26 No-Fail Winter Date Ideas To Try This Year

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winter date ideas

Winter can be a special time of the year for couples but the colder weather does provide some challenges when thinking of the perfect date with your loved one. If you have a date coming up during the winter months, don’t let the colder weather spoil the fun – there are a heap of things you can do to make your winter date special. Following are 26 winter date ideas for indoors, outdoors, romantic, cheap and fun winter dates.

Winter Date Ideas At Home

There are a plethora of amazing winter date ideas at home you can try. Below are a few of my favorites!

winter date ideas at home

1. Bake Cookies

When it’s cold outside there’s nothing like fresh baked cookies. Find some cookie recipes for the ultimate baking date and fill the house with the aroma of cookies.

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2. Play Board Games

Playing games is a great winter date night idea. Select some of your favorite board games (or find some new adult ones) for some good, fun competition.

3. Take Dancing Lessons

Dancing is a great way to get close to your partner. You can brush up on your dancing skills or, if you’ve never experienced formal dancing, you can take ballroom dancing classes together or sign up for a dance class in another style. Even if you have two left feet you’ll have fun trying!

4. Pajama Party

Why bother dressing up for a date and all the pressure that involves. Instead, take the pressure off both of you, throw on some pajamas, pop some popcorn and put on a classic movie or some music for a unique date that will remind you of the sleepovers you used to have as a child.

5. Catch Some Laughs

Laughter can be an aphrodisiac, so why not take your partner to a comedy show to break the ice. To make it even more fun, book for an amateur night at a comedy club. You never know, the next Jerry Seinfeld or could be making their big debut or they could be awful which can be fun too.

Outdoor Winter Date Ideas

Going on your first date? Why not go outside. Here are some of my favorite winter date ideas.

winter first date ideas

6. Ice skating

Going ice skating is the quintessential winter date and can be truly romantic. Try braving the weather and ice-skating on a natural pond or outdoor rink for the full effect of this classic winter date activity. Head out for a hot drink after you’ve had enough of falling over for a perfect end to your date. It’s one of my favorite outdoor winter first date ideas!

7. Go on a hike

Taking a winter hike together is a great way to capture the beauty of the winter season. Find an unusual or interesting location to make this date even more special, perhaps finishing at a local restaurant or bar afterward.

8. Horseback Riding

Taking a ride on these magnificent animals is a great activity to do in winter. If you’re an experienced rider you’ll already know this but if you or your partner are not, taking lessons is just as good and a great winter date idea.

9. Go Antiquing

Centering a date around shopping may not seem very creative but if you come up with a good theme (such as shopping for antiques or other unusual objects) it can be great fun. You can find some really interesting items, window shop or just have a great experience finding unusual stores and products. Follow up with a visit to a cafe or bar to talk about your experience and your fun finds.

10. Weekend Getaway

For true winter romance experience try to find a location where snow is falling while you are warm and cozy in a woodsy cabin or similar rustic location. Try to make the date an adventure by booking a location that is special and within a day’s drive.

Romantic Winter Date Ideas

You’ll love this list of romantic date ideas. These are truly no-fail!

outdoor winter date ideas

11. Spa Date Night

For a truly relaxing date in a soothing atmosphere for you and your partner, think about visiting a spa or creating all the elements at home. This should include massages, pampering, room service and all the amenities that one associates with a spa experience. Whether you book at a spa or recreate this at home the goal is to spend some chill out time together.

12. Mini Get Away

Get away for a night or two for your own personal slumber party at a hotel. You can pretend that you are on holiday somewhere or simply get away from all your obligations for a couple of days at a classy hotel. To spice it up, you can also put together some sexy room service for your partner.

13. Horse and Carriage Ride

This is a cute date idea that seems to never go out of fashion. There’s something magical about a horse-drawn carriage ride through a winter landscape and gives you the chance to get close and personal as you snuggle up together and enjoy the ride.

14. Sunset Hot Chocolate for Two

Find a great location such as a park or somewhere with a view and pack some winter goodies such as hot chocolate, marshmallows and some cookies and enjoy some time alone for the two of you while sharing your favorite hot drink. The is another one of my favorite outdoor winter date ideas!

