22 Easy Halloween Couple Costumes To Copy

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This post is all about easy halloween couple costumes.

I can’t believe Halloween is just 2 weeks away. So hard to believe, right?

The fun part for me when it comes to Halloween is picking out a cool Halloween costume but, when picking out a costume for my significant other, that’s a whole different story. It’s so much harder, right?

If you’re tired of begging your boyfriend, husband or significant other to come up with ideas and decided to take charge yourself, than look no further as I’m here to help you. I’ve rounded some of the best and creative easy halloween couple costumes on the net. Many of these you can put together at the last minute!

So keep scrolling to check out these easy Halloween Couple Costumes to copy!

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Easy Halloween Couple Costumes

1. The Waterboy & Vicki Valencourt

Inspired by the movie, The Waterboy, this is a classic costume that exudes a sense of goofiness and togetherness that is appreciated on Halloween. It has a sense of color to it that is appealing and radiates as soon as you walk out of the house. This is a couple’s costume that has everything the couple needs to stand out and look the part. Whether it is the laidback look or the waterboy appearance, this one looks great from all angles.

2. Zombie Bride & Groom

The zombie look will always mesmerize when it comes to Halloween couple costumes. There is a charm to it that is exciting and the makeup and clothes have the creepiness dialed up ensuring it works well during the night too. There is nothing that works better than a charming zombie look such as this one. It is classy, interesting, and breathtaking.

3. Georgie & Pennywise

Pennywise is one of the most fearsome clowns in the world of fiction and it’s time to bring the look out into the real world too. This is what couples can do with this fascinating blend of creepiness and beauty. It is a great way to stand out and look charming in a way that will spook people. An easy couple’s costume you’ll love.

4. Cheech & Chong

This comedy duo has been revered for decades and is one that started to take prominence during the 70s and 80s. This is a look that is laidback, interesting and has a great way to appeal in different situations. It’s one of those easy couples look that’s so easy to recreate. The key pieces like the denim jeans, hawaiian t-shirt, red suspenders, red bandana and fake mustache are what make this couples look work. It is a great look for couples that want to try something different and go for a look that is appealing for different reasons. It’s cozy, unique, and breathtaking all wrapped into one powerful look.

5. Hugh Hefner & Playboy Bunny

Hugh Hefner has been celebrated as the ultimate playboy and one that has carved out a niche that is celebrated to this day. For those who want to go for a more scintillating look that is enthusiastic then this is the look to go for. It has a look that will radiate and it is easy to customize based on what you want to go with. This is what makes it appealing to those who want to dress up.

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6. Toy Story Couple: Woody & Jessie

Toy Story is one of the more revered films in Hollywood and it is appreciated by the masses. For those who want to celebrate everything the film stands for, why not try to dress up like Woody and Jessie? This is a cowboy and cowgirl couple that has been spoken about with great enthusiasm. Put on the costume and rock that western look.

7. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

Peter Pan is a childhood favorite and that includes one of the most famous characters in the form of Tinkerbell. Why not dress up as these two for Halloween? The look is unique, charming, and has all the qualities that are required for those who want to look the part. Whether it is the perky hat of Peter Pan or the wings of Tinkerbell, this is a look that is as wholesome as it gets.

8. Mary Poppins & Bert

Mary Poppins is a classical figure when it comes to childhood stories. This is a look that will resonate with those who want to have a more sophisticated look that still touches their desire to work within a specific theme. From the gorgeous hats to the colorful jacket of Bert, there is something about this look that will bring a smile to your faces as a couple.

9. Scooby Doo & Shaggy

Yes, this is a fascinating duo and one that is always in trend. Scooby Doo is a classical cartoon figure and the same goes for Shaggy. While you won’t be solving mysteries during the night, why not look the part? This is a fun one and it is a great way to mix things up. Who knows, you might even start solving mysteries once you get the hang of it! One of my favorite Halloween costume ideas for couples!

