8 Insanely Clever Cleaning Hacks From TikTok

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cleaning hacks from tiktok

This post is all about cleaning hacks from TikTok.

We all know TikTok for its viral dance challenges, but I never would have imagined it would be my new source for cleaning hacks. I mean there’s literally a goldmine of cleaning hacks from TikTok so this app has definitely caught my attention.

Cleaning Hacks From TikTok

Users from lifestyle bloggers and pro cleaners to even normal everyday people have shared their tips and tricks and they’re freakin’ genius! Seriously, you have to see to believe. Below are 8 cleaning hacks from TikTok that you’ll definitely want to add to your cleaning routine.

1. Get Rid Of Burns With Easy Off

See how easy she gets rid of the old burn stains on the stove top and inside her oven with Easy Off. She turned old looking stove that should be thrown away into a brand spanking new one. Who new Easy Off could be this powerful? You’ll never clean your stove the same way again after watching this TikTok.

2. The Right Way To Clean a Toilet

Didn’t know I was cleaning my toilet wrong until watching this TikTok. I mean I was just doing what most do when cleaning the toilet, using a wand to scrub the bowl all around thinking that was enough. Apparently not. Watch to see the proper way to do it.

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3. How To Clean LEGO

For all you parents out there with small kids, you’ll love this Tiktok. It’s a pain cleaning LEGOs one by one especially when your kids plays with so many. Here’s a quick and easy method to clean them all at once. You’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking about this sooner.

4. Clean A Very Dirty Grout

One of my favorite cleaning hacks from Tiktok. Watch how she cleans the grout and you won’t believe what she uses to do so. I mean it literally looks brand new. I’ll let you watch the Tiktok instead of revealing what the product is, but let me give you a small hint. It’s a cleaning product that’s normally used in one area of the bathroom.

5. Tub Hack

I can’t believe how easy it was to remove the soap scum and dirt inside of her tub using this hack. Honestly, I was really impressed because I could never get my tub that clean with just regular cleaning products. I ended up trying it myself and it worked!

6. Remove Tough Stains From Pans

This is another one of my favorite cleaning hacks from Tiktok. Just when I was planning to get rid of old pot and pans, I came across this. Her hack is genius. I’m glad I was able to salvage them because buying new pots and pans can be so expensive and I was planning to replace at least four of them.


How to remove tough stains from pans with baking soda and hot water #cleaninghacks #bakingsoda #howtoclean #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound – My Nguyen

7. Descale a Kettle With Lemons

It’s doesn’t take long for your tea kettle to accumulate mineral buildup. That’s why it’s very important to descale it often. This neat hack using lemons is a quick and easy way to descale it.

8. Vacuum Your Oven

Yes, you read that right. When I came across this Tiktok, I thought to myself, “What does she mean vacuum the oven?” Well, that’s exactly what she means! This is a non toxic way to clean your oven especially if you don’t want to use those strong chemical-smelling oven cleaners. She then follows up with a Dawn Powerwash and white vinegar mix. Watch the Tiktok and see the results for yourself.


A non toxic #ovenclean for those who dont want to use harsh oven #cleaners – Yes I use oven cleaners but only if there are no kids/animals #fy

♬ Smoothie – Sevvans

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