3 Ways to Enhance Your Summer Glow

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During the summer, we all want to achieve a healthy summer glow. Most people like to lay out under the sun all day or head to a tanning bed salon. Summer is the best time to capitalize on achieving a sun-kissed glow, but if you’re not to keen on the idea of going outside because you fear burning or are allergic to most sunscreens, then an at home solution is the best alternative.

Here are some ways you can enhance your summer glowing skin without the sun.

How to Get a Summer Glow:

Self-Tanning Lotion

summer glow with tanning, tanned skin, summer tan skin

These self tanning lotions are incredibly effective nowadays especially after considerable research done on the products. You can find a variety of good brands at stores that will give you that nice healthy glow. Try asking around or even reading reviews to find the best self tanning lotion being sold in the market today. Suggestions: Tan Towel Classic Self-Tan Towlette, $10; St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse, $32


summer glow with tanning, tanned skin, summer tan skin

Applying a facial bronzer is the most common and effective method to warm up your complexion. Look for a tanning bronzer that is around two shades deeper than your skin tone. You’ll start to see great results as the skin begins to look like it literally gloried under the sun for some time. Suggestions: Urban Decay Baked Bronzer (Discontinued but here’s an alternative), $26; Stila One Step Bronze Skin Tone Illuminating Bronzing Serum, $36

Exfoliant and Moisturizer Products

summer glow with tanning, tanned skin, summer tan skin

One of the top reasons why people have horrible skin during the summer is because of dryness. Since the sun is hitting your skin for longer periods of time, it starts to lose water, causing it to look and feel cracked and rough. So,  exfoliating your skin with a body scrub is a must to remove the dead skin away. Additionally, using a moisturizer would help bring back the water originally lost by the summer heat. Suggestions: Kiehl’s Body Scrub, $28; Caudalie Merlot Friction Scrub (discontinued, but here’s an alternative), $29

Keep in mind that places like the neck, ears, and hands should also get the same level of attention as the face. It’s very easy to forget these areas.

For year-round healthy skin, keep in mind that diet plays a big factor. Make sure to eat more fruits and vegetables because like the saying goes… you are what you eat.


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