Flowers: A How to Guide for Your Sweetheart

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This guide is for the guy who is clueless on what kind of flowers to get his sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.  You want to make this year’s Valentine’s Day awesome for that special lady in your life but, don’t know the best flowers to express your love. Now you don’t need to have some huge overpriced bouquet of flowers to make her smile but, you should ask yourself this question before you make the big purchase.

How committed to this girl are you?

Really think about this because the type of flowers you buy her will say a lot about your relationship. Is it a new relationship? Is she a crush? Have you been together for years? Girls do like it when men make an effort, but if you’ve been out on a few dates and still not sure where the two of you stand or you’re still on the fence about her, then getting her red roses might be a bit much.

So before you head over to FTD or Proflowers, read this cheat sheet to help you choose the right flowers to sweep your sweetheart off her feet this Valentine’s Day.

1. Roses doesn’t need to be red

A red rose is the most common type of rose purchased on Valentine’s Day which is fine, but it’s not your only option. Roses come in a variety of colors and each one has its own symbolic meaning.

For Mom or Grandma, pick…

  • White or blue-lavender rose:  Love and respect
  • Red, deep red rose: Love and beauty
  • Yellow rose: Appreciation, joy and delight
  • Light pink of peach-colored rose: Honor

For Girlfriend, Fiance, or Wife, pick…

  • White rose: Innocence and purity
  • Lavender rose: Love at first sight
  • Pink rose: Friendship, love, and gratitude
  • Peach rose: Your desire to be together
  • Red rose: Passionate love and romance

2. In fact, they don’t need to be roses at all!

Again, the kind of flower you choose can say a lot about the relationship you have with the special women in your life whether it’s your mom, girlfriend, wife, fiance, or even your crush. Instead of traditional roses, make your flowers mean more. She’ll see that you put a lot of thought into the gift.

For Mom or Grandma, pick…

  • Lilac: Love between mother and child
  • Orchid: Refinement and beauty
  • Carnations: Eternal love of a mother (Note: chic and affordable)

For Girlfriend, Fiance, or Wife, pick…

  • Hibiscus: Delicate beauty
  • Tulip: Fame and a perfect lover
  • Lilac: New found love
  • Pink Peonies: Romance, prosperity, and good fortune
  • Gardenia: Ecstasy (Translation: “You are lovely and I’m secretly in love with you.”)

For a crush, pick...

  • Sunflower: Loyalty and best wishes
  • Daisy: Innocence and gentleness

3. Good things come in small packages

If your sweetheart is the type of woman who prefers to own flowers of superb quality rather than collecting any item that catches her fancy, don’t be afraid to spend money on a smaller bouquet especially if it’s her favorite flower. For example, a bloom like lily of the valley is very hard to find in February, but she will appreciate the effort.

Once the big day arrives, presentation is key. So here are some ideas:

  1. If you live with your girl,  place them near her side of the bed so the first thing she sees and smells in the morning are fresh, beautiful flowers (or place them near the bathroom sink).
  2. You can stop by her place before she leaves for work and give her a nice bouquet of flowers.
  3. You can stop by her work in the middle of the day and surprise her!

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year set aside for you and your sweetheart so don’t screw it up! 😉

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