How To Get a Luminous Summer Glow

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I think we can all agree that the balancing act for a luminous summer glow (not oil-slick shine) might be the biggest beauty challenge this summer. The lady behind one of my favorite summer skin care lines, Kate Somerville has offered up tips to help you achieve a gorgeous, photo-ready complexion just in time for the 4th of July. So stay shine free with these tips below:

Tip #1 Cleanse Correctly

Heat and humidity can cause and increase in your skin’s oil levels. To remove excess oil and makeup while balancing skin, use a cleanser that exfoliates mildly. Look for ingredients that contain Salicylic Acid to refresh skin and cleanse pores. For an all over glow especially the legs, use summer body scrubs that aren’t too harsh.

Tip #2 Lighten Up

Swap heavy creams for a lighter daytime serum and moisturizer to keep skin fresh and clear. You want to stick with water-based serums and oil-free formulas that will provide hydration without being too heavy.  If you use anti-aging treatments, save these richer formulas for night. Typically, skin can handle a more emollient moisturizer overnight when it’s time to repair.

Tip #3 Less is More!

Don’t overdo it with exfoliating products or treatments in the summer because the sun exposure can cause irritation. Use the next 3 months to hydrate and protect. The more aggressive treatments are best for the winter when there is less sun exposure, and skin benefits from more frequent exfoliation.

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