10 Summer Skin Care Essentials Before Hitting The Beach

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summer skincare essentials

Treating your skin well year round is important, but with summer in full bloom, smart skin care is a must. Achieving a healthy summer skin glow doesn’t take much effort , so to beat off the summer blues and keep the skin gorgeous, invest in some quality skin care necessities before you step foot on the beach.

Stay looking and smelling great this season, by checking out my top 10 summer skincare essentials!

summer skin care essentials

