Celeb Beauty: How To Get The Lily Collins Bold Brow Look

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Lily Collins WonderCon 2,   2013.jpg

Mirror, Mirror star Lily Collins is not only a natural talent but a natural beauty. The 23-year old actress is known for her gorgeous sexy brows and with a little help, you can get her full brow look too!

Want Strong, Sexy Brows like Lily?

Here are a couple of tips courtesy of s.h.a.p.e.s. Brow Bar CEO Reema Khan, who has over 20 years of industry experience.

Stop plucking! – Whatever you do, just put down the tweezers and let them grow. This will allow your brows to return to their natural shape.

Gradual Thickening– Grow hair back one row at a time to slowly begin transitioning your eyebrow shape.

Fill in– Once your brows have begun to grow in, use a pencil or mineral power use a mineral based brow product to fill in the gaps.

***Please note the less you use the better as this will achieve the most natural look.

The Ultimate Natural Route– Use castor oil where you want the hair to grow. This is a very old custom that works well in stimulating hair growth.

Image Credit: “Lily Collins WonderCon 2, 2013” by Gage Skidmore
Uploaded by MyCanonLily Collins. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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