The Best Weight Watchers Lunches With Smart Points

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weight watchers lunches

The Best Weight Watchers Lunches Under 4 Smart Points

Hey everyone! At the beginning of the year, I touched on the importance of self-care, my weight loss goals for 2019 and shedding that last bit of unwanted pounds through Weight Watchers meals. The last list of Weight Watchers recipes I shared with you was all about breakfast so today I’ll be focusing on lunch.

These lunch recipes are great to make ahead of time. You can make big batches and have lunch for the whole week! The recipes are categorized by Smartpoints ( Click here to learn more about Smartpoints). Most of the points in this post are less than 3 so you can make low point meals without the guilt. I’ll be adding Weight Watchers dinner recipes in the future too so watch out for it!

Here’s a motivational quote to help you stick with your weight loss goals this year! You can also download this as a free iphone wallpaper and use for daily motivation!

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1 Point Weight Watchers Lunches

Weight Watchers Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup

1. Air Fryer Tuna Cakes
2. Chicken Stir Fry
3. Easy Egg Salad
4. Chicken and Bean Soup
5. Chicken Corn Chowder
6. Chicken Enchilada Soup– (pic above!)

2 Point Weight Watchers Lunches

weight watchers taco boats

7. Turkey Taco Boats– (pic above!)
8. Three Bean Salad
9. Four Bean Salad
10. Broccoli Cheddar Soup
11. Black Bean Burgers
12. Easy Teriyaki Chicken

3 Point Weight Watchers Lunches

Weight Watchers Pigs in Blankets

13. Air Fryer Pizza
14. English Muffin Pizzas
15. Pretzel Crusted Chicken Nuggets
16. Air Fryer Empanadas
17. Tropical Ham Salad
18. Zucchini Pizza Boats
19. Pigs in Blankets– (pic above!)
20. Veggie Loaded Mac & Cheese
21. Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos
22. Easy Tomato Soup

4 Point Weight Watchers Lunches

weight watchers chicken tomato pasta

23. Asian Salad
24. Chicken Tomato Pasta– (pic above!)
25. Macaroni Salad
26. Turkey and Cheese Pockets

Which of these Weight Watchers Lunches would you love to try? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


  1. Bookmarked! I have been trying to compile a list of yummy but healthy recipes to make on the regular. They definitely make the cut! Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to try some of them at home.

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