Beware of Chemicals! 6 Ways to Find True Natural Beauty Products

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The word “natural” has become a major promotional advertising buzzword used to attract and convince consumers that what’s inside the package is really made of all natural ingredients. However, not all beauty products that supposedly contain organic properties really deliver on what they advertise. So how do you find genuine natural beauty products? Read on to find out more:

  1. Check the ingredient list at all times – When you’re at a mall or is in hurry to buy a beauty product, you tend to be impulsive. You just pick the first item that meets the eyes. This is a wrong move. Buying beauty products require great attention. It is important that you check the ingredients and make certain that the components are mostly organic. If not, put it down and consider other products available.
  2. Look into the seal of approval – Natural beauty products always have the 3rd party seal of approval. Such approvals normally come from USDA, Natural Products Association, BDIH if the product comes from Europe and ECOCERT. Seeing one of these seals in your beauty product assures you that the product is certified, screened and tested containing all natural ingredients.
  3. Search for reviews – This may sound effortless, yet searching for reviews of genuine and all natural beauty products in the market would be a tough feat. For one, you have to check if the review is not biased and only contains factual information. Above all, the review shouldn’t come from the manufacturer itself. To chance upon real good and evenhanded reviews, never forget to check out online forums where you will find honest commentaries and views.
  4. Look around your kitchen – If you really want to have natural beauty ingredients, your kitchen should be your next stop. Here, you will find the cheapest moisturizer in the form of an olive oil. The most inexpensive solution to make your face and skin look youthful in the form of ginger and garlic, and a whole lot more. If you will just give your kitchen a tour, you sure will find valuable ingredients perfect for your beauty regimen.
  5. Be open for recommendations – If you’ve already tried all options listed above, your last resort is to try out recommendations from friends and other people whom you trust. They surely tried different beauty products being sold in the market before and could easily recommend an all natural and organic beauty product that really works.
  6. Look for a specialty natural store – Stores like these are considered as general merchandise. Meaning to say, they sell almost all kinds of natural things from food to body and beauty products. Buying all natural and organic beauty products from these stores guarantee consumers of having wider selections of organic products at a cheaper price.

One brand that I highly recommend  is Naturopathica. I’ve used this brand (still do) and you’ll find a variety or organic and natural skincare products that work! They have products for both men and women. Naturopathica products are also designed based on skin type- oily, dry, or aging skin. I’ve only tried their Aloe Cleansing Gel, but that alone has helped control my oily skin. It’s very rich, creamy, and gentle on my skin. It also carries moisturizing properties so it doesn’t overdries!  Oh…and here’s the best part about their products- Vegan, gluten-free and ECOCERT-certified!

Finding a genuine organic beauty product may be a challenge at the beginning of your search, but with your continuous effort to get hold of an all natural product with the help of the selections above, you’ll sooner find one without a doubt.

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  1. I’ve learned my lesson. I always do some research on the internet and read some reviews for the product I want to buy before I purchase it. And when I am in the store I always look at the ingredient list. This has become a habit for me 😀

    But I agree, the best natural products are in your kitchen. This summer I tried a facial mask from honey, yogurt and strawberries… it worked great for my skin.

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