How To Fix Your Smudged Nail Polish In Seconds!

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Ever smudged you freshly painted nails? I think we all have and it can be very frustrating especially if you just left the nail salon. Ugh! Well no more worries because I am going to show you a quick way to fix your smudged nail polish in an instant.

You see the secret to preventing your nail polish from smudging is dry time and the surface usually feels dry at the touch after 10 minutes. But that’s not always the case. It can be difficult to tell when your nail polish looks dry. It may feel dry when you touch it but if you brush your fingers against something, it will still smudge.

So what is a quick way to fix the smudge?

Your own saliva! Here’s what you do. Lick one of your fingers (ex. your thumb) and smooth over the top of the smudged nail. Blend it in and VOILA…it’s fixed!

Ok, you’re probably thinking to yourself …WTF?

Trust me, it works! You see, the compounds in saliva reacts with the nail polish so with a little bit of pressure, you can soften and blend the surface. No need to apply another coat to hide it!

Now your nails are smudged free and gorgeous again.

I hope you enjoyed my beauty tip of the week! See more of my favorite beauty hacks here!


  1. Wow, I just tried it and it really worked. It took a little patience and more pressure than I would have thought at first, (I did it too lightly at first and gradually increased the pressure)
    Thank you for this great tip!!!

  2. i was skeptical about this because I thought it was going to make the smudge bigger but i just tried it and it works like a charm!!!! like the other commenter said, it requires a bit more pressure than you would think. thank you for this!

  3. You should have a day dedicated to you! I cannot believe that worked! I just got home from the salon and my cat ran in front of me. I literally stepped on my newly polished big toe and smudged the whole thing. As I started panicking I typed in nail smudge life hack and this popped up! This worked so well I was appalled I had never heard of it in my 30 years! Thank you life saver!!!!

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