6 Must Have Skincare Tools That Are Actually Worth The Money

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must have skincare tools

Today, the beauty industry is growing in a dramatic way and with the proliferation in the dermatological services, people are beginning to scout for the most affordable ways of looking chic without having to break the bank. The significant growth and rise in the use of state-of-the-art technologies have meant a costly venture for people wishing to scale their beauty and maintain their look.

You don’t have to despair since I have prepared a list of the top must-have skincare tools that could help achieve a smoother and nourished skin without having to set foot in an expensive spa or salon. Let’s have a look at some of these tools that will jumpstart your journey to glowing skin at a fraction of the cost:

1. Jade Roller

herbivore botanicals jade roller

Perhaps this is one of the must-have facial tools for anyone wishing to increase their sin elasticity. It is known to enhance lymphatic drainage and has powerful detoxifying properties that help revamp the skin. Those who’ve used this tool say it doesn’t just give a “feel good effect,” instead it increases blood circulation and decreases tension on the face.

When used properly around the eye, temples and the larger jaw area, it has the potential of helping the healthy oils to penetrate into the skin tissues to give your skin a nourishing effect for a youthful looking skin. I like to keep my jade roller in the fridge before using it to enjoy a cooling experience. It can also be used on the forearms, neck, and the hands.

Don’t forget to throughly clean your jade roller after each use so it doesn’t harbor any germs!

2. Nu Face Facial Toning Device

nuface massager

This award-winning microcurrent skincare device is one in its class. Microcurrents have been studied and researched for decades and now this tool, which began at the esthetician’s office can now be used from the comfort of your home. The FDA has approved it for home use when it comes to facial stimulation and massage. As a non-invasive technology designed to achieve a relief on the facial skin, this tool sends electronic signals to produce muscle toning effects as well as micro-facial lifting.

The Nu Face Facial Toning Device has such high success rates so it shouldn’t be taken lightly or be seen as a fad. It is known to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the aging tendencies in addition to improving skin tone. What sets this tool apart from the rest is that it has a smart skin sensor and customizable parts to help meet your needs. Clinical tests have shown that when used properly, it can improve your skin contour by 85%, becoming an excellent tool in a daily anti-aging routine use.

I use it every other day for 5 minutes, but you can use it daily to really fix the problems areas.

3. Stacked Skincare Microneedling Tool

stacked skincare microneedling tool

This little yet powerful tool is gaining popularity in the beauty industry for a good reason. I’ve written on microneedling tool before and the power behind it. The premise is that you are rolling your face with tiny needles to help breakdown the skin. This helps to stimulate it and enhance the growth of new skin tissues. The results are a much plumber, firmer and sharp look.

There’s a bit of pain when using it for the first time. For me, I wasn’t bothered by it at all and it’s super safe for home use since the needle size is not that long.

I like to combine this tool with my skincare serums for a synergistic effect. This tool is good for at least a month before you can replace the needles. It can be used on the skin around the face, chin, forehead, lips and the neck. Now if you have deep lines on your face, Stacked Skincare might not be the best tool for you since you need at least 0.5mm needle length to see a big difference.

4. Facial Dry Brush

province apothecary facial dry brush

Beauty insiders and skin experts say that facial dry brushing is essential in your routine beauty and I completely agree. It resembles the mini body brushes, but it comes with softer bristles used on dry skin. It helps to exfoliate the skin, boost circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage. It also depuffs and redefines the skin. Just like body brushing, it helps to sweep dead skin cells to cause a regeneration of the skin tissues.

Here’s a great video on the proper way to dry brush your face. I highly recommend you watch it!

5. Ice Roller

vanity planet ice roller

Ice rollers have their roots in the larger Asia and parts of Europe, but are now gaining popularity in other parts of the world because of their effectiveness in creating a lasting appearance. It is a simple tool filled with gel and water, and is rolled on the skin to give it a refreshing massage. With this tool, you experience amazing results, including reducing puffiness, reduces redness and causes a firmer skin. I tried it for the first time this past summer and it was an amazing experience overall. I use it before starting my skincare routine since it helps with tightening pores but I also like the cooling effect against my skin.

Ice rollers are commonly used for prepping clients before walking on red carpets in beauty pageant, photo shoots or fashion appearance. They are not just used by women but their male counterparts can be used to reduce redness, tighten skin and eliminate burn. “Ideally, they eliminate skin fatigue, redness and puffiness around your facial skin,” skin experts say.

Skin care experts say it can help eliminate wrinkles and create a lifting effect on the neck, face and the forearms. Cold treatments with the ice roller helps soothe the skin by eliminating irritation and inflammation. It is a perfect choice for people who experience skin irritation and sensitivity and redness.

6. PMD Microderm

pmd personal microderm

Microdermabrasion treatment is generally done in day spas, medical spas and specialized skin care clinics; however, there are tools like PMD Microderm that can produce similar results as a professional, in office treatment. The PMD Personal Microderm device has helped with my hyperpigmentation caused by acne (Read my full review here). Not only is it simple to use, but also fast as well as safe. It’s recommended to use once a week and then you can apply your daily serum afterwards since it penetrates 20x deeper into the skin. I love this product so much! I think everyone should have one.

The reason why this tool delivers such amazing results is the exfoliation and suction power from its patented spinning disc technology and calibrated vacuum suction. This spinning disc effortlessly removes dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth while the suction triggers the skin’s essential healing process, which builds collagen and elastin and leaves the skin firm and radiant. 

Whether you are a starter trying to figure out what you need to improve your appearance or beauty enthusiast looking to conquer the stage in the upcoming fashion show, you need to have the right tools as the first step to achieving your goal. Combining the above skincare tools in your arsenal will help you come out glowing.

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