13 Ways To Decorate Your Living Room This Fall

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This post is all about fall decorating ideas for living room.

fall decorating ideas for living room

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There’s a lot more to autumn than pumpkin spice lattes and apple-picking selfies. It’s a special season that lets us cool off the heat of summer and sets off the countdown towards our most favorite holidays. This is also the time when we start spending most of our time indoors, and consequently pay more attention to how our living spaces feel and look. Let’s help you get yours in the right shape for the upcoming fall, shall we?

How Can I Decorate My Living Room in the Fall?

Revamping your space in preparation for fall is mostly about making it feel cozier and more accommodating. That’s not to say you have to do a complete makeover — not unless it was already on your plans anyway. You can transition your decor and make the place feel brand new without having to burn a hole in your wallet, and we’ve provided more than enough fall decorating ideas for living room to that end as you’ll find out shortly.

When Should I Decorate for Fall 2021?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for when your autumn mini make-over should begin, so the decision is all yours. The general idea is to set up a gradual transition between the end of summer and the onset of fall. You know, adjusting the mood as the season progresses at such a pace that you’ll be done before the chill fully kicks in.

In that sense, you might want to take advantage of Labor Day Weekend to commence your revamp. This will give you enough time to gather supplies and put your ideas in practice. On that note, let’s look at the various ways to bring the autumn mood into your living room.

Fall Decorating Ideas for Living Room

1. Add Candles & Candlesticks

With temperatures plummeting and daylight hours shrinking, it might just be the perfect time to literally light up your space. Candles will make your living room feel cozier and more inviting. And they’re incredibly versatile too, with multiple height/color variations to play around with and spice up your decor in all manner of ways.

Now that you’re decorating with candles, it only makes sense to invest in some decent candlesticks. Get as many different kinds as possible; floor-standers, tabletops, chandeliers and everything in between. This will allow you to distribute the candles throughout the space for a balanced feel.

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2. Burn Fall Scents

It’s easy to feel gloomy once the chill begins to set in, but don’t let yourself get too hung up! Fall has lots of fun activities lined up ahead too — not to mention that the holidays are just around the corner. Use the power of fall scents to overcome the gloom and liven up.

Smell is said to be the most-closely-linked-to-memory of all human senses, just in case you’re wondering. Set up a dash of apple cider here, some spicy cinnamon there, plus any other fragrances you like; and memories of autumns past instantly come to mind. No better way to put your home in party mood!

3. Play With Textures

There’s no denying that fall calls for soft and plush; chunky blankets, cozy pillows, and whatever else have you. But your space could use a little dimension, don’t you think? You know, a little wood here and there, along with some woven baskets to remind you of harvest season? Try to incorporate as many nature-inspired textures as your decor allows for, and as your creativity can accommodate. It’s a good way to complement the snugly vibe and make the room feel more homely. This is one of my favorite fall decorating ideas for living room inspiration.

4. Add Pumpkins Everywhere

Well, not literally everywhere. Pumpkins are as fitting as fall decor props get, but too much of a good thing can also feel tacky. Try to limit the number, or else get them in different shapes, sizes, and colors. To that end, you might consider pairing faux pumpkins with natural ones for even more variety.

5. Add Coziness With Faux Fur

Faux fur rugs can dress your leather couches, ottomans, coffee tables etc — practically any piece that needs softening up. This will make your living room feel cushier and more opulent. And did we mention that faux fur is animal-friendly, and thus more sustainable?

6. Add Wheat Stalks

Make better use of that gorgeous vase in your living room by substituting the wilting flowers for wheat stalks. Or perhaps you prefer them standing up individually, or laid down atop the coffee table? Suit yourself. Anyhow you use them, wheat stalks will perfectly complement your other natural hues and textures, creating a laid-back feel for the season of warmth and comfort.

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7. Bring In Those Natural Elements

The season of harvest is also the perfect time to appreciate Mother Nature’s abundance and variety. You’re practically spoilt for options here; from leaves and sticks to pine cones and acorns, any natural element that finds an appropriate place is good to go. Feel free to incorporate ‘finished’ props like seagrass-woven rugs, plus any fresh, brightly-colored flowers you can get your hands on.

8. Add a Fall Sign

“Happy Harvest.”

“But I think I love Fall most of all.”

Pick whatever themed saying that tickles your fancy and have it dressed right for the season; preferably in bold, boisterous lettering with a couple of leaves on the canvas, and a distressed wood frame. Placed atop your fireplace mantel or hung above a couch, your fall sign will fit perfectly into the autumnal atmosphere.

9. Add Chalkboards

A chalkboard will be perfect for those witty sayings/quotes you want to put up and change without having to buy a new sign each time. And for its apparent lack of flair, your board will happily accommodate whatever stylistic concoctions you throw at it. Chalk comes in many different shades too, so you have lots of room to explore the warm color palettes that autumn brings along.

10. Add Natural Baskets

Woven baskets bring texture, style, and a touch of Mother Nature into your space. They’re also a great way to keep the place organized, with room for all those books and magazines you read while cozied up on the couch. How about a larger one that has enough space to stow your blankets? It could even double up as a decorative ottoman with a fitting cover.

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11. Cozy Up With Throw Pillows

Throw pillows deserve a special mention for one good reason — nothing better entices guests and family to stick around and keep you company for longer. Not even your pumpkin spice lattes. Be sure to get an assortment of pillows so you’re able to refresh the look of your living room with ease.

12. Add Some Throw Blankets Too

Having throw pillows without any cozy blankets is just too heinous a crime to fathom. Get at least a couple for every piece of furniture you can lounge on; ideally with some variation in color/texture so you have a degree of flexibility, once again.

13. Warm It Up With Earth Tones

You want to know what really brings a lively atmosphere to a space? Warm earth-toned colors like brown, tan, and deep red. Pair them with the right shades of gray and cream, and you’ll be able to make a soothing sanctuary out of your living room.

I hope you liked these fall decorating ideas for living room inspiration!

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