What’s in My Workout Bag: 2018 Edition

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what's in my workout bag in 2018

It’s finally 2018 and I’m ready to continue my weight loss goals into the new year. When I feel like my 15-minute at-home workouts just isn’t going to cut it for the day, I’ll head to the gym for a good sweat session. And, just like when you have a couple must-have items to pack in your carry-on when planning a trip, there are a few items I can’t go to the gym without.

Check out my 10 workout essentials for healthy and happy living on-the-go!

whats in my workout bag

1. Water Bottle– A must have for any physical activity. Gotta stay hydrated!

2. Towel– No one wants to sit in my sweat and I surely don’t want to sit on anyone else’s sweat.

3. Headphones – For listening to music when I’m running on the treadmill.

4. Body Wipes– The easiest way to clean up after a lunchtime workout when I don’t have time to shower.

5. Alert Gum– My new favorite essential! For the past week, I’ve been swapping out my morning coffee for Alert Caffeine Gum so I can have it on the go before heading to the gym. One piece of Alert provides about the same as half a cup of coffee and it’s portable so I can take one whenever I need a boost. Alert Gum can be purchased at Amazon or Walmart.

alert gum equal to half cup of coffee

6. Dry shampoo– Smells great and helps degrease my hair after a workout.

7. Headband– To keep my hair out of my face and it’s sweat wicking.

8. Hair bands– You can never have too many hair bands. Even though, I usually go to the gym with my hair already up, I like to bring a couple extra just in case I need to tighten my hair more or to help a friend in need.

9. Deodorant– So I can leave the gym not only feeling good, but smelling good too!

10. Lock– To keep my bag safe and secure inside the locker room.

And… there you have it! The 10 things I always carry in my workout bag. These 10 items are my go-to’s for a reason; however, that’s not excluding a few snacks I usually carry and my makeup bag just in case I’m meeting up with up someone afterwards. 

alert caffeine gum

Alert Caffeine Gum is Available in Mint and Fruit Flavors. You can purchase Alert at Walmart or Amazon.

So tell me what’s in your workout bag? Let me know below!


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