50 Expert Makeup Tips for Prom Season

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Are you getting ready for prom season? If so, here are some fierce and fabulous prom makeup tips to teens all over the country!  No more worries on finding the right lip color, best eye makeup look or finding the right makeup look for your skintone.

Below are 50 easy and quick prom makeup tips to match your dream dress!

Popular Prom Makeup Tips

Tip 1: Brighten your eyes by using a white shimmer powder in the corners of each eye. Skip eyeliner and use an eyelash curler with tons of black mascara.

Tip 2: Want a romantic look?! Try rosy, dewy cheeks and peachy lipgloss.

Tip 3: Be bold. Choose a fiery red lip and pair it with sharp black eyeliner…So FIERCE!

Tip 4: You don’t need to use just black and dark grey shades to create a smokey eye. Instead, try a gorgois plum or green color …with a bit of sparkle.

Tip 5: If you love wearing red lipstick, keep your eyes simple, using just mascara and false eyelashes if needed.

Tip 6: If you’re going for a vintage look, add a bit of coral-hued blush to the apples of your cheeks and peachy gloss.

Tip 7: If eyes are your best feature, Black eyeliner topped with white shimmery shadow and super-long faux eyelashes are the way to go!

Tip 8: If you want to put focus on your lips, go for a bold red lipstick and apply gloss on top. A much faster way is to just apply a red gloss.

Tip 9: Let your eyes be the main focus by going nude on your lips!

Tip 10: For a dramatic affect use liquid eyeliner, for a more conservative look use pencil.

Tip 11: If you’re into the Old-Hollywood look, go for vampy red lips!

Tip 12: If you have perfectly bronzed skin, define your brows and wear a rosy lipstick shade to play up your feminine vibe.

Prom Do’s and Don’ts

Tip 13: Avoid MSF-style, high-shine powders when you’re doing your makeup (Don’t)

Tip 14: Matte is always a safer bet for photos (especially conveyor-belt style photography like you’ll find at a dance). (Do)

Tip 15: What to bring in your purse? Always have blot papers, lipstick and/or gloss, cream concealer for emergencies, travel-size can of hairspray, breath mints, and make sure something you have has a mirror in it. (Do)

Tip 16: Don’t match your eyeshadow to your dress. Do choose colors that complement your natural coloring (hair, eyes, and skin).

Tip 17: Play up your best features.- If you have an area of your face that you love most (usually the eyes or lips), then choose that as the focal point for your makeup. (Do)

Tip 18: Pick one, lips or eyes? You typically focus on one and downplay the other to create a natural balance. (Do)

Tip 19: Perfect your skin! Practice applying foundation to problem areas, with concealer, to give you an even and flawless skin tone. (Do)

Natural Look

Tip 20: To go for a natural look, it’s important that your eye makeup closely match your skin tone.

Tip 21: To achieve a wide-eyed look, line just the outside of your lower lids and adding tons of mascara.

Tip 22: Try a classic yet noticeable makeup look with bright pink lips.

Tip 23: Less it more! Keep your makeup barely there by applying a black winged liner on just the top lash line and wear only lip balm.

Tip 24: Rosy, fresh cheeks looks best against flawless skin so apply foundation to blemishes and uneven tone areas.

Tip 25: Let your dress do all the talking by going with matte makeup- a beautiful, low-maintenance look.

Compliment Your Skintone

Tip 26: If you have olive skin, use colors like bronze, yellow or orange. It makes your skin appear natural.

Tip 27: If you have pale white skin, green, gray and pink go well with this shade. A grey eye shadow can make the eyes look smoky.

Tip 28: For African American skin, yellow, plum, red and brown will flatter your skintone.

Tip 29: Play up your bright complexion by using white eyeshadow in the corners of your eyelid and a rosy color on the outer edges.

Compliment your Eye Color

Tip 30: To accentuate your hazel eyes, use a navy or green eyeliner and finish with a coral gloss.

Tip 31: To accentuate brown eyes, play with deep shades of navy and sapphire and smudge into the lash line for an alluring look. Also have fun with shades of green.

Tip 32: To accentuate blue eyes, smudge on shades of chocolate brown, taupe, or bronze.

Tip 33: To accentuate green eyes, Try eyeliners or shadows in eggplant, purple, burgundy, lavender, or amethyst for the sexiest emerald stare.

Sexy, Glam Look

Tip 34: Wanna look super glam for prom, go for silver and black eye makeup, and shimmery cheeks!

Tip 35: Smoky eyes, high bun, and red lips are totally prom-worthy!

Tip 36: For the California girl glow, bronzing is key! Buy a matte, non-orange bronzing powder and a kabuki-style brush to mimick a natural tan.

Tip 37: When applying bronzer, sweep it across the hollow of your cheeks. Dab some on your temples, hairline, along the sides of your nose, under jawline, and neck.

Tip 38: To add volume, thickness, and length to your lashes, faux lashes go a long way.

Tip 39: Darken your outer corners. It is a gorgeous look that perfectly accents your natural beauty and will look divine in photographs.

Tip 40: Try a dramatic eye shadow for an ultra glam look.

Tip 41: Nothing says sexy, than a cat eye look. Yes it’s hard to master, but totally worth it (Check out this cat eye tutorial!).

Tip 42: Sparkle up your eyes! If you want a bit of sparkle in your look, it’s important to incorporate it carefully so you don’t look young and overdone!

Tip 43: Go super bronze on your eyes! Then finish the look with black eyeliner, nude lips, and a sleek updo.

Tip 44: For sexy makeup look, use a combination blush/bronzer on your cheekbones to highlight your flawless face.

Bold and Daring

Tip 45: For a bold and daring look, steal Rihanna’s ultra-daring red eyeliner, asymmetrical do, and nude lips!

Tip 46: Create the perfect combination of edge and soft by pairing a braided up do with shimmery blue eyeliner.

Tip 47: Go smokey with bright colors! Try 3 tone colors to create a dramatic look using bold reds, bright blues, neon greens, electric purple, and intensifying tangerine (Here’s more dramatic eye make up tips!)

Tip 48: Whether you opt for a light blue, teal, turquoise, neon, or electric, your eyes are bound to get noticed.

Tip 49: Shades that are hot for lips this year are bold red, bright purple, deep fuchsia, Bold orange, and all sorts of neon shades.

Tip 50: Give your eyes that sultry shimmer look this prom and don’t be afraid to combine an array of colors.

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  1. This is really great but I’m still not sure what to do!! I have short (natural) red hair, pale skin, pretty blue eyes, small lips and a adorable face. Prom is in 4 days and I’m still not sure what I want for my hair and make up!! My dress is kinda like a white layered marylin Monroe dress with a hint of sparkle. It’s flowy and pretty… Can you help me??

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