9 Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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This post is all about fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget.

fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

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If you are looking for an opportunity to decorate your porch, fall is all the excuse you need. With the coming splash of colors that fall brings before the winter starts to wash away the hues, there is every reason to start taking a look at your porch and prepping it for the new season without breaking the bank. There are fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget for you to try to celebrate the changing seasons at little to no cost.

How Do You Style A Front Porch For Fall?

Fall is usually associated with change but there is no need to repaint your porch just to match this new theme. Consider the design and structural elements that your front porch already has, and then work in your decorations. Remember that what you want is effortless, affordable, yet creative solutions.

First, take a look at how much space you have. Design elements work best if they complement your front porch and offer a visual treat, not a visual assault. Avoid clutter and go for a key point of interest, then work around that.

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Next, consider the color palette that comes with fall. Traditionally, the season’s color scheme consists of reds, oranges, yellows, and a smattering of greens and browns. Look to Mother Nature for inspiration. The colors that are currently present outdoors are an excellent starting point for the color scheme you want.

How Do Your Decorate Outdoors For Fall On a Budget?

Beauty does not have to come at a cost. The key to working around a budget is to consider what is available. Many of the decorating elements you can use effectively do not have to be bought. In fact, every decorating tip you will find here can be made from whatever can be found in your attic, craft containers, box of old decorations, or even in your backyard. Learn to look at an object, then use it with whatever you have at home to create a new one that you can use to boost the visual appeal of your front porch.

Below I have some fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget for you to try so you can spruce up your home this fall while spending wisely!

Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

1. Add Dried Wheat

Why wheat? Wheat, depending on its variety, can be sown or harvested during the fall season. As a design element, wheat brings warmth to your front porch because of its association with good eats – think cereal, bread, crackers, waffles, pancakes, pizza, pasta, and cakes.

The simplest way to use dried wheat is to make a harvest wheat bundle. Tie a fat bunch of wheat stalks using hemp or a brightly-colored ribbon, trim the bottom stalks evenly, then prop the bundle next to your door or on a small porch table.

2. Put Up A Fall Front Porch Sign

Celebrate fall with a lovely homemade sign. If you have a small blackboard, illustration board, a narrow wood panel, even craft board or scrap boxes, you can make a lovely sign with a pair of scissors, colored pens, craft paint, or colored chalk.

If this sounds like too much work, consider printing your own customized sign. Slip it into a picture frame and you have a personalized front porch design welcoming the new season.

3. Place a Fall Doormat

Add a homey touch with a new doormat or make one yourself using acrylic paint or spray paint, some stencils or just good ol’ masking or painter’s tape. Try designs such as leaves, pine cones, sunflowers, twigs, and yes, pumpkins. Celebrate the coming Halloween and try images of ghosts, witches, jack o’ lanterns, and black cats.

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You could also put your fall sentiments into words and lay down doormats with customized messages. Print or paint words such as “Fall Harvest”, “Thankful for Fall’, or just the always reliable “Welcome”. Consider more laid-back colors such as brown, wheat, or cork for your doormat to match your fall color palette.

4. Add Some Faux Pumpkins

Faux pumpkins are as lovely as the real ones. They also do not wither and are significantly more lightweight. Place pumpkins in a row or group different sizes in a corner of the porch or next to the front door.

Orange pumpkins are always a hit but you could always spruce up your fall decor and paint them. White, pale yellow, and dark green work well if your porch color scheme complements the decor. If you have the skills, paint images on your pumpkins – leaves, twigs, pine cones, your favorite dog, even another pumpkin. Your imagination is your limit.

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You could also use a faux pumpkin with a hollow center as a vase for your plants. Succulents work well because their voluptuous shapes match the rich roundness of the container.

5. Add Fall Colors With Pillows

Got a bench or chair on your front porch? Throw in a few pillows in your favorite fall colors. You can keep to one color scheme or mix and match for more interest. Pillows of different sizes are perfect for fall but don’t overwhelm your bench or chair. A few pillows of the right size(s) and color(s) work best.

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6. Add A Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is just perfect for when you want to hang out on the porch in the late afternoons sipping tea or hot chocolate, waiting for the sun to disappear behind the horizon. Your blanket scarf does not even have to be the perfect color to do its job (although that helps). Pick your favorite wrap and throw it onto the porch chair or bench so it’s always within easy reach when you need it.

7. Hang a Fall Wreath In Front Of Door

A fall wreath is a gorgeous addition to any front door to welcome the fall season. A wreath is traditionally circular in shape and circles are heavy with symbolism. They represent wholeness, continuity, and unity. Make that a wheat circle and you have a symbol that combines wholeness with harvest and abundance.

Fall wreaths are easy to make. You can tie the ends of a sturdy wire together to form a circle, then glue the wheat around it or simply use a string to keep the wreath in place. Make it as thick or as minimalist as you like.

8. Add Some Colorful Mums

Mums always make my front porch decorating ideas on a budget list for many reasons. They are not only lovely by themselves but they also work well with other porch plants you may have. Mums also come in a variety of colors and are not shy with the quality and quantity of their blooms. Placing them in galvanized baskets make them perfect fall front porch decors. Not only will mums give you a pop of lovely color but they will also last for a long time.

9. Add Gourds Filled Candle Lantern

Candle lanterns add a warm, cozy look to any space in your home and they are perfect for your front porch. Now, take that element, remove the candles and replace them with gourds. This is a simple, lovely, affordable, yet surprising way to decorate, thanks to the unusual pairing of metal, glass, and Nature.

As you can see, there are tons of fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget you can try on this list. I hope you got tons of inspiration for your front porch!

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