14 Cozy Apartment Ideas To Inspire Your Inner Homebody

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warm cozy home

This post is all about cozy apartment ideas!

Whenever the holiday season hits, by brain immediately thinks of hot chocolate, throw pillows, my essential oil diffuser and a thick knitted throw blanket to stay warm in. I don’t want to leave my cozy apartment at all and would rather just stay in bed. That’s the homebody in me but honestly, the cold weather brings out the homebody in everyone.

Want to know how to how to make your apartment a bit cozier for the upcoming fall and winter seasons? Well then keep reading because I’m going to share with you plenty of cozy apartment ideas and tips to warm up your space.

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1. Cozy Apartment Ideas: Curtains

Creating a cozy home this fall and winter is easy with window treatments like curtains. Go for soft shades and neutrals like cream and beige. It not only keeps in the heat, but also adds a touch of softness surrounding your home decor. It just screams cozy vibes! // image via Jacquelyn Clark

creating a cozy home

2. Cozy Warm Tones

The furniture warm tones throughout this cozy living room makes it comfy while still being modern. Love the warmth of the faux fur throw and accent pieces around the house. It’s a welcoming living space that will make your apartment feel more personal and homey. I have a small living room but I still was able to make it work.

3. Cozy Apartment Ideas: Add Texture

Plush throws and pillows as well as cute blankets in this photo makes this simple cozy home feel calm, warm and inviting. Adding texture like a wooden ceiling also adds depth and helps add coziness to this bedroom. One of my favorite decorating ideas that you can add to every room! // image via The DIY Mommy

simple cozy home

4. Cozy Apartment Ideas: Mirror

Want to know how to make your apartment cozy with ease? Decorate your wall space with a wall gallery. Nothing screams uncozy like an empty wall. You could also void having empty walls and fill in the gap with a large mirror leaning against it.

5. Cozy Natural Wood

Adding natural wood accents in your home is an easy way to warm up a space and give it a homey feel. We love natural wood accent on the mantel and on the shelves. You could also get a coffee table made of natural wood to make it the focal point in the family room. // image via Jessica Sara Morris

cozy apartment

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6. Cozy Earthy Vibes

There’s nothing better than adding several plants to add to the earthy vibes and overall coziness of this living room. It’s such an easy way to transform empty spaces in your apartment.

7. Cozy Small Apartment Ideas: Thick Blanket

Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket? A thick blanket is a must when cozying up in the living room with a good book and a warm drink. You’ll really achieve that cozy feeling when you wrap yourself in one. // image via @bohoandnordic

cozy small apartment ideas

8. Cozy Apartment Ideas: Bathroom

Who says the bathroom can’t be cozy? The textured tiles and wooden tones add to the comfy vibe. I just love the minimalistic aesthetic here.

9. Cozy Apartment Ideas: Holiday Living Room

This minimalist cozy home is just a dream. The minimal color palette design in this living room is beautiful. It truly makes the room look amazing! A great contrast to traditional red and green holiday decor. // image via Love Create Celebrate

minimalist cozy home

10. Cozy Winter Kitchen

I’m loving the winter vibes in this kitchen. The warm wood tones against the white cabinets really warms up the place.

11. Cozy Apartment Ideas: Fireplace

Nothing screams coziness than using an area rug and floor pillows to sit on in your apartment living room while staying warm next to the fireplace. Isn’t this a space that makes your want to come home to? // image via @uteziemons

how to make your apartment cozy

12. Cozy Bedding

Warm color bedding knits and pillows can easily make any space feel cozier. The hardwood floors and bench also add to the warmness. Definitely one of my favorite cozy apartment ideas on this list!

13. Cozy Apartment Ideas: Rugs & Textiles

Adding rugs and textiles is the perfect way to turn your space into an inviting living room and warm up your space. Honestly, there’s beautiful décor everywhere including the beautiful artwork on the wall and the photos add a personal touch. // image via @rebeccaandgenevieve

cozy apartment ideas

14. Cozy Home Office

This cozy home office makes me want to work in the space for hours. I love how they created a little office nook at the corner. I especially love the wire gallery wall. // image via @bohostyleliving

cozy home office

Cozy Apartment Ideas: Good Lighting

One important thing I’ve noticed with all these photos is that there is a lot of natural light coming in the makes these apartments feel cozier especially in small rooms. So to create a more relaxing environment, stick with soft lighting like floor lamps and table lamps with dimmers, fairy lights and candles.

I hope this cozy apartment ideas post gave you tons of inspiration. Adding just a few of these items will go a long way in making it a warm and cozy place to call home. Tell me which space is your favorite by sharing your thoughts below!

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