Target Spring Home Decor Must Haves

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This post is all about Target spring home decor from the 2021 collection!

Spring is here and the best way to usher in a new season is with a home refresh. After cleaning and decluttering your home, upgrade your space with must-have items I found at Target that can spruce up your living room, bedroom, office or any room you desire. The majority of these finds are from the Studio McGee collection. I’m such a fan of her work and this season, she impressed me once again with home decor items that can easily compliment your current decor.

See below my favorite Target spring home decor must haves from the 2021 collection!

Target Spring Home Decor Finds 2021

target spring home decor

01. Wicker & Metal Patio Egg Chair // 02. Woman Figural Sketch Framed Wall Art // 03. Round Decorative Wall Mirror // 04. Decorative Rectangle Storage Basket // 05. Artificial Lilac Plant with Hanging Basket // 06. Boucle Throw Pillow with Exposed Zipper // 07. Decorative Metal Knot Figurine with Cast Gold // 08. Embroidered Thin Line Lumbar Throw Pillow in Tan // 09. Round Wire Throw Basket With Handles // 10. Black Decorative Metal Cube // 11. Emory Wood & Upholstered Bench // 12. Glass Vase with Leather

1. Threshold w/Studio McGee Wicket & Metal Patio Egg Chair

The perfect statement chair for your outdoor space. Have a patio that needs sprucing up? This chair is chic yet comfortable and would look great on your deck, patio or porch. I can see myself now taking a nap on it or enjoying a good book while drinking a cool beverage.

wicker 38 metal patio egg chair

2. Threshold w/Studio McGee Woman Figural Sketch Framed Wall Art

Such a beautiful modern painting to add to your wall or prop up against a mantel or desk. I love this type of neutral wall art designs because it mixes well with a lot of decor styles. Definitely one of my favorite Target spring home decor pieces on the list.

woman figural sketch framed wall art

3. Threshold w/Studio McGee Round Decorative Wall Mirror

I saw this inside Target and I just love this rounded mirror. I’ve noticed the popularity of this mirror style rise for the past year and I can see why. It does give your room a more open feel and can brighten up any space. The brass trim is beautiful too. It looks like it would cost more than what Target is offering so it’s definitely a steal!

round decorative wall mirror threshold

4. Threshold w/Studio McGee Decorative Rectangle Storage Basket

While doing your spring cleaning, you’ll need a basket to store unboxed items and this storage basket is perfect. Not only will it help bring some organization into your home, its beautiful design is the perfect touch to your spring home decor.

target decorative rectangle storage basket

5. Threshold w/Studio McGee Artificial Lilac Plant in Hanging Basket

What’s spring without flowers! This is such a cool way to add some greenery to your home especially if you’re prone to allergies. I love the woven basket idea so you can easily hang the plant on your wall. You can add more flowers if you want to customize it to your preference. Such a cute accent piece and one of my favorite Target spring home decor items on here.

artificial lilac plant in hanging basket

6. Threshold w/Studio McGee Boucle Throw Pillow with Exposed Zipper

When I saw this pillow, it was love at first. So I ordered it and currently waiting for its arrival. It’s so chic and cozy and the soft texture adds warmth to any space. It’s perfect for the couch but I plan to add it to my bedroom.

boucle throw pillow with zipper

7. Threshold w/Studio McGee Decorative Metal Knot Figure with Cast Gold

Such a cool decorative piece! This gold-toned knot decor is so unique which makes it great to elevate your space. I recently ordered this as well and plan to place it on top of books that are on my dresser to give that area a more decorative touch. I really can’t wait to add it to my space.

decorative metal knot figurine with cast gold

8. Project 62 Embroidered Thin Line Lumbar Throw Pillow

Some of the prettiest throw pillows I found at Target. I just love the neutral tones and I’m a huge fan of the rusted colored one. The design is so simple and would look great on a light colored couch or even a darker hue like a brown couch. Love it!

embroidered thin line lumbar throw pillow project 62

9. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Round Wire Throw Basket With Handles

These are so chic and aesthetically pleasing. How can you not love them? It can mix well with your spring home decor whether you want to organize your throw blankets, magazines, or any other items.


10. Threshold w/Studio McGee Black Decorative Metal Cube

Add some modern to your spring home decor with this cool black decorative metal cube. The design is so sleek and unique and makes a great standout piece to add to your coffee table or any tabletop display. I love the abstract feel and even pairs well with the Round Wire Throw Basket.

decorative metal cube black threshold

11. Threshold w/Studio McGee Emory Wood & Upholstered Bench

Such a beautiful modern bench from Target. Looks perfect and surely does add a sophisticated touch to your living room or entryway. It truly is a great piece at an affordable price.

target emery wood upholstered bench

12. Threshold w/Studio McGee Glass Vase With Leather

I came across this cool vase a week ago and it was so different from other vases I’ve come across. I love the rustic vibe from the reddish-brown leather wrapping and it would just look so great on a coffee table or on top of a dresser topped with white flowers. Even the leather smells nice!

glass leather vase brown

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