The Ultimate 14-Day Quarantine Packing List

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quarantine packing list

This post is all about creating a quarantine packing list.

With the start of the new year, many people have started to travel again or making plans to travel. Since Covid-19 is still circulating throughout the world, many countries have added new restrictions that will place people into quarantine upon arrival.

Quarantine Packing List

Depending on the country you will be arriving in, you’ll be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine before entering a country. There are even some countries like Hong Kong that requires a 21-day quarantine. A long period of isolation may not be your idea of a great time but you can make it as comfortable as possible with the right gear. Below is a 14-day quarantine packing list inspired by my experiences and the experiences of some friends who survived the ordeal:

1. Masks/Face Coverings

Face masks will protect you from catching the virus while also preventing you from spreading it, in case you unknowingly get infected. Stock up on the face coverings recommended by the country you are heading to.

2. Disinfecting Wipes

You will come into contact with questionable surfaces like door knobs and dining tables. It’s best to err on the safe side. Sanitize using disinfecting wet wipes with proven effectiveness.

3. Gloves

Washing your hands frequently should be enough most of the time. However, remember that housekeeping staff might not do so as often. Consider wearing gloves if performing a deep clean of the bathroom, kitchen, and other sections of your hotel room.

4. Hand Sanitizer

This travel essential can save you when you don’t have access to soap and water. Check whether the formulation is enough to kill the virus. The CDC recommends at least 70% isopropanol or 60% ethanol.

5. All Your Toiletries

You can never be sure what you’ll find in quarantine facilities. Some hotels might provide a small bar of soap and nothing else. It’s best to bring your own personal items including shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, and so on.

6. Travel-sized Paper Towels

You will do a lot of cleaning on your own. Paper towels will be handy in keeping things tidy around the room that will be your home for two weeks or more.

7. Portable Detergent

The laundry will probably be closed as well. You will need to wash your own clothes and towels in your room. Bring portable detergent that you can use on your sink.

8. Ziploc Bags

Store food in ziploc bags to maintain their freshness for longer. Separate used and unused clothes in different bags so the clean ones won’t smell. Organize your items by category to make them easier to find.

9. Plastic Containers with Lids

You may also use plastic containers with lids to store some of your food items. The cover will prevent them from drying out, getting dirt, and attracting insects.

10. Water Bottles

Hydrate safely by carrying your own water personal bottle. If you are traveling with companions, then make sure that each one of you have their own and avoid sharing the contents.

11. Pen/Pencils

Using shared pens to jot down important notes or sign credit card receipts is something you want to avoid. Bring a few of your own just to be on the safe side.

12. Books, Notepad etc.

It would be nice to have a small notepad dedicated to your writing needs. Consider bringing a few books to pass the time without looking at screens to take care of your eyes.

13. Health/Travel Insurance Cards

Anything can happen while you travel. It’s best to have your insurance documents handy in case of emergency. It can literally safe your life while reducing the stress of a difficult situation.

14. Proof of Negative Covid-19 Test

Most countries require travelers to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test to gain entry. Some may allow you to skip the 14-day quarantine if you have this while others consider both as mandatory.

15. Fever-reducing Medicines

The stress of travel during a pandemic can take its toll on your body. Even if you are not infected, you may get sick during your isolation. Pack fever-reducing medicines like Tylenol for quick relief.

16. Thermometer

A temperature scan will be necessary at various checkpoints. If traveling with your family, then you may want to bring a thermometer (like this one) for convenient self-monitoring.

17. Credit Cards

Physical money changes hands so often that they are likely to contain a large amount of germs. When paying for anything, use credit cards instead. A lot of shops may also accept touchless payment options.

18. Entertainment

With so much idle time alone, you need to take care of your mental health and give yourself distractions from anxious thoughts. Bring your laptop and smartphone for entertainment. Download movies, games, ebooks, and podcasts before the trip.

19. HDMI Cable

With a HDMI cable, you can connect your laptop to the television in your hotel room and watch movies on a large screen. This is especially helpful if you are being quarantined with your family.

20. Multi Adapter

It would be a nightmare if you can’t power your gadgets because of plug incompatibility. Bring a multi adapter so you can be ready no matter what wall sockets are available.

21. Small Fan

In some hotels, occupants are unable to use the air conditioning because of concerns about the virus spreading through the ducts. Bring a small fan just in case you need additional cooling.

22. Yoga Mat

Maintain your fitness by using a yoga mat for simple bodyweight exercises. You can incorporate stretches, push-ups, crunches, planks, bridges, and other movements in your regular routine.

23. 14 Days Worth Of Comfy Clothes

You don’t need to be stylish while isolating. Just make sure that you have enough comfortable clothes to last the quarantine period. If 14 different outfits are too bulky, then bring half or less and just wash as you go. Remember, there’s no laundry available so keep that in mind.

24. A Mug

Bring things that make you happy like your favorite mug. Use it for your favorite hot or cold beverages. You can also use it for soups, cereals, oats, and other breakfast staples.

25. Coffee/Tea

Don’t forget to pack an assortment for your preferred brands of coffee and tea. They will make you look forward to each morning and have you feeling right at home.

26. Snacks

The hotel may serve food throughout the day but you may not always like them. Pack your own snacks so you can have alternatives to munch on.

27. Mini Rice Cooker

Mini rice cookers are small and light. Consider getting one not just for making rice but also for heating food and brewing tea in your room.

28. Mini Portable Fridge

Check if the quarantine facility has personal refrigerators in each room. If not, then you could bring a cooler or a mini portable fridge for cold drinks and food storage.

29. Non-perishable Food Items

Bring food that can last a long time without special arrangements. Examples include peanut butter, honey, jam, biscuits, dried fruits, roasted nuts, beef jerky, and canned tuna.

30. Food Utensils

The hotel will probably serve meals in disposable containers but you might want to prepare your own food sometimes. Bring a plate, bowl, cutlery, cutting board, and a small knife in your checked-in luggage.

31. Dish Soap & Sponges

Wash the dirty dishes as soon as possible. Pack a supply of dish soap and sponges that are good for at least 14 days.

Getting through isolation is all about preparation. With this quarantine packing list, you will be well-stocked and ready to tackle the challenge.

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