11 Everyday Kitchen Items Your Skin Will Love

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Most people like to take care of their skin, but with commercial beauty products becoming more and more expensive these days, many are turning to natural treatments to keep their skin healthy. If you want glowing, healthy skin, then instead of rushing out to the nearest store for a moisturizer, first have a look at what you have at home. No need to spend money on beauty products. You can create simple all natural skincare recipes to incorporate into your beauty routine from at least 11 items in your kitchen that your skin will love:

1. Honey

Raw, organic honey has natural anti-bacterial properties, making it an effective treatment for acne. Not only does it help to unclog pores, but it is also an amazing cleanser. Honey, being full of antioxidants, is a potent fighter of skin irritations and blemishes, aging skin and wrinkles that will leave your skin with a healthy, beautiful afterglow. Try my homemade honey & lemon face mask to brighten and tighten your skin!

Honey is also great for hair when used as a conditioner because it’s a humectant and retains and attracts moisture, thus keeping your hair feeling smooth and healthy. Try my coconut oil and honey hair mask recipe if your hair is in need of some moisture!

2. Turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin, a wonderful aid for the treatment of wounds by decreasing oxidation and inflammation. It also reduces the body’s response to cutaneous wounds, resulting in wounds healing a lot faster. It can clear up acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities and brighten the skin. Studies have found that turmeric also has a positive effect on tissue and collagen.

3. Cinnamon

Apart from being a spice staple in most kitchens, cinnamon is also known to keep the body’s blood sugar at healthy levels, not to mention its many uses in all natural skincare routines. Mixed with sugar and coconut oil, it makes a great, effective body scrub. Not only does cinnamon smell incredible, but it helps to improve the skin’s circulation too.

4. Baking soda

Who would have thought of using baking soda as an effective treatment for pimples! If you discover a pimple before that big date tonight or wedding tomorrow, then grab some baking soda, mix with a little warm water until it forms a paste, similar to toothpaste and apply it to the unsightly spot. Leave for about 5 to 15 minutes and then rinse off. Don’t leave it on for too long though, because baking soda is extremely drying. Those few minutes on the pimple with absorb the excess oil, reduce inflammation and have your facial skin looking flawless again!

5. Egg whites

If you have a problem with blackheads, then egg whites are arguably the best remedy to get rid of these unsightly blemishes. Egg whites have astringent properties that draw out the sebum and get rid of the gunk lodged deep inside your pores. Applied to the skin, the egg white tightens the pores, squeezing out the black heads naturally and bringing them to the surface of the skin.

Egg whites are also good for getting rid of puffiness under the eyes. Using your index finger, gently rub the egg white onto the affected area, allow to dry, rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

Egg whites, since they lift and tighten the skin are extremely useful in slowing down premature aging caused by wrinkles and fine lines. A simple egg white mask applied twice a week, will make your skin taut and youthful-looking again.

6. Lemons

Lemons, with their natural bleaching effect, are great to use regularly on the knuckles, elbows and knees, where the skin tends to be darker. Ground lemon peel mixed with whole wheat flour or almond flour, makes a wonderful scrub for not only the face, but the entire body as well! Try my DIY lemon scrub recipe!

7. Avocado

Apart from being absolutely delicious to eat, avocados are also a fantastic remedy for dry skin. After applying to the skin, the fats and Vitamins A, D and E contained in avocados help to lubricate each layer of the dermis, help the skin to retain moisture and also work as an effective anti-aging remedy. After eating an avocado, rub the inside of the skin gently on your face, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

8. Coconut oil

Stubborn eye makeup is no match for coconut oil. Even the most waterproof of formulas dissolve instantly when applied, while at the same time gently exfoliating and moisturizing this delicate area on your face. Leave some on while you sleep at night to let the coconut oil work even more of its magic!

Coconut oil is also great for giving your feet a little TLC! It works better than any of the products found in pharmacies or beauty stores. Well at least for me anyways. Unlike many of the commercial products available today that are made with plenty of water, coconut oil provides pure moisture. For best results, use on clean, scrubbed feet, preferably after a bath or shower. Here are 45 other ways you can use coconut oil into your beauty regimen!

kitchen items for the skin

9. Brown sugar

For Legs

Brown sugar is excellent to use to exfoliate dead skin before shaving the legs. Add a little water to granulated brown sugar and apply to the skin in a circular motion and then rinse. This will help the razor to give a closer, smoother cut. Brown sugar can also be used by men too, for shaving mustaches and beards.

For Lips

If you want really soft lips, wet your finger, dip it into granulated brown sugar and then gently apply it to the lips in a circular motion. This is a great home remedy for exfoliating even the driest, flakiest of lips! Try my DIY Beauty: Cinnamon Sugar Lip Exfoliating Scrub.

For Face

Brown sugar has a natural texture that resembles wet sand, but is more abrasive and capable of removing materials that clog the pores in your skin as well as dead skin cells. This, as well as the fact that it contains vitamin B, allows it to be used successfully as a gentle moisturizer and skin treatment, effectively protecting your skin from the effects of aging.

10. Greek yogurt

When applied to the skin, full fat Greek yogurt will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The fat in Greek yogurt will hydrate the skin and its lactic acid properties will at the same time, tighten and shrink pores. To achieve the best results, it is best to use full fat, rather than non-fat or skim yogurt.

Try my homemade Raspberry & Honey mask and apply to your skin for a great anti-aging mask. Using cold Greek yogurt from the fridge on your skin is incredibly soothing and refreshing.

11. Oatmeal

Oatmeal, when used with softening ingredients like yogurt or raw honey, makes a lovely cleanser to use in a facial mask. Besides leaving the skin soft and glowing, oatmeal is also an effective aid for soothing acne-prone skin especially on the body. Try my DIY Sea Salt Bath Soak recipe after a rigorous workout or a long day at work!

Proper nourishment is essential for healthy, glowing skin, especially during the fall and winter months. The cold air tends to strip your skin of necessary nutrients and important moisture that you need to have skin that you can be proud of and that others will admire. No need to pay a ridiculous amount for the many commercial products available on the market! Find the above 11 kitchen items for your skin in your cupboards and you’ll have all you need in the way of effective, inexpensive, all natural remedies for dry skin, acne, or something to slow down the dreaded aging process!

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  1. Love all these homemade ideas. Great because I am a new keeper so I have local honey all the time and a Meyer lemon tree.

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