40 Easy Ways To Bring Fall Into Your Home

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This post is all about fall decor ideas.

fall decor ideas

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Fall is the season of changes. Warm air becomes crisper and leaves turn from green to a spectrum of colors. While these changes are happening outside, why not take a look at the kind of transitions you can conjure inside? Simple steps, a few carefully chosen elements, and some basic DIY skills and you’re good to go. Find out how you can create a whole new look for your home with our simple fall decor ideas you can use without breaking the bank.

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When Should You Start Decorating For Fall?

The best time to start planning your fall decor is in early September or October. Of course, this will depend on your location and how one season changes to another. There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the exact day or dates to change your decor. The key is to take your cue from Mother Nature herself. Once the hot summer air gives way to the cool breeze of fall, it may be time to start taking down your summer stuff and start planning a list of fall decor ideas for your home.

How Can I Decorate My House For Fall Cheap?

When it comes to prepping your home to welcome fall, there really is no need to spend too much. Fall decor or any seasonal decor for that matter, need not be expensive. To decorate with little to no expense, consider the following places to help you decide on fall decor ideas:

  • things you can buy locally
  • things you already have, such as last year’s (or the year before) decor
  • things you can make or put together from scrap
  • things provided for free by Mother Nature
  • things you can swap with friends or neighbors

How Can I Make My House Autumnal?

Fall, being the season between the hot summer and the cold winter, represents the time when you slow down. Weather is cooler and Nature is changing clothes, which explains why leaves start changing colors as well. Autumn offers a spectacular sight because of the burst of beautiful hues. To make your home reflect the beauty of autumn, keep the season’s color palette in mind. Go for autumn colors such as red, orange, yellow, and brown.

Fall is also associated with different activities, including harvests, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Adding elements from these events will help you achieve the look of fall without fail. Fall is fun (excuse the alliterations) and the season itself is the perfect inspiration for your seasonal decor project.

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Fall Decor Ideas

Ready to decorate? Here are 40 fall decor ideas to spice up your home:

1. Know your colors.

Fall colors such as red, yellow, orange, black, and brown make the perfect palette to celebrate the season. Adding these colors to your decor will make a great difference in its visual appeal.

2. Lay out the welcome mat.

One of my favorite fall decor ideas on this list because it’s the easiest to do. A fall-inspired mat adds a nice touch to your front door. Think about the elements of fall, such as fallen leaves, twigs, and pumpkins, or just use a mat that matches the fall color palette you have in mind.

3. Hang a wreath.

A fall wreath is easily distinguishable from, say, a Christmas wreath. For a nice homey touch, use a bunch of wheat stalks. Form a piece of wire into a circle and attach the stalks around it using glue or a string.

4. Use white pumpkins as a table centerpiece.

Take medium-sized white pumpkins and wrap some vine around the mid-section. Add accents such as berries, leaves, and acorns, and place the pumpkins in the middle of the table with candles.

5. Go for simple colors.

If you are not a fan of loud or bright colors, fear not. Fall colors can be simple yet gorgeous nonetheless. Beige, rose, pale yellow, and white or bone work quite well for your any room in your home, including the bathroom.

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6. Place pumpkins in strategic places.

You can’t go wrong with pumpkins in fall. Their bright, beautiful colors and round shapes bring out a festive look that makes your fall celebration even lovelier.

7. Hang mini pumpkins.

Plastic mini pumpkins are perfect for hanging across your front porch, top of your mantel or above your windows. There are also mini pumpkins that are made of styrofoam or fabric you can use. If you want colors beyond orange, try painting them instead.

8. Hang paper pumpkins from your railing.

If you don’t have mini pumpkins, try using paper pumpkins instead. There are ready-made versions of this hanging decor but if you want a more customized approach, create your own. You could even make this a day-long project with the kids.

9. Change your towels.

Swap your hand towels in the kitchen and in the bathroom with fall colors and designs. Go for striped fabrics or even geometric designs in the right palette.

10. Scent up!

Fall smells do not only have to come out of your kitchen. You could place incense sticks, candles or room fresheners around the house to keep things smelling fresh and wonderful. Top it by using fall-inspired scents, including cinnamon, apple, spice, and sandalwood.

11. Make your bathroom smell good.

If you do not already have a room freshener in your bathroom, consider unwrapping that fall-inspired soap or gel so that every time you wash up, the room smells terrific. For a longer-lasting scent, consider using a potpourri bottle and add a few drops of your favorite fall scent.

12. Add a fall bouquet.

If you have a mantle or a center shelf, why not make it even more interesting with a bouquet? Use fall flowers for the centerpiece and tie it with a fall-colored bow if you want.

13. Use a pumpkin as a vase.

Carve out a pumpkin of the appropriate size, fill with water and arrange flowers in it. If you want a less messy approach, use a plastic, acrylic, or glass pumpkin instead. Another one of my favorite fall decor ideas on this list.

14. Got vases? Fill ’em up!

Vases are very useful and flexible decor essentials. They don’t only hold flowers but nearly every decorative item you could find that will fit. Fill vases with acorns, fallen leaves, and wheat stalks. Arrange to your liking and place on a side table, shelf, or bookcase.

15. Fill your glass jars.

Don’t be shy about using old glass jars. Put some fall decor inside along with battery-powered fairy lights and place on key areas of the house.

16. Make a hanging decor.

Using hemp or a thick string and some wires, create a hanging decor for your front door or wall. A simple circle will suffice but you could create other shapes as well. Decorate the hanging piece with dried flowers, leaves, twigs, acorns, and beads.