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15. Cozy Car Date

This may seem unusual but how about a winter date where you never leave the coziness of your car? Plan an interesting drive to a location or simply go on a round trip to nowhere. You can plan the music for the trip and perhaps organize a meal or drink stop at a special location.

Cheap Winter Date Ideas

If you’re on a budget, this list of cheap winter date ideas for couples is perfect for you!

winter date ideas for couples

16. Volunteer Somewhere Together

Volunteering is a great date idea for couples because it is worthwhile and lets you get to know your partner in a deeper way. Being selfless is a wonderful gift to others and is even more significant when you do it with the one you love. You can search for volunteer opportunities in your area or make your own such as helping your elderly neighbors with their snow-covered driveways and sidewalks.

17. Explore Your City

When living in a city we sometimes never take advantage of the tourist attractions it has to offer. Pretend that you and your partner are tourists in your own town and go on a sightseeing adventure together. It is a really interesting way of finding places in your city you’ve never seen and you’re likely to stumble across some unique places you never knew existed.

You may be surprised by how many free attractions you can find around your local area. Art galleries and museums are often free or have free days and can make for a fascinating date with plenty of opportunities for wonderment and discussion. If you are a student you can take advantage of discounts or free days that are offered by these institutions.

19. Cook Dinner

Cooking together is a really personal and intimate way to get to know someone better. Of course, the great advantage is that you get to eat the culinary masterpiece you have created! You can make it more interesting by planning the meal carefully (a complex recipe or one you haven’t tried before) and pair it with the right wine and dessert to make it really special.

20. Solve a Puzzle

This might seem a bit nerdy, but if you and your partner have the enthusiasm or patience for this type of activity it can be great fun and an ongoing activity you can do together. Perhaps a jigsaw puzzle if you want to make it traditional but you can also try an adult Lego kit or something similar. This could be a good option if a blizzard hits and you get snowed in.

21. Yoga

Doing some yoga is a great way to relax and is a nice thing to do together. Whether you’re already into it or are just beginners there’s plenty of free yoga instruction available on the internet. This is a great way of de-stressing with your partner and will leave you in a relaxed frame of mind.

Fun Winter Date Ideas

When I think of fun things to do with my boyfriend, I think of these date ideas. Check out my ideas of fun things to do on a cold day with your girlfriend.

things to do on a cold day with your girlfriend

22. Read to Each Other

Reading to another person is a surprisingly intimate activity. Though hard to believe in our always-connected world there was a time when people read aloud to each other for entertainment. Storytelling is one of the oldest pastimes in human history and is a great date activity. You can read a book together taking turns to read a chapter to each other.

23. Answering Hard Questions

Often all you need for a great date night is a good idea that leads to some stimulating conversation. Develop a set of questions that can require some thought to answer and pose them to each other. You can make this like a grown-up version of truth or dare but a better idea is to explore some of the big questions in life to see where you and your partner stand.

24. Go Shopping for Ugly Clothes

A fun date out can involve going to thrift stores and shopping for the ugliest or most garish clothes you can find (such as ugly sweaters) to show off at this time of year. If done right (do some research on the stores) this can be a super fun date that won’t cost you the earth. Get a quick bite to eat afterward to make it perfect.

25. Visit a Video Game Arcade

If you’re not too young you may remember video game arcades. Try going for a date in an arcade where you can play two-player video games. You can do dancing competitions, blow up aliens or try some car simulators to race for first place. An arcade date is a nice retro-style date that may remind you of your childhood. Burgers and milkshakes afterward are recommended.

26. Future Love Letters

If you want to get really soppy (and perhaps tempt fate) you can write love letters dedicated to your partner that should be opened 20 years from now. You can read them to each other in front of a roaring fire enjoying a hot drink and then lock them away for safekeeping (and hope that you’re still together in 20 years when it comes time to revisit them).

This list is just smidge of cool things to do on a cold day with your girlfriend or boyfriend this winter. I hope this list gave you some inspiration!


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