5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Travel Insurance

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This post is about the benefits of travel insurance.

benefits of travel insurance

When arranging that dream trip or the family vacation, don’t try to save money at the last moment by skipping on travel insurance. The consequences if you do could cost more than the trip, as there could be some expensive risks you may not even have considered.

Why Is It Important To Have Travel Insurance?

There are so many uncertainties with travel these days that it is best to be prepared for every situation. A good travel insurance policy will offer excellent protection so you only need to worry about the weather in your destination and driving on the wrong side of the road (My favorite travel insurance provider is World Nomads. I’ve used them numerous times for years).

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance generally covers medical emergencies, medical evacuation, trip interruption and cancellation, flight delays as well as lost, damaged and stolen luggage. There are some plans that offer additional coverage like pre-existing conditions, coverage of rental car damage and trip cancellation for any reason but you do end up paying more.

Here are the benefits of travel insurance and the main reasons why that all important protection should not be skipped.

1. Cancellation

Look for independent insurance rather than that from the tour operator you are using, just in case the tour operator goes bust. This would leave you both out of pocket, and your trip lost. You need cancellation coverage which is not too restricted as you may be the one cancelling the trip at the last moment, through events beyond your control, or illness.

2. Baggage loss

baggage loss

Everyone knows someone this has happened to so most know to have coverage for the chance of it occurring. No one wants to arrive at their outward bound destination only to find their luggage is missing, and even if the airline promises it will be sent on in a day or two, you still need some things immediately.

This necessitates spending on replacement items, and taking time in the shops, which may not be your first choice of how you want to begin to your vacation. There is always the risk too of theft or loss of your passport or cash, and you need the help of the insurance company to remedy this fast, and provide emergency cash and facilitate easy replacement of your documentation.

3. Interruptions

The last thing you want to hear about when you are on your vacation is that you are needed back at home immediately. Maybe a relative has been hospitalized or something has happened which means you need to return home. Without the appropriate insurance coverage, you are looking at a possibly very expensive one way flight. Here is where the importance of travel insurance really makes its presence felt.

4. Medical cover

ubud bali

If you are traveling outside of the US you may well find that your current medical insurance does not cover too much. It is better to be safe than sorry and have travel insurance. In the event of an accident which requires you or a family member being airlifted to a treatment facility, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is how it is going to be paid for.

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It is wise to have also emergency medical evacuation and repatriation insurance covered on the plan that you choose. This basically covers your treatment in a foreign country until you are stabilized enough to be flown home. For a higher premium it gives you the option of choosing which hospital to be repatriated to on your return, rather than leaving the choice down to the insurance company. Although some countries will give free medical treatment to you, they expect these services to be paid in full before you leave, which could end up being a costly nightmare.

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5. Events beyond your control

There are other events which make it essential to have travel insurance, the things which are beyond your or anyones control. An unexpected terrorist attack within the vicinity, delays which mean you miss connecting flights, out of control weather which prevents you from enjoying your full holiday, such as hurricanes.

At the end of the day it is a small price to pay to have the insurance in case any of these events occur which could cause disruption to your plans or distress while abroad. It will give you peace of mind if you end up lying in a foreign hospital to know that your insurance company is working behind the scenes on your behalf, so that everything runs smoothly and you only need to concentrate on getting better. If you want to enjoy worry-free travel, then have the foresight to not skip the necessary travel insurance.

Best Travel Insurance

Now that you know the benefits of travel insurance, the only thing left is picking a good travel insurance company. If you need just short-term healthcare coverage and you’re on a budget or if you’re a digital nomad, living abroad or traveling indefinitely, then World Nomads insurance is what you need. It’s so simple and flexible.

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