8 Effective Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

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Is the weather making your skin look a bit dull? Keep your skin glowing all year long especially during the winter months by learning how to keep your skin looking fresh. Here are 8 beauty tips for glowing skin!

Cleanse and Exfoliate Skin

Get glowing skin by using a mild and gentle cleanser (Cetaphil $7). Exfoliate with a facial scrub like St. Ives Apricot Scrub ($4).

Banish Breakouts

Fight off acne with a facial cleanser and acne spot treatment. More importantly, try and keep your skin calm by controlling your stress. I like to apply a facial mask twice a week to keep me in a “zen-like” mood. Your skin will be glowing in no time.

Wear Sunscreen

The best way to keep your skin looking youthful is by pouring on the sunscreen. You should wear sunscreen year round and look for one with SPF15 or higher. Since sunscreen stops working after 3 hours, an easier solution is to use a powder sunscreen. It’s great for touchups and it’s light so your makeup stays on.

Drink Tea

Research shows that drinking green or black tea at least three times a day can safeguard your skin. Tea contains compounds like theaflavins and ECGG which helps protect against skin cancers and the breakdown of collagen aka wrinkles.

Sun-kissed Skin

Having a sun-kissed glow gives a more youthful appearance. Adding a little tint can give your skin a more even tone look. “A little tint takes years off your face by evening out your skin tone, ” says Ranella Hirsch, M.D., a dermatologist in Cambridge, MA. Olay Complete Touch of Sun Daily UV Moisturizer + A Touch of Sunless Tanner ($15) should do the trick.

Tone and Tighten

Witch hazel or a toner can help tighten and tone your skin. It doesn’t irritate the skin and it promotes fast healing. Another cool tip is exercising your facial muscles. “I am religious about strength-training, and I always tell patients to do it more as they get older, ” says Patricia Farris, M.D., a dermatologist in Metairie, LA. It’s a great way to obtain firm and plump skin.

Superfoods for Skin

Eat foods rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Foods with high antioxidants: blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, black and pinto beans, pecans, and artichokes. Foods high in essential fatty acids (EFA’s): halibut, almonds, nuts, flax seed, olive and canola oil. Selenium is a trace mineral that plays an important role in skin cell health too. To grab a good amount of selenium, eat whole grains, cereal, tuna, muffins, and turkey.

Hydrate Skin

Drink water everyday!! You know it’s good for you.

Source: msnbc.msn.com


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