The Ultimate Summer Beauty Survival Kit

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braun silk epil7 skinspa

It certainly feels like summer. When the weather heats up, not only do I change up my wardrobe, I update my beauty routine with beauty essentials that work with the sweltering temperatures. Well it’s more like my survival kit that’s full of beauty products to survive the summer heat whether I’m at home or away.

I also like to travel and do a lot of mini vacations throughout the summer, but prepping and packing can be such a hassle.  So if you’re planning a staycation or a trip to a beautiful island, here’s my beauty survival kit for a stress-free summer!

braun silk epil7 skinspa

For your skin

The road trips and beach getaways I have planned will be more enjoyable with soft and smooth skin. The first step is to prep my skin for summer because I want to feel confident wearing my summer dresses, shorts, and swimwear.

I want the smoothest legs possible so to start, I use Braun Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa System (Beauty Edition), a wet-dry epilator that comes with an exfoliation brush and a separate cleansing brush for the face. The Silk-epil 7 is great because you get 2 beauty treatments in 1 device for touchably smoother & more radiant skin. The exfoliation brush buffs off the dead skin cells and smooths away the rough spots with ease. It’s my favorite treatment in the Braun system which I do 1 day before I want to epilate.

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The brush has over 10, 000 fine bristles that gently removes dead skin cells and stimulate the regeneration of the skin surface. I also like its speed personalization feature. You pick the right speed for your personal needs: extra gentle or extra efficient. It’s also cordless so I have the freedom exfoliate wherever I desire. I prefer to exfoliate in the shower so there’s less mess and because it has up to 40 minutes of running time, I know I have more than enough time for a full body exfoliation. Regular exfoliation will always be a part of my healthy skin routine no matter the season.

The next step is hair removal and Braun’s Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa epilator gets the job done. I will admit it does take some getting use to. My first treatment was a bit painful but not as bad as waxing. Epilating in the shower made the process more comfortable and relaxing. It also has this high frequency massage system feature that stimulates your skin for an extra gentle treatment. I love the smartlight on the device to help me see the hairs. It removed even the smallest hairs on my legs and it stayed hair free a lot longer than shaving.

All that work in making my skin look good wouldn’t be worth it unless I guard it from the sun’s skin-damaging rays. I lather on my favorite moisturizer that has at least spf 15 from head to toe so I stay protected and moisturized. I love to throw a travel size bottle in my everyday bag or in a suitcase when I’m packing for a trip.

braun silk epil7 skinspa

For your hair

I always rock a number of hairstyles in the summer. If I’m going to the beach, I like to feel the wind blowing in my hair so I curl it to create the beach waves look. To protect my hair from heat damage, I always apply a heat protectant spray. For an easy, casual weekend look, I usually pull my hair into a top knot and wrap a lightweight scarf around my head. If I see any flyaways (I usually do) I’ll add a few bobby pins to keep them in check. A summer scarf updo is the perfect no-fail hairstyle for those on-the-go!

With all the days spent taking in the rays at the beach and the amount of hair styling I do, I like to give my hair a weekly detox treatment to revive it. It truly brings my locks back to life.

braun silk epil7 skinspa

For your makeup

I hate wearing foundation during the summer because it makes me look cakey or too made up. So, I usually reach for a BB cream, as my everyday makeup pick. I love this because it keeps my skin hydrated, protected, and flawless all summer long. It also makes my skin feel refreshed and not heavy in the summer heat.

Another everyday product for me is waterproof mascara. I feel naked if I don’t have any on. Just a little length and color on my lashes can go a long way. Not only should my mascara give me long, luscious, and clump-free lashes, it should keep smudges and smears at bay. You don’t have to be bride or a swimmer to appreciate waterproof mascara. One unfortunate raccoon eyes incident is all it takes.

I also love a good nail polish and summer is always a good excuse to try a bright polish you’d normally steer clear from all the other months of the year. Some of the hottest nail colors this season range from pastels and neutrals to creamy neons and punchy brights.

braun silk epil7 skinspa

After a long day of fun in the sun or sipping cocktails until the sun disappears, my skin feels really icky from all the sweat, so I whip out my facial towelettes to cleanse and remove traces of dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities. Not only are these towelettes gentle and convenient, they’re great for toning and moisturizing your skin. My skin feels so clean and fresh afterwards.

When I’m ready to call it a night, I do an evening cleanse which is a very quick process that involves a cleanser and Braun’s Facial Cleansing Brush. It removes makeup and impurities from the cheeks, T-zone and chin up to 6x better  than manual cleansing. It’s amazing how much makeup is still left on your face after just washing with a cleanser and your hands. This gets what is left behind and all those dead skin cells. I love using it while I’m in the shower and I can adjust the speed to my preference and skin sensitivity. I get acne from time to time and this has really helped transform my skin. My skin couldn’t survive with out it.

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summer beauty survival kit

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