9 Healthy Summer Habits You Need To Adopt

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of iHerb. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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This post is all about healthy summer habits.

Currently enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer even though the weather is getting warmer with each passing day. So far, I’ve spend a good chunk of my time lounging in my patio sipping on cocktails, attending street fairs, two outdoor festivals, and a few backyard barbecues.

However, with all the ripping and running around I’ve been doing this summer, I realized that it caused me to become neglectful of my health and well being. So I decided to make a few simple shifts that will allow me to adopt healthy summer habits while still enjoying summer activities.

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9 Healthy Summer Habits To Add To Your Wellness Routine

To get the most out of the season, you can consider the following healthy summer habits this season:

1. Create a Morning Ritual

Creating a routine that you practice on a daily basis plays an essential role in balancing both the mind and body. For example, I like to start off my day with prayer or meditation.

Then I’ll boil some hot water to make my favorite tea from Traditional Medicinals. I like their Roasted Dandelion Root tea because it gives me that needed restorative boost so I can start my day with ease and comfort.

2. Have Fun Outdoors

With everything there is to do this summer, you could be finding it difficult to maintain your workout routine. Constantly going from one place to the next could make it challenging to go for a run or attend your regular gym classes.

To avoid this, you can fit exercise into your summer activities by skipping the car and walking to events or riding your bicycle around. In addition, to keep family members moving, you should consider planning lively activities like kayaking, swimming, canoeing or hiking.

On a much simpler note, you can take advantage of not being cooped up in house as you are sometimes forced to do in colder weather and just go outside to play. Whether playing in the yard or going to the park, being in nature has an immensely positive impact on our mental and physical health. Get outside and go rollerblading, play baseball or showoff your hula-hooping skills.

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3. Utilize Aromatherapy

Similar to how we relate to food, our overall balance is largely impacted by our sense of smell. By having a few essential oils in your diffuser and on hand, you can help boost your energy, maintain focus and relax when necessary.

Art Naturals is one of my favorite go-to brands for aromatherapy. Their Bluetooth Oil Diffuser is amazing! I can play my favorite tunes from my own device and enjoy a light show in my room while smelling a blend of my favorite aromas: lavender, bergamot, and sweet orange essential oils. It also has an alarm/timer so I can set the amount of time I want to soothe and relax all the stress away.

4. Always Bring Water

Heat and humidity are synonymous with the season and as such, the thirst is incredibly real during the summer. Instead of spending time searching for a drink and end up either buying wasteful plastic bottles of water or unhealthy sodas, taking a reusable bottle or two with you will save you time, money and protect the environment as well.

It’s hard staying cool in this crazy summer heat but, thanks to my Thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle, I can bring along a reuseable water bottle that can stay cold for 18+ hours. It such a necessity that’s why I take it with me everywhere.

5. Pack Your Meals

Another remarkable habit to get into this summer is to pack your meals to take with you while you are on the go. If this simple task is left undone, it will leave you unprepared and a lot more likely to reach for unhealthy foods when hungry. As an alternative, you should invest some time at the start of the week to do meal planning.

Try to choose meals that can be made in a large batch and eaten throughout the week. This also includes bringing along healthy snacks. There are times where I can not go 2 hours without requiring something to eat. To avoid falling into the trap of buying junk food at a convenience store or street fair, I’ll take some healthy snacks I made earlier along with me. This is definitely a healthier and more affordable way to do summer.

6. Maintain a Healthy Gut

A vital component of overall wellness is balancing your entire body and it starts in the gut. This summer, concentrate on developing and maintaining a healthy gut and you will soon notice how other parts of your body have also improved. I like to take Now Foods Probiotic Capsules once a day between my meals. I’ve already noticed a difference in my energy level but overall I just feel a lot better.

7. Infuse Your Water

healthy summer habits

Be wise about the way you quench your thirst this summer. Make a decision to consume less of empty calories from beverages like lemonade and sugary iced tea. As a replacement, you should try infusing your sparkling water. This includes adding fruits and herb combos such as lime and blueberry, lemon and strawberry or grapefruit and thyme.

For a healthy and refreshing beverage, put a pitcher of filtered water in your fridge filled with slices of lemon and cucumber, sprigs of rosemary, mint leaves and the berries of your choice, if they are in season. It is so refreshing and tasty that you will be motivated to sip from it many times throughout the day. You will certainly feel better for it.

8. Take a Multivitamin

When you have a busy summer schedule, you might not get all the daily nutrients and minerals your body needs. Multivitamins are a wholesome addition to your everyday meals and snacks. Multivitamins with clean, healthy ingredients like these Alive! Multivitamins from Nature’s Way are your best bet. I love that it’s a well-balanced supplement for women and it supports multiple body systems like immunity, metabolism, bones, and even the hair, skin and nails.

9. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

Fresh, local summer produce has a way of putting you in a great mood. It’s also a great opportunity to talk with local farmers about the taste and size of this year’s harvest as you pop different pieces of fruits in your mouth.

After being able to taste several different varieties, you will be able to select your favorite ones and walk away with an incredible memory of the farmers who supplied your haul. This could include nectarines, peaches, corn on the cob and juicy and delicious tomatoes. Best of all, something new comes into season every week! Making this one of your healthy habits this summer will get you out there stocking up on delicious and nutritious produce and supporting your local farmers.

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I hope you enjoyed this list of healthy summer habits. Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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