11 Fun Activities to DIY This Summer From The Dollar Store

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Woohoo! We can officially say it’s summer a week from today. I’m excited and if you have kids, I’m sure they are too.  Like most parents, you probably want your kids to enjoy themselves and have tons of fun over the summer. Instead of having them use the computer or play video games, how about some fun indoor or outdoor activities.

Summer days are perfect for fun lawn games and it’s a fantastic way to keep your kids busy. I’ve put together a list of dollar store activity hacks that are easy and inexpensive to make. Try a couple of these ideas to beat your kids’ boredom.

1. DIY Sponge Water Bombs

Kids are obsessed with water balloons so they’ll love this diy water bomb alternative made with sponges. You’ll love make it too since they can be reuseable thus saving you money in the long run. Can purchase the sponges from any Dollar Store in your area or here.

diy sponge water bombs the chic site

via The Chic Site

2. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

This is bubble blowing to the next level. Once your kids try this, they won’t want to stop!

Rainbow-Bubble-Snakes-outdoor-fun-housing a forest

via Housing a Forest

3. Pool Noodle Race Track

This backyard matchbox derby using a pool noodle is such a genius idea! A fun summer project that can actually be used year round and indoors too.

pool noodle race track diy ramblings from utopia

via Ramblings From Utopia 

4. Super Bubble Station

This Super Bubble Station is the perfect idea for a superhero party, a bubble party, a water party, or just any outdoor summer party.


via Dollar Store Crafts

5. The Art Box

Create special moments with your child this summer by creating fun artwork together. Plus, having a box of art supplies on hand and ready for play enhances creativity in children…and adults!


via Creative Connections for Kids

6. Chalk & Magnetic Activity Board

Going on a road trip with a toddler? This chalk and magnetic activity board is such a simple DIY that will provide your kids with lots of entertainment.


via Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles

7. Water Obstacle Course

You can use some hula hoops, water balloons, water squirters, water foam noodles and other dollar store toys to make a fun water course for the kids.

water-activities-kids-obstacle-course- meaningful mama

via Meaningful Mama

8. Pool Noodle Water Wall

Such a fun water activity to keep your little ones busy this summer. Your kids will love pouring water in the noodles and seeing it shoot out the bottom!

Pool-Noodles-with-Water teaching mama

via Teaching Mama

9. Dollar Store Carnival Games

You can find tons of economical party game ideas at your local dollar store. This carnival party idea is so easy to replicate and perfect for backyard summer fun!


via Morena’s Corner

10. DIY Water Wall

Create a DIY water wall in your backyard using just a few scraps and some recyclables. It’s great way to provide your toddler or preschooler hours of learning, entertainment and water play!

diy water wall happy hooligans

via  Happy Hooligans

11. $1 Giant Dry Erase Mat

For this kids that love to draw, try this giant dry erase mat using a shower curtain. Your kids will spend all day on this.

giant dry erase mat i heart arts n crafts

via I Heart Arts n Crafts

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  1. Hi there- I don’t see how to email you privately. I am looking for the actual “how to” content on the 11 ideas for kids from the dollar store. When I click on the picture link there is only a pic and no info how to make the bubble snake, sponge bombs etc. I must be missing something? Help, please! These ideas are so cute!

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