10. Ash and Pikuchi

For fans of Pokemon, there is no greater duo than Ash and Pikachu. Many boys and girls have grown up watching this show and know it is a cult favorite. To celebrate what the show can do during its peak, this is one of those couples Halloween costumes that get the job done. Dress up as Ash and Pikachu to create a duo that is easy to enjoy and works well in all settings. The bright yellow attire of Pikachu blends beautifully with the boyish look of Ash Ketchum.

11. Mario and Princess Peach

image via Anna Danigelis

Mario has long been celebrated as one of the most iconic gaming characters the world has ever seen. For gaming fans or those who love the character, this is a good way to enjoy the look. Both Mario and Princess Peach are appreciated for how they look and the charm they have to offer. Put on the mustache for Mario and rock it like never seen before. This is a gorgeous outfit that will work for couples and is going to make you stand out.

12. Velma and Daphne

What about the two best friends Velma and Daphne? While most will think about Scooby Doo and Shaggy, there is another duo that is celebrated among fans. Velma and Daphne offer a unique look that is classy, fun and has a bit of classic flair that is always appreciated. You are going to want to rock these 70s and 80s easy Halloween couple costumes while getting your hair the right color.

13. The Flinstones

Want to go back to more traditional roots? This is when it is time to enjoy the Flintstones look. This is a classic look because it celebrates a TV show that was a major hit during its time. At your next Halloween party, dress up as Fred and Wilma creating an iconic look that is recognized instantly. Everyone will know from the orange radiating throughout Fred’s costume and that colorful white that this is all about the Flintstones.

14. Lego Couple

Lego is something that continues to be appreciated by those who want to dress up. You can play around with the look and create the exact emotion you want. This is a joy for couples that want to create a unified appearance that is going to pair them well. This is a lego couple that will bring a smile to your face right away.

15. Old Married Couple

The days of being in the honeymoon phase are long gone. Now it is time to get back to reality and that is what you are going to do with the old married couple look. You are at peace with each other and that comfort has to radiate through your costume. It is time to bring out this look and spice it up to show just how casual you are with your DIY Halloween costume.

16. Card Against Humanity

One of the most popular games in the world, Cards Against Humanity is not just about playing. It is about showing the world how creative you can be and this is one fun way to show your personality as a couple. You are going to put on the card that resonates with you and dress up as a couple in sync. Fill in the blank as a couple and bring a smile to everyone’s faces instantly.

The Cookie Monster is a classic character from the children tv show, Sesame Street, and one that people are going to recognize instantly. There is no greater couple than chocolate chip cookies and the Cookie Monster. He loves them. You will get to show this instant love through this desirable costume. It is a look any couple can get behind.

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18. Salt and Pepper

In the world of food, two things go along well and that is salt and pepper. You will want to dress up as salt and pepper to show how you are the two things that add flavor to life. As a couple, these are the Halloween couple costumes that are easy to get behind and one that will work well right away.

19. Oreo Couple

diy tutorial via Mrs. Brightside

Oreos are the way of life for those who love their cookies. Why not mix things up and become an Oreo couple? You can dress up as the inside filling and have the cookies on your back. All you need are black pants, white top and the tutorial to create the fake oreo cookie biscuit, which I linked to below the pic, to pull it off. This is how you are going to create that perfect Oreo when you are standing together. Such a great costume idea!

20. Netflix and Chill

buy similar via Etsy

When it comes to the modern generation, “Netflix and Chill” is a great way to describe life. It is a funny, entertaining costume that is easy to put on and will be a great way to get conversations started.

21. Bank Robbers

Is it time to rob a bank? Why not do it as a couple? Dress up as robbers with a bag of loot in your hand.

22. Beer Pong

When it comes to beer pong, it is important to illustrate the beauty of this fun-loving party game. To do this, dress up as the cup and ball. When it comes to fun Halloween couple costumes, this is one of the best.

Now tell me: Which of these easy Halloween couple costumes would you love to try? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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