The Perfect Mid-Summer Beauty To Do List

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mid summer beauty list

Already feeling the mid-summer blues? Here’s a checklist full of inspiring beauty ideas to keep you busy for the rest of the summer.

1. Buy New Sunscreen

Sun protection is year round so you always want to make sure you’re using fresh sunscreen. If not, buy a new one (My fave brand is Sun Bum). Always protect the skin from harsh UV rays especially during the summer.

2. Try a New Lipstick shade

Be daring and try a lipstick color you normally wouldn’t touch. Head over to your local sephora or beauty counter and have fun sampling a variety of colors.

3. Practice Makeup Techniques

Always wanted to perfect the winged eye or try a new nail art design? There’s no better time to practice your makeup techniques then now. Head over to You Tube and challenge yourself to a new makeup technique with some of the best v-bloggers or see my a huge list of fun nail designs to rock this summer!

4. Throw out old makeup

Start going through your makeup bag and throw out makeup past its expiration date. Here’s the general rules: Eyeshadow and Eyeliners should be thrown out every 2-3 years, lipsticks every two years, mascara every three months, concealer and foundation every 6 months to a year, and loose powder every 6 months.

5. Have beauty makeovers with girlfriends

Invite all your friends over and ask them to bring some of their favorite summer beauty products. Then have fun doing each other makeup by trying new makeup looks.

6. Stay Hydrated

Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of fluids.

7. Head down to the massage parlor

Get aways from your daily routines while enjoying a nice massage. I like to visit a massage parlor every two weeks to relax and escape.

8. Treat yourself to a spa day

Make time to treat yourself one day out of the week. If you have the dough, go to a local spa. Sites like Groupon and Living Social have tons of spa deals that are too good to pass up. If you don’t want to spend money then have a spa day at home. Have a relaxing day of pampering! Here’s some great ideas to do on your special day: a luxurious bath, a steam facial, plucking eyebrows, mani and medi, scented candles, and stay comfortable. See more ideas here!

9. Have Fun with DIY beauty

Make a homemade beauty recipe! There’s so many to find online that’s easy to recreate (See my huge list here). It can be a fun project to do with a friend or by yourself. I like to make beauty masks, scrubs, and hair conditioners!

10. Read your favorite beauty blogs

Great for leisure! I like to read up on the latest beauty news as well as discover new beauty tips. If you have more than one go-to beauty blog, compile them by subscribing to all their updates and view them from one location (Ex: Bloglovin or Feedly).


  1. Hey.. you forgot #11 – spend time with your boyfriend… Don’t wanna let my gf see this.,.. otherwise she will try all of these and let me hang by myself…

    But this is not likely, since I gave her some great facial masks recipes.. now she wants to sit all day long trying out face masks that we can do ourselves. hehe

  2. ok.. my internet connection went rogue on me.. I wanted to tell you a quick recipe for a great summer face mask.

    very refreshing and cooling effect.

    mash 3 or 4 strawberries with your fork until you get a nice paste. Add them into a bowl together with
    2 tbsp of honey,
    2 tbsp of natural yogurt and
    2 tbsp of oatmeal.

    Mix them together and then apply on your face. The mask will be cold and will feel great after a hot summer day. You can keep it in the fridge for a week and apply it every evening. it has great results (I tried this one myself :D)

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