11 Things To Let Go Of In Your 20s

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things to let go of in your 20s

Your 20s are often referred to as “the prime of our lives.” It is a wonderful time of fun and frolic, where we explore the world around us in a new way and discover our sense of self in it. For all intents and purposes, we are adulting for the very first time. Consequently, whether we recognize it or not, our 20s are a time when we have to let go of some of the old to fully embrace all the new. Below, we delve into the things to let go of in your 20s so you can flourish and become the man or woman you are meant to be by the time you get to your thirties and beyond.

1. Friendships

Sometimes as you move through your 20s, the friendships from your earlier years may no longer fit with where you are headed in your life. The sooner you learn to let go of these sorts of friendships, the better off you will be. Moving on from previously close attachments may prove to be difficult initially. However, over time you will learn that it is sometimes a necessary part of the growth process and detaching becomes easier.

2. A Job You’re Not Happy In

As I stated prior, your 20s is the prime of your life. As such, it’s also when you have the best opportunities to explore career paths and consider working in environments that match your ultimate goals and deepest desires. If you find yourself in a job during your 20s that is sucking the life out of you, then perhaps you will need to consider moving on from the same. I wouldn’t be where I am today with my blogging business had I not let go of a full time job I wasn’t passionate in. So start looking for job offers in industries or areas you are truly interested in working in. Be sure to consider the following:

  • The job description (required tasks play a huge factor in your personal and professional development as an employee)
  • The working environment (while working environments are never usually perfect, they can be perfect for you by nourishing your future career prospects)
  • Upward mobility (having a job in your twenties is more than getting a paycheck, it is also about laying a solid foundation for future career developments)
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3. Holding Back Because You’re Afraid of Failure

The saying that you will regret the things you never did, more than the ones you did is certainly true where your life goals and dreams are concerned. In other words, you are more likely to regret not taking the steps toward trying new things that align with your goals and objectives, than trying and even ‘failing.’ Importantly, ‘failure’ can be great when you take it as a lesson to take you forward. Best of all, failing in your twenties means you still have plenty of time to bounce back and use those lessons to create something even better.

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4. Comparing Yourself to Others

It’s pointless to live some of the best and formative years of adulthood by constantly weighing how well you measure up against others. The truth is, your life’s journey is yours to live and things are not often as they seem. We see the lives, skills, and achievements of others through rose-colored filters as we always only have a part of the picture at any given time. Simply commit to working towards your own goals and running your own race towards your life ideals.

5. Holding On To Grudges

Swapping resentment, hurt, and grudges in favor of forgiveness and freedom is a decision that is always worth it and is a great habit to cultivate for your entire life. Of course, your twenties is the best time to start. Learning the art of letting go is freeing for you and helps you live a more vibrant life in your twenties and beyond.

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6. Posting Everything On Social Media

Privacy is everything, particularly in this age of gross over-exposure. By opting to not share all the details and happenings in your life on social media, allows you to keep some things sacred and in a healthy space. Yes, this applies even when you have private profiles. By keeping your personal and most valuable moments out of the public digital space will make them all the more special and will help you set healthy boundaries as you move out of your 20s.

7. Wanting Everything To Go According to Plan

The fact is, the only thing we can truly control in life is yourself. Circumstance and people’s actions are outside of yourself and your control. As such, while you make and commit to your plans, do so with a fair amount of flexibility and relaxed expectations. Truth is there are many paths that can allow you to reach your goals as things can often be coming together in a different or new way. Remembering this when things seem to not go as planned is always a good way to go as you negotiate your twenties and move beyond.

8. Self Shaming Thoughts About Your Appearance

It is typical for there to be a significant emphasis on physical appearance in your twenties as you desire to put your best foot forward. However, taking the desire to look and feel your best to extremes and berating yourself for seemingly falling short of superficial notions of beauty and an ideal appearance is unhealthy. Beauty comes in all varieties including all that you bring to the table. Live from this space and build your sense of self-worth from the inside out – even while you treat our physical self well. Your thirties will thank you for it.

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9. Caring About Approval

Validation is great. However, basing your identity and sense of value on external validation isn’t great. Take the steps to healthily approve of yourself first. This way, the approval of others is likely to have far less significance on how you feel about yourself.

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10. Expecting Life To Be Fair

As we intimated earlier, having measured expectations regarding what life will bring into your space is key to remaining temperate and having a healthy relationship with even the most negative emotions and circumstances in your twenties and beyond. Your twenties are a great time to take off those rose-colored glasses.

11. Living Your Life For Others

Your 20s are a great time to explore your core values and all that really matters to you and solidify the same. As you do this, you will naturally develop healthy boundaries over time and live your life in line with your own values as opposed to living your life for the approval of others or their projected values.

There you have it! All the things to let go of in your twenties. Put these into practice today and see how quickly you begin to blossom into your most amazing self yet. Happy twenties and beyond!

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