brand – share it. For instance, if you found a great how-to video of Hollywood stylist and shoe queen Rachel Zoe showing you how to walk effortlessly in 6 inch heels and you run a shoe blog… this would be a match made in heaven. Videos also free you up for off days when you are not exactly in the writing mood. You can also take a page from Jaclyn Hill or Michelle Phan and consider creating your own video channel on Youtube to increase your following.

6. Meme’s

Meme’s are always good for a few instant new followers but it is always a good idea to keep the meme’s you post relevant to who you are as a brand. If you are a beauty blogger, post meme’s related to beauty mishaps, mascara gone array and other fun images that your readers will find interesting and relevant to their unique tastes.

7. Link Roundups

Usually posted as a weekly roundup of the best links of the week or during a blog series, link roundups provide your readers with similar content that they might find interesting (See an example here). You should also attempt to be featured in other bloggers’ link roundups that can draw traffic to your site and increase your visibility.

8. Comprehensive Guides

Guides can give the full story instead of just a snippet. Comprehensive guides normally feature many photos and line breaks to keep the page readable. A good title example of a comprehensive guide would be “The Complete Guide to Home Organizing” or “The Everything Guide to Highlighting and Contouring”.

9. Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to add authenticity to your site. Statistics can be fascinating tidbits to add to your already amazing article. If you have a health blog, publishing findings from full fledged case studies may be appropriate. You can find case studies on sites like Science News and other sources.

10. Controversial

A little controversy can be a good thing when its done right. You don’t want to alienate your fan base but shaking it up a little can be a power move. Consider simply reporting on a controversial topic and then asking your readers to sound off with their own ideas below. This protects your brand while opening up a dialogue and allows you to talk openly without hurting your image.

11. Infographics

A collection of relevant data all in one simple place, infographics provide your readers with fast facts that take only seconds to consume and are generally pleasing to the eye with vivid colors and some illustration. If you need a little help figuring out how infographics work, search on Google (or see an infographic I made here) for inspiration and ideas.

12. Interviews

As a great way to draw in new readers, interviews much like guest posts, bring in an audience you have yet to reach. The person you interview will bring over their own readers through social media buzz and word of mouth. Consider interviewing a locally famous person, an internet celebrity or just someone you admire. It can be easier than you think to snag an email interview even with celebrities depending on your approach, credentials and following. When you start getting a small readership, don’t be surprise when you get emails from PR companies looking for bloggers to interview a celebrity’s new book or skincare line.

13. Blog Series

A blog series is a chronological set of posts pertaining to the same topic. For instance, if you’re a baker, you might run a blog series on the “12 Cupcakes of Christmas” or “10 Cookies Every Girl Should Know How to Bake.” A blog series can ensure your blog stays fresh while also staying true to your blog’s purpose. A blog series is also a great time to bring in guest posters.

14. Before and After Post

Everybody loves a good before and after post. From living spaces before a fast weekend makeover to a reinvention of your spring closet, before and afters are a wonderful way to create interest. Make this post interactive by inviting readers to share their own before and after photos which can further increase traffic to your page.


Instagram and Pinterest have brought about a boom of quote pins and pics that readers cannot wait to share. There are many apps and programs that are free and can help you create your own quote designs like Canva or PicMonkey that are perfect for sharing.

16. Trending Topics

Reporting on trending topics can add a new dimension to your regular line up. Discussing current topics that are relevant to your blog, tend to drive the most traffic. A good way to see what people are talking about is to check Twitter trends or Google Trends and use them as an outline for your blog.

17. Visual Photo Post

Wordless Wednesday is the perfect time to create a blog post using solely photographs. Tell a story in pictures or just share snapshots from your day.

18. Profile Post

If your readers have been with you for a while, they are likely interested in what your life may be like when you are not blogging. A profile post shares a little more about who you are and what makes you tick. You can also post a profile blog about others that you feel deserve recognition.

19. Challenges

Challenges invoke a widespread response from loyal readers and new followers. Use your hashtags and keywords right and this simple post can bring in hundreds of new readers. Consider a photo challenge for a DIY idea or mix it up and challenge your readers to catch a good deed on camera.

20. Giveaway/Contest

Contests are a great way to encourage interaction with your fan base. Consider giving away a box of your personal beauty favorites, a subscription to your favorite magazine or any lifestyle items that are in sync with what your blog is about.

21. Podcast

If you want to take a break from typing and speak freely about a topic, have your content recorded instead or do a podcast. Podcasts are a great way to connect with readers on a more intimate level.

22. Questions

Whether you blog about maintaining a clean living diet or an expertly decorated apartment, your readers are bound to have a few questions like “What do you do for fun?” or “What is your favorite product for ______?” Open up a dialogue with your readers by inviting them to ask you questions and then answer those questions on your blog.

23. Funny Posts

Feel good posts are always well received. Everybody loves to laugh and if you can keep them laughing… that is half the battle. If you are not exactly a comedian, draw inspiration from everyday mishaps that others might find relatable and comical.

24. Surveys and Polls

Interactive surveys and polls are an easy way to receive interaction from your readers because they take mere seconds to engage in. Make polls more apt to succeed by making the subjects current or controversial.

25. Latest Industry News and Events

Relevant industry news keeps your blog current and your posts trending. Events are another way to draw in readership. For example, if you are a health blogger, you might list marathon events, yoga conventions or other happenings your readers might find enjoyable. Try to avoid posting about events that make no sense for your blog theme.

26. Comparisons

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs are the perfect place to compare items and looks. For example, you could pick a part a swanky celebrity apartment photo and then, compare those high end decor items inside to other more cost efficient items. This gives your following an easy way to obtain a look they love without breaking the piggy bank.

27. Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes posts are always fan favorites because they allow your readers to see what happens when the cameras are off and the laptop is shut. Good blog topic ideas for this genre could be… peeking into your morning routine, your pantry or another area of your home or operation you think would interest your fans.

28. Inspirational Stories

Especially great for holiday posts, inspirational stories are feel good articles that showcase someone making a difference or using their differences to change stereotypes. Consider re-telling an inspirational story about someone you admire or a recent news story that has gotten a lot of buzz.

29. Resource List

Give your readers the gift of sharing resources that may be helpful to them. Are you trying to teach your readers how to conquer nail art? Post a blog post leading to different blogs, videos and products that may make at-home manicures easy (See an example here). If you are a parenting blog, consider a page filled with emergency resources that can help parents and single mothers in need.

30. Guest Posts

Don’t be afraid of guest posts. Guests are your friends. Guest blogging on your site can draw in a brand new following. Your guest poster will advertise their visit to your blog and their readers will tune in. This will not only increase your visibility but do so in a way that is relevant to who you are… bringing only like-minded readers to your blogosphere.

31. Webinar or Live Broadcast

A great choice for fandom blogs and travel, live broadcasts allow you to create real time reactions to real time events. This could mean live-feeding a television finale night or the Oscars so that your readers can feel you truly shared the experience together.

32. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you run a larger blog, your readers may eventually wonder where you get the products you review or use, how they can reach you and if you allow guest submissions. Posting a FAQ blog post saves you a substantial amount of time and also provides your readers with information that they crave.

33. Highlight Old Posts

Repurpose old blog posts and share them again by doing a roundup. A Beautiful Mess highlights their old posts at the end of each month.

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