2 Powerful Tips On How To Get Fuller Brows

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If you are like me with thin eyebrows, then I have some great tips for fuller, sexy brows. My brows are very thin on the ends  so I always use a brow liner to make them appear fuller. I was talking to an esthetician the other day and she gave me some great advice on ways to get my eyebrows to look full again.

How to Get Fuller Eyebrows

My secret weapon:

1. When you sleep on cotton pillowcases, it causes the hairs on our eyebrows to get yanked from the root which is why most people have thin eyebrows on the ends of their brows. She suggested changing my pillowcases to silk which can help stop my eyebrows from thinning out. I said to myself, “Wow… I would have never thought of that.”

2. Putting castor oil on the sides of your eyebrows that are thinning which will promote hair growth. You can apply a small amount on your eyebrows right before you go to bed.

So, by using these two powerful tips, your eyebrows will grow back in no time. I just bought my silk cases yesterday and the castor oil too. Until it grows back, I will continue to use my brow pencil.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills has a great brow pencil called Go Brow which is a Universal brow pencil. It has two ends and they both work together to create perfectly shaped brows. One side of the pencil is a universal brow color and the other is a highlighter. This brow pencil works for any skin tone. It’s easy to apply and it last for a long time. I bought this pencil a week ago and it looks great on my brows. It blends in very well.

So this is a great brow pencil to use if you have thin eyebrows or if you want more defined brows. Also, try using the tips above to get natural thicker brows.



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