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17. Put up signs.

Not afraid to state the obvious? Put up signs to welcome the fall season. Use a chalkboard or whiteboard, or print out signs on paper to frame or hang.

18. Use quotes.

Quotes are always a hit as long as they are well-chosen and appropriately placed. Choose short quotes on hope, love, and gratitude. If you like large prints, consider opting for meaningful phrases instead.

19. Be grateful.

Why wait for Thanksgiving to show your gratitude? Express your thanks today with signs and quotes, even place cards on the dining table.

20. Lay out some rugs.

Rugs add a warm, cozy feel to any living space. If you want something else other than the usual fall palette, consider black and white or brown and beige plaids.

21. Prop up some seasonal pillows.

Try putting up some comfy throw pillows on your sofa or your outdoor bench. If you don’t have the basic fall designs or graphics, using muted colors will do nicely.

22. Create a cozy corner

When I think of fall decor ideas, the first thought that always comes to mind is coziness. Pick a favorite spot in the house or consider that one spot that does not get a lot of attention, then dress it up for fall or Halloween or Thanksgiving. A cozy vignette will go a long way to create the look you want.

23. Place candles on your tables.

If you want a quick fix to dress up a plain table or shelf, add candles. Mix white candles with cranberry and pumpkin hues. Taper candles work well but if you have the big, chunky ones, place them on low tables and add some acorns and feathers.

24. Speaking of feathers…

Feathers match most floral arrangements. If you have an autumnal bouquet, try adding a few feathers for accents.

25. Decorate with twine and burlap.

Twine, jute, hemp, and burlap create a rustic feel effortlessly. They are perfect for autumn because these are natural materials. Their muted colors also make them a perfect addition to your fall decor since they will not clash with your existing design.

26. Make a marigold wreath.

Want something else other than acorns and wheat stalks? Try marigold or chrysanthemum wreaths. Get some pre-made grapevine wreath then attach some fresh blooms using glue. Fresh blooms do wilt, however. If you want the wreath to last longer, use dried or artificial flowers instead.

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27. Use gourds as vases.

Go for a more natural look and use gourds instead of glass or plastic. Each natural gourd is unique in some way and will fit right in with other fall decor elements you already have.

28. Try a still life terrarium.

This is one of my favorite creative fall decor ideas! If you have a large jar or a terrarium, fill it with moss, some twigs, acorns, mini pumpkins, and bright-colored leaves. A miniature fall-inspired world within a glass makes a lovely centerpiece.

29. Don’t be afraid to use gold.

Gold is a color and a decor element that works well not just for Christmas but also autumn. Use gold as an accent so you don’t overdo it.

30. Create decor from corn husk.

Corn husks can be used on their own to accent other fall decor. Dye the husks using colors you like and turn them into husk flowers, wreaths, napkin rings, and candlestick collars.

31. Wrap it in raffia.

Raffia is a natural material that adds a rustic, homey look to your decor. Combine it with burlap or corn husk and wrap glass candle holders and vases. Accent with feathers or small acorns or dried leaves.

32. Hang decorative jars.

Wrap a hemp or jute string around the jar and tie up the end. Remove the cap and place dried leaves, acorns, flowers or a mini pumpkin inside each empty jar. Then hang the jars anywhere you like inside our outside the house.

33. Style your wicker baskets.

A wicker basket is a great piece to give your home a more fall vibe. You can use it to store cozy throw blankets and pillows or arrange flowers and ferns. For a more festive look, add mini pumpkins, acorns, and small berries.

34. Hang leaves.

Autumn is a time when trees shed their leaves. Pick leaves from different kinds of trees, use beeswax to preserve them and hang them up against a window. Another one of my favorite creative fall decor ideas!

35. Spice Up Your Mantel

You mantel is one of the best areas in your home to add some fall decor. Give it that fall touch by adding some fall foliage, mini pumpkins, candles and more. You can even hang wood, a fall sign or a beautiful rustic garland too.

36. Stack pumpkins.

Forget stone stacking. Try pumpkins instead. Decorate base with dry leaves, twigs, and stone or pebbles, then place the largest pumpkin you have on it. Take a smaller pumpkin and place it on top of the bigger pumpkin, and so on. Place more dry leaves and acorns on top or use a gourd instead.

37. Lay a cozy scarf on a chair or bench.

A flannel or wool scarf is a nice addition to your favorite spot while you sip your hot chocolate or pumpkin spice latte. This is even lovelier if you have an outdoor bench or a chair on the front porch.

38. Make a bowl from dry leaves.

Got excess leaves? Blow up a balloon then apply a layer of decoupage or diluted glue on the surface. Lay a leaf and brush another layer of glue. Repeat the process and make sure to overlap the leaves. When the bowl is the shape and thickness you want, allow it to dry overnight, then pop the balloon.

39. Tie-dye for fall? Why not?

Tie-dye scarves, napkins, and runners work well for fall. Using the right colors and combination, they add a vivid flair to any table arrangement.

40. Showcase your flower pots.

If you seeded your flower pots months ago, you can expect to be rewarded with an explosion of blooms by fall. Go for seasonal flowers like chrysanthemums, pansies, crotons, celosias, dianthus, and asters. If you have them in fall colors, that’s even better. Make the blooms last longer by decorating with the whole plant instead of cut flowers.

I hope you liked this list of fall decor ideas!

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