4 Ways Vitamin C Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

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Ever wonder why a baby’s skin is so soft and subtle? When we’re young, our skin is full of vitamin C. But as we age, we lose this important vitamin. This can be caused by many factors, such as pollution, cigarette smoking, and exposure to UV rays. However, incorporating vitamin C into your beauty routine can help you and your skin fight back and reload your vitamin C levels. It’s also a natural way to reduce years off your skin. That’s right, vitamin C is essential for healthy, beautiful skin.

I’m pretty obsessed with it. I’ve been using a vitamin c serum for 3 months now and it has completely brightened and refreshed my skin. I find it to be safer, easier, and more cost efficient than going down the more surgical route. Here are a few facts about vitamin C and how to add it to your beauty routine.

 1. It fights wrinkles and age spots

Vitamin C acts as a natural antioxidant, which helps reverse any damages done to the skin, giving your skin a healthier glow. Plus, known for it’s extreme effects on age spots, skincare products packed with Vitamin C have the reputation to be just as effective as chemical peels and laser treatments!

2. It acts as a natural face lift

With vitamin C’s natural production of collagen, it will give your skin a firmer and tighter feel. Say goodbye to any cosmetic procedures; this is nature’s facelift!

3. It protects your skin from the sun

Vitamin C can be used to help reverse the damages done to your skin from the sun. Sun exposure is known to cause hyperpigmentation and age spots. A vitamin C product can defer the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and can reduce chances of skin cancer by actually thickening your skin layers; particularly the dermis layer.

 4. It can reverse the effects of acne

If you have scars or skin damage from acne, vitamin C can help them fade when used on a regular basis. More effective than bio oil, vitamin C has also been known to significantly reduce any signs of acne scaring and discoloration.

Now, if you’re wondering if you can just up your vitamin C intake on a daily basis through food and supplements, the answer is no. Although vitamin C supplementation is good for your health, it has no impact on the way your skin ages. Applying a vitamin C product topically like a vitamin c serum, rather than ingesting through diet, is known to be 20 times more effective!

Vitamin C Serum: How to add it to your beauty routine:

Use a vitamin C serum every night on freshly washed skin before apply a moisturizer. When choosing a vitamin C product, you want to make sure to find one that says ascorbic acid or l-ascorbic acid (most stable form) on the label because they are proven to be the most stable and effective forms. You also want to pick a serum that has a concentration percentage between 10%-25% for maximum potency. There are a handful of products out there that checks all my boxes but COSRX Triple C Lightning Liquid tickles my fancy the most. It contains 20.5% pure ascorbic acid, a very high concentration. I like it because I can add a few drops to my serum or moisturizer daily or I’ll use it alone.

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You can also try a weekly mask treatment. I’m currently using Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask. It contains a Japanese beautyberry, two types of Vitamin C, and seven fruits. It’s packed with vitamin C (more so than oranges) and acts as a very effective antioxidant to ward off free radicals. Not only can it help even out skin tone, it can also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


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