The Ultimate Mermaid Braid (Video Tutorial)

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Mermaid Braid tutorial

The newest thing in hair right now is the mermaid braid. It’s an upgraded french braid which you can dress it up for a night out or dress it down for a more casual, everyday hairstyle. It’s such a cool look that’s really easy to recreate so I decided to share this amazing video hair tutorial by guest contributor Melissa Cook where she shows you how to perfect the mermaid tail braid in 9 easy steps.

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The Ultimate Mermaid Tail Braid Tutorial:

1. Start with a deep side part and pull all the hair over the opposite shoulder.
2. Divide out a section of hair at the back of the head on the heavy side of the part.
3. Divide this into three pieces for the braid.
4. Cross the back strand over the middle.
5. Cross the front strand over the middle.
6. Cross the back strand over the middle, then bring in small section of hair directly below where the braid began.
7. Cross the front strand over the middle and add in a small section of hair directly in front of the braid.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7, pulling in skinny sections until the braid reaches the bottom of the hair.
9. Once all the hair is braided, tie off the end with an elastic band.

Watch the Video:

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