How To Achieve Brighter Eyes Instantly

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brighter eyes

A simple makeup trick to make your eyes appear brighter and wider is to use a pearly white shadow or champagne color highlighter shadow underneath the brow bone. Trust me, you’ll see a dramatic difference with your eyes and your eyebrows will look more defined.

This tip is very easy to do and it’s done a lot by makeup artist to add some lift to your eyes. A great product to try is Benefit’s High Brow ($22) but any pearly eyeshadow will work too. High Brow is a creamy, pale pink shade with no shimmer in it and is very easy to blend.

To apply:  Sweep a thin line underneath your brows and blend. Voila! Instant eye-opening and lift effect.

To try another trick check out Carmindy’s tip to brighten eyes by finding a shade opposite your natural eye color. Check it out on

I hope you enjoyed this beauty tip of the week!

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