7 Tips To Stop Procrastination & To Get More Sh*t Done

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tips to stop procrastination

Procrastination is the bane of every person’s existence, no matter what your goal in life. Procrastination is like an unwanted houseguest who shows up in our homes with muddy boots and a bad attitude, tracking its footprints all over our good intentions and imagined productivity.

We feel powerless against the pull of procrastination, and find many of our dreams, hopes and desires held hostage by our inability to just start (or finish) the task. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be held captive to your procrastination anymore. There are some tried and tested ways to begin and complete projects. It takes a little bit of discipline but you are tough so you can get through it.

1. Stop Taking On Tasks You Don’t Want or Absolutely Have To Do

There are many different reasons why people procrastinate but one of the reasons is because they simply do not want to complete the task in the first place. It is time for you to take a serious look at what you are getting yourself into. Are these tasks you really want to accomplish or do you merely feel like you should be doing those things.

Are the items on your to-do list pushing you further towards your goals or do you find your day crammed with tasks you are fulfilling out of obligation? Clearing the way for things you truly want to do will help you to move forward and only do what you need to do, making for less procrastination.

2. Give Yourself Breaks At Scheduled Times

We as a culture value being busy in a way that isn’t the healthiest for our well being or psyche. It’s time for you to learn that in order to be your most productive self, you are going to need adequate time to rest and recover from the hard work you do. Make it a point to schedule breaks into your day, whether you can do it at a concrete time every day or not. Nobody is meant to work constantly; even machines have to take breaks for repairs. Give yourself the gift of occasional relaxation. When you’re refreshed, you’ll be less likely to procrastinate.

3. Try The Pomodoro Technique

This is really easy. If you struggle with taking the aforementioned breaks, try taking them in a more structured way by using the Pomodoro technique. It involves using timer and you set your timer for 25 minutes. Every time the timer goes off, you take a five-minute break, and then do another 25 minutes. Every fourth cycle, you should take a 15-30 minute break instead of five minutes. You’ll breeze through the task at hand in no time.

4. Clear The Clutter Out Of Your Space

Clutter is a reflection of a really crowded and busy mind. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your life, it isn’t uncommon for this to be reflected in your personal space. Give yourself a break by clearing the clutter out of your living space once and for all. My Declutter Binder Kit can help turn your space clutter-free with ease. When you don’t have household tasks looming over your consciousness,  it becomes easier to get work done.

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5. Get Your Schedule In Order

This is self-explanatory. If you have no idea where you are supposed to be or what you are supposed to be doing, you can’t properly prepare for tasks and you are putting off things in order to prepare for others and keep yourself afloat. Just like the clutter, you have to take charge of your schedule once and for all.

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6. Examine WHY You Are Procrastinating

People procrastinate for a variety of reasons, whether it is anxiety, dread, fear, or perfection. Do you know why YOU procrastinate? If you’ve been struggling to complete a task, it could greatly benefit you to work through your feelings about it and settling on the blockades to avoid procrastinating in the future.

7. Consider Finding an Accountability Partner

The energy in the room changes when you have two people with similar goals in the room. Find yourself an accountability partner who will help to change the way you are getting work done. You’ll be able to discuss goals and keep each other on task.

Procrastination is a normal part of life but it doesn’t have to take over and run your life. Try these tips to get back on task. Remember, tips of this nature are guidelines, not hard and fast rules so modify them however you need to in order to get everything done.

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