40 Surprising Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

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apple cider vinegar uses

On the face of it, vinegar isn’t nothing more than a colorless liquid with a bitter taste. For the most part, it’s used as a side serving to fries or salad, or as a variant flavor that tickles the taste buds in an exciting way. Its importance from a nutritional perspective is very rarely considered. But when you’ve gone knee deep into the culinary arts and familiarized yourself with the fundamentals of nutrition, you’ll begin to appreciate things as simple as vinegar. Apple cider vinegar, in particular, is one to look out for. Who ever thought that it could have over 40 different uses? I sense your awe! Well, trust me, you’ll be grateful you stumbled upon this article on apple cider vinegar uses.

The discovery of the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar may not have been an act of sheer bravery, but the discovery certainly shed light on how people can harness the ingredients inherent in it to make their life easier. Here are 40 different apple cider vinegar uses that can solve your biggest problems!

1. A Natural Freshener For Bad Breath: Excellent For Oral Hygiene.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Bad breath can affect you even if you brush your teeth regularly and use mouthwash like it was regular coffee. As for smokers, it’s no secret that smoking causes bad breath. But life being what it is, you won’t always have access to a bathroom. And how weird would it be to move around with a toothbrush and toothpaste in your handbag? Apple cider vinegar not only fights bad breath, but it also does so for much longer than mints and spearmint gums. Simply rinse in your mouth, there’s no need to swallow.

2. Increased Skin pH Levels: A Natural Toner For $10.

What most people don’t realize is that the active ingredients contained in over the counter skin toners are actually extracted from nature. Because of that, apple cider vinegar is a cheap toner you can use directly to remove skin blemishes. Preparing your toner doesn’t require an IQ of 230. Just mix equal quantities of vinegar with water and apply to the skin using cotton ball. This will boost your skin’s pH levels almost instantly and give it a nice, lustrous glow.

3. Itchy Scalp.

The same as for your skin, apply equal quantities of your apple cider vinegar to your scalp. That done, pour warm water to wash it off and let it dry onto your scalp. You’re guaranteed to get a passing remark the next time you visit the hairdresser. And it doesn’t end there. You’ll be shooting two birds with one stone as this is also an effective home remedy for dandruff. Needless to say, there’s more.

As detoxifying agent, ACV works well with the skin. It clears clogged skin cells and rejuvenates the growth of hair. So it may not reverse the effects of balding, but it will certainly slow the process down a little.

4. Amazing fat burner.

Vinegar is acidic by nature. So when you drink a small measure of it every day in the morning you’ll notice a significant reduction in cellulite over time. But you also have to play your part by supplementing that with exercise and good nutrition.

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5. A New Set Of Teeth.

When you can’t enjoy a hearty laugh with friends or a juicy steak at the local diner anymore because your teeth are in bad shape, then know that the time has come to start experimenting with apple cider vinegar. Of course you won’t get a new set of teeth. However, it will whiten them as well as clean your dentures. Just gargle and you’ll be good to go.

6. Removes warts.

Simply take a ball of cotton, dip it in ACV and place it over the wart, holding it in place with a band aid. Remove in the morning and repeat until the wart disappears.

7. Lowers cholesterol.

A good way to supplement your weight loss diet or exercise regimen. Especially after a work out, it can trigger the release of calories and boost energy levels as well. Mix 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and swallow. Remember: Don’t overdo it as vinegar is acidic. All things in moderation!

8. Strengthen Bones.

Bone strengthening attributes when taken orally.

9. Anti-oxidant.

It has an amazing ability to flush out toxins in the body and reduce the incidence of muscle cramps. What’s mostly interesting about this is that, as an antioxidant, it relieves the liver of the demanding task of detoxification.

10. Aftershave.

An effective aftershave that prevents the emergence of rashes and bumps.

11. Cracked Feet.

Apple cider vinegar is helpful if you have cracked feet. It is equally able to smooth out rough skin and make it soft to the touch.

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12. Removes Skin Burns.

Erases skin burns over time if used regularly. Allow it to dry and settle into the skin to increase its effectiveness.

13. Sunburn Care.

Impressive anti UV qualities. It’s also ideal for sunburn marks and rashes. Just make sure to dilute it with a bit of water.

