9 Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas For A More Lively Space

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This post is all about fall coffee table decor ideas.

fall coffee table decor

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Using your coffee table as a landing space for magazines and remote controls doesn’t do it justice. It’s at the focal point of your living room, and thus the one place where you can bring your style to life. A style that reflects the fact that autumn’s just around the corner. Let’s put that coffee table to good use, shall we?

How Do You Decorate a Fall Coffee Table?

There are many ways to decorate a coffee table (and by extension, your living room) for harvest season. A vase of flowers here, a tray of acorns there, plus the obligatory pumpkins, and a splendid fall theme suddenly comes into life. Or does it? We’ve compiled a few fall coffee table decor ideas we think might come in handy for your fall living room, plus suggestions on how to put them in practice.

Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas

1. Match Fall Coffee Table Decor With the Colors of the Room

How will that festive flower vase look with your tan curtains in the background? You might be better off choosing another piece if they don’t seem to match. The same applies for each and every other prop you’re considering; do yourself a favor and choose items that’ll fit seamlessly into the existing scheme.

Of course, it’d be great if your current decor was themed right for the season — perhaps that’s where you should start. Once you get a proper fall motif going, you’ll be able to visualize how different pieces will interact with the rest of the room.

2. Add Pumpkins

To imagine a fall coffee table decor theme without pumpkins would be sacrilege! Bring them in as many sizes, shapes, colors and varieties as you can find. And they don’t have to be all natural; even those glass and velvet replicas are welcome too.

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Pumpkins can stand freely on their own or inside trays/bowls that hold other decorative pieces — just choose whatever amplifies the rest of your fall theme best.

3. Create a Fall Centerpiece

Yes, centerpieces aren’t just for special occasions like Easter or Halloween. A fall centerpiece is a great way to establish a motif for both table and room. And the best part? You don’t have to break the bank for a good centerpiece.

So what makes a good fall coffee table decor centerpiece? It should speak for itself without being too bold or boisterous — you want guests to be able to converse without having to peer over/under. Speaking of guests, it’d be great if your centerpiece also served a functional purpose. Which brings us to the next point…

4. Use a Tray

Even the most well-thought-out theme will start to look kinda messy when you start to use too many accents. With a tray, however, you can organize these items in such a way that the space retains structure and symmetry. It’s here that your ceramic pumpkins, beads, acorns, fall candles, and other similar props will go. Placing them atop a tray allows you clear the surface quickly & easily when you need to entertain guests.

For the record, there’s no harm featuring your decorative tray alongside another centerpiece — just angle the former neatly on one corner, and make sure the two are cohesive theme-wise.

5. Add a Variety of Texture

Too many colors creates an eye sore. A blend of varied textures, on the other hand, adds character to your design. So feel free to break off the beaten path here. Bring a couple of reclaimed wood planks to contrast your glass tabletop. Or maybe a faux velvet pumpkin to go along with your rustic table.

You get the idea, right? Texture makes the biggest impact when you pit opposites; rough against smooth, hard with soft, dull versus shiny, etc. Take pleasure in the hunt for such contrasting pieces and let your creative juices flow.

6. Put High and Low Items

Nothing gets noticed when all your accents are of the same relative size. So as with texture, you’ll want feature objects of different heights and physical profiles. Your tall vases and candle holders will look much better amidst a set of shorter accessories, such as a stout pumpkin placed on a tray. Or better yet, decorative balls of varying sizes and shape. Look for ways to break up the ‘canopy’ this way — but try to keep it in symmetry.

7. Add Some Fall Foliage

You could very well decorate with faux flowers and leaves to go along with that glass pumpkin. But here’s a little secret: Being around organic objects makes us calmer and feel more connected to nature. And hello! It’s harvest season. Appreciating Mother Nature with a little authenticity is only proper.

Get some real daisies/sunflowers/lilies and place them in a festive-themed vase. Any flowers you’ll be able to update consistently throughout the season will do. Aesthetic appeal aside, they’ll also bring some delightful scents to your living room.

For an even more captivating display, pair the flowers with an assortment of fall-colored leaves. Attach the leaves to a thin wire by their stocks to fashion a garland, and use it to accent your vase or other tabletop decorations. Adding flowers is one of my favorite fall coffee table decor ideas on this list.

8. Warm Up The Space With Candles

Candles help maintain a lively aura in your space as the leaves begin to fall and temperatures dip. Once again, you’ll want to look out for ones whose color and design complements the rest of your decor. If they’re scented, the better. Homely fragrances like cinnamon, apple, pumpkin spice and ginger will enhance the ambiance and give the room a more inviting feel.

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Fall candles aren’t just a decorative accent; they’re practical too. Their light is gentler on your eyes, and that’s something you’ll very much appreciate as you relax on the couch during those chilly autumn evenings.

9. Maintain Balance

Trust us: Nothing ruins a great design more than lack of balance. It even causes discomfort and anxiety — that odd feeling you get when you think there’s something “off” in the space.

Pay close attention to visual weight (i.e. size, color, shape, texture, and other visual aspects) as you gather props. Mix light and heavy pieces to create the look you want without making the space feel cramped. Check it out from different angles once you’re done, and make adjustments as needed to achieve balance.

I hope you loved this list of fall coffee table decor ideas. Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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