13 Realistic Glow Up Tips: The Ultimate Challenge

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This post is all about glow up tips.

glow up tips

Beauty is so much more than an external quality perceived by others. It is a quality of life that is practiced and cultivated from deep inside until, eventually, it just flows out onto everybody around. If you have had a hard time wrapping your mind around this somewhat cryptic concept, fear not!

Understanding your very own capacity for beauty is a journey of joyful discovery with limitless benefits. You are far more attractive and confident than you could possibly imagine, but often this simple understanding is derailed by simple self-criticism and external influences.

If you feel that you have developed a sort of tunnel vision that has disconnected you from your intrinsic beauty, a glow up can be an enlightening and fun challenge to do for yourself. Through special attention to yourself and a better understanding of your capacity for beauty, a glow up can open your eyes to a side of yourself you never knew — and you will absolutely love the “you” you are about to meet.

So, let’s get the introductions underway! Here are some helpful glow up tips to get you started.

What Exactly Is A Glow Up?

What is a glow up? Well…it’s like a whole new introduction to yourself. Through a series of activities, routines and lifestyle adjustments, you’re introduced to your own personal brand of beauty. A Glow Up is all about setting yourself up to shine. The glow up challenge is designed to give you a better look at the path you take to look, feel and function at optimal levels.

Why Glow Up?

We spend so much of our lives viewing ourselves in a critical light for purposes of self-actualization that our connection to personal beauty can become skewed and even lost altogether. While it is nice to hear other people reminding us that we are beautiful, competent and desirable, the most important reminders will come from ourselves and our own thought processes. When you glow up, you…

  • Feel healthier and stronger
  • Finetune habits
  • Be more focused on giving
  • Learn more about yourself and your health
  • Grow more confident
  • Feel and look happier

There can be a variety of other life events that can also impact this connection to personal beauty which is why the “Glow Up” challenge can straighten you up and take you on a better path to self love and confidence.

Intimate relations can muddle the sense of self too. After a big break up or when recovering from an especially toxic relationship of any sort, it’s a good time to take a moment to fully appreciate yourself before moving forward.

What Should I Do To Glow Up?

glow up transformation

A Glow Up should become a natural function of your life for those times where you spend special attention on yourself and the way you are living your life. This should not be considered a life change as the activities you will perform during a Glow Up should be integrated into your regular routine as much as possible.

Self-care is the essential cornerstone of a Glow Up and after this, the various other components of your Glow Up can be planned and practiced. Because this is a voyage of exploration, taking an intuitive approach to all of these ideas and recommendations will ultimately bring about the best results from the following glow up tips.

Good Luck!

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Glow Up Tips Step 1: Address the Mind

The mind is what you use to perceive yourself and your beauty. If it is not calm it will not be sensitive enough to operate intuitively. Emotions can greatly impact the smooth function of the mind so let’s begin by taking time to interface with the emotional self, before we begin finding beauty in more superficial areas or our lives.

Have you ever heard anyone say that “intelligence is attractive”? They were probably talking about emotional intelligence. An emotionally sound mind comes from a deeper understanding of the emotions that can rock our worlds coupled with the fortitude and skill to bring these unruly emotions under control. Emotional wrecks are those that are guided by their emotions and that’s what we’re trying to stay away from.

1. A Journal

Have a place where you can jot down your emotions and progress throughout this challenge. Begin by noting your emotional state and the most significant factors that have been contributed to your emotional state.

2. Read more

Read books more often to help you stay motivated in life. There are a lot of good self help books out there but books on romance, self discovery and empowerment are amazing reads too.

3. Consider the Company You Keep

For better or worse, you absorb the attitudes and even personalities of the company you keep. If you are spending your time hanging out with negative people, you will be brought down to a considerable degree no matter how positive you are. Much in the same way, people who contribute to each other’s energy and positivity bring each other up.

This would make an excellent entry in your journal. Ask yourself this question about your friends, “After spending time with this person, do I feel energized and positive? Do I feel exhausted and negative?” Energy is a finite resource and it’s best to save your energy for those who will build you up.

4. Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis can make us find more joy and meaning in our lives. By becoming more aware of where you are and what you are doing, without judgement, you appreciate it more. You can practice it anywhere. For example, when the phone rings, take a moment to pause and breathe instead of rushing over to answer it.

To get started, find a calm and quiet place and take time, maybe 5-10 minutes to just observe the present, without judgement. You mind will wander and that’s fine. Let it and focus on your breathing and listen to the sounds around you. Whenever you start to feel anxious are start thinking about the past, return back to the present moment. For a full step-by-step approach, click here.

5. Daily Affirmations

Affirmations can help keep the mind on its planned and charted course. Affirmations can be applied to guiding the mind in any desired direction. Find greater positivity, improved focus, multiplied mental stamina, greater confidence and heroic determination by hanging on to the right mantra.

Glow Up Tips Step 2: Address the Skin

Once you feel calm and serene on the inside, you will experience the effects across your entire body and most notably in the skin. Stress and anxieties can contribute to skin issues and therefore it is always best to look at your skin once the tides of emotional havoc have gone away.

6. Weekly Facial

Treat your face with a weekly facial. Make sure you pay extra special attention to your skin care routine during the Glow up challenge, and consider what you would like to add or subtract from it. You may even consider going for a professional facial at the spa for the ultimate skin pampering and relaxation.

7. Protect your Skin

Take note of the elements in your environment that place the greatest strain on the skin and take measures to apply protection. If you spend time out in the sun, make sure you have a top-of-the-line SPF 30 product that you can use on a daily basis. If you spend extensive periods of time in air-conditioned environments, apply a hydrating moisturizer to your skin and bring a lip balm with you at all times.

Glow Up Tips Step 3: Makeup and Hair

Now we can begin having some fun. This will be a time to consider the makeup techniques and hair looks you have been accustomed to and choose what to do next. You may choose to take elevate your look by trying something new. Maybe a new lipstick shade or a dye your hair. Whatever you do, make sure it leaves you feeling more confident than before.

8. Wash your Hair

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to really give your hair a good cleanse and restore its natural pH. Don’t forget to rinse your hair with cold water when you finish. Follow up with a good conditioner specifically for your hair type and be sure to focus on the ends. Doing so will help with maintaining the strength of your hair and preventing split ends.

9. Give Yourself A Makeover

If you feel you need to freshen up your looks with something different, take some time to give yourself a makeover. Consider trying on a different style of clothing, makeup and/or hairstyle. This will allow you new insights to the way you see yourself and you may see a side of you that you never knew existed.

10. Get Expert Advice

Sometimes you need help from an expert to help you look and feel your best. Visit a makeup specialist to get ideas on how to emphasize your features with the right makeup techniques. This should also be done when choosing the right hairstyle and outfits to match your new look.

Glow Up Tips Step 4: The Health

The final step in your Glow Up Challenge will be to examine your health once more. A beautiful life is a healthy life, so take some time to examine your lifestyle and health habits to see if there are any adjustments you need to make.

11. Drink More Water

Drinking water helps your body function optimally, eliminate wastes and even improves the mood. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout your day. At least 8 cups of water.

12. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise should be something you look forward to. Choose an activity that inspires you to get out there and burn off extra energy for your physical and mental health.

13. Improve your Diet

Your food is not only your nourishment; it is the building blocks that make you who you are and the medicine that keeps you healthy. Take time to consider the foods you eat in relation to the demands you make from your body and find a suitable balance.

Applying these Glow Up Tips

These were just a few of the Glow Up activities to help you get started and there are many more. As you can see from these glow up tips, this is really nothing too out of the ordinary. Just another opportunity to take a closer look at yourself in a positive way. If this is your first time doing a Glow Up Challenge, try not to have any big expectations, as you make this practice a more frequent activity in your life, you will begin enjoying the benefits to a higher degree.

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In the other articles in this series, I share easy challenges you can follow along towards your self care journey. You have all you need to glow up and become a new and better version of yourself.

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