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14. Cures Acne.

A handy home remedy for acne.

15. Immunity Booster

Boosts Immunity and your body’s ability to fend of disease.

16. No More Hiccups.

Has been known to be a traditional method of stopping hiccups.

17. Soar Throat Relief

A temporary relief for a soar throat when mixed with honey. There’s nothing quite as irritating as a nasty cough. So, let me let you in on a secret. Regular cough syrup contains honey! How else would it be so thick and sticky? The peppermint taste is only a sub-variant of the many concoctions one can cook up with honey. In this case, you’ll be mixing ACV with honey to make a syrup mixture or with hot water as a kind of tea.

18. Sinus.

Drinking one tablespoon has been known to treat sinus.

19. Drain Cleaner.

Add baking soda to apple cider vinegar to clear a clogged drain.

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20. Improves Appetite.

Closely tied to metabolism is how taking apple cider vinegar improves your appetite. You don’t necessarily have to add it during food preparation. Simply prepare a salad and pour. Within minutes you’ll be ready to take the local KFC out of business.

bragg apple cider vinegar

21. Ideal for insomniacs.

On just half a glass of warm water mixed with two tablespoons of both apple cider vinegar and honey you’ll be sleeping your way into the new year without twitching a muscle.

22. A treatment for urinary tract infection.

Yes of course. Why not is what you should be asking yourself if you’re too ashamed to go to the clinic. While it’s tempting to down an entire bottle of vinegar with the hope of getting rid of the abdominal discomfort associated with UTI’s right away, it isn’t advisable. Two tablespoons is enough. Its anti-oxidation properties reduce the emergence and proliferation of bacteria in the kidneys and urinary tract. Moreover, when mixed with baking soda, it can reduce bladder inflammation twofold and hasten the recovery process.

23. Rinsing agent for washing machines.

For real? Yes! It’s amazing what a single cup can achieve in a single cycle. This is enough to ensure that any bacteria and fungus that build up over time are killed immediately. This prevents the transmission of fungus related infections.

24. Weed killer.

As crazy as this my sound, apple cider vinegar can be used as a herbicide to great effect. However, this is for small patches of lawn as it can be expensive for more expansive spaces.

25. Mosquito repellent.

Summer has arrived and you stay in tropical areas where mosquitoes are known to thrive. OR, you could be on holiday overseas and find yourself at risk of contracting malaria. What do you do then if mosquito nets and repellent are way too restrictive and annoying, or worse still, if your allergic? Well, simple, apple cider vinegar. Two cups poured into your bathtub will surely prevent stings and the ensuing itch.

26. Jewelry cleaner.

All it takes for your jewelry to shine is half a cup and 2 tbsp of baking soda. Mix with water and allow your jewelry to sit in the mixture for a few hours. Follow that up with a rinse, and shine with a soft cloth.

27. Keep the cats away.

Cats are cute, serene and pretty much mind their own business most of the time. But, boy is it annoying to see her sitting on your seat. Now, here’s a fun fact you’ll love: Cats are terrified by the sheer smell of vinegar!

28. Parasites fall dead.

If you were a dog you’d understand. This is to your pet what a bubble bath is to you:) Take two equal parts of ACV and water, pour into a nozzle spry, and, spray away! This will keep fleas away in more ways than your regular pesticide.

29. Treatment for conjunctivitis.

It hurts to see your adorable Butch squinting his eyes from the pain of conjunctivitis. This home remedy picked right out of your fridge can be a miracle when you can’t afford the usually steep cost of a Vet. Mix with water and dab the areas just under the eyes.

30. Food Preparation.

Apple cider vinegar breaks down protein in tough meat and quickens the boiling process. Better still, when you soak beans in apple cider vinegar they soften faster when you cook them later. That works for other grains as well. As for pastas, it’s actually the opposite. Adding 1 tbsp helps to slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates. As you will soon realise, the list of things you can do with ACV in the kitchen is endless.

31. Make homemade buttermilk.

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this but you aren’t really supposed to buy EVERYTHING at the grocery store. Buttermilk immediately springs to mind because it’s so easy to make. Add 1 tablespoon to a cup of milk and allow to sit at room temperature until it eventually thickens. But don’t stop there. Take it up a notch and make buttermilk cakes or scones while you’re at it. And as an icing on the cake, mixing ACV with your baking ingredients will make you baked goods rise a tad more than usual.

32. Natural food ‘detergent’.

Perfect for cleaning fruits and vegetables, ACV can make a big difference. Because grocery store produce is handled by different hands, it’s important for owners to keep fruit clean. When you think about it, how often do people wash fruit before eating? Hardly, right? ACV spray is a handy way to standardise the quality of produce for the sake of the public. If you’re looking for a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, this is something to prioritise. And it isn’t just ideal for store owners, as the home use of apple cider vinegar spray can improve overall hygiene in a home full of toddlers and kids. As a sanitizer, apple cider vinegar work just as effectively as the regular produce sprays from the hardware store -which probably contain vinegar extract.

33. Apple Cider Vinegar and Skin Care.

This deserves special mention because of the extent at which ACV can improve the quality of your skin. Judging by how far you’ve gone with this article, it isn’t hard to imagine that you’re now a believer. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that ACV is built for skin care as well. Absolutely, I don’t see why not. It is conducive for eczema, moles, acne and warts, to name a few. It’s also a good toner that can be used as an alternative to your regular facial wash. In the latter case, adding some honey to 1 part ACV and 2 parts water prevents dry skin.

As if that isn’t enough, ACV vinegar can be used to remove make-up. With the same measurements make your mixture and then, with cotton ball, dab over the make-up. As a matter of fact, some people have even been known to use vinegar as part of a detox bath together with other natural extracts such as coconut oil and epsom salts.

34. Immune system booster for animals.

ACV boosts the immune system of chickens in exactly the same way ACV reinvigorates your immune system. 1 tablespoon per gallon is enough.

35. Cure for Digestive Problems

It isn’t enough to have good metabolism alone. Sometimes, ingesting a little ACV, 2 tablespoons in a glass of juice or water at most, is what it takes to achieve near perfect digestion. Whether it’s nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps or a tummy ache, ACV will help to maintain healthy digestion.

36. A readily available skin disinfectant.

Apple cider vinegar contains various antibacterial and antimicrobial agents that make it an affordable remedy for minor bruises, cuts and insect bites. Simply make a solution and apply it to the affected parts of the skin directly. However, be warned, it can be slightly hot on the skin.

37. Increased Alkalinity.

As if to refute what was mentioned about apple cider vinegar being acidic, it turns out that it has an alkalizing effect on the body. In order to balance the pH levels in your body, ACV acts as an alkaline substance the moment it enters the blood stream. For what it’s worth, balanced pH levels prevent inflammation, illness and disease.

38. A handy multi-purpose cleaner.

Television adverts for home detergents want you to believe that your home isn’t sparkling clean until you try product X. However, something as harmless as apple cider vinegar can be the best cleaning material for your surfaces. For good measure, add some baking soda and lime. This is also good for warding off flies. Humidifiers can also be cleaned thoroughly using a mixture containing ACV.

39. Multiple Health Benefits.

It’s always a relief to stumble upon a miracle cure that treats a whole host of physiological complications and problems. Arthritis symptoms are kept at bay by drinking 2 tsp and 7 oz of water. Diabetes is kept in check as ACV helps to balance blood sugar levels. Rare complications like mastitis can be prevented. Get temporary respite from period cramps. There’s so much that ACV can do that you’ll actually be treating other conditions and illnesses without you even knowing it.

40. Indigestion.

The feeling of being full to the throat can be offset with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your regular glass of water.

People have come to refer to apple cider vinegar as the long sought after elixir of life, and it’s for good reason too. Mainly because it treats so many conditions that, in a perfect world, a single teaspoon would be all that you needed to live ’til eternity. But what is perhaps the greatest advantage of using apple cider vinegar is that it is safe, especially around children. The risk of exposing children to the dangers inherent in the chemical compounds found in regular skin ointments, detergents and oral medicines isn’t worth it if you can use ACV instead. In the same breath, just because apple cider vinegar has astounding abilities, it doesn’t mean you should rely on it for all your needs. Keep brushing your teeth. Take your pets to the vet once you can afford to. Wash fruit and vegetables before eating. ACV should be seen as a convenient and affordable supplement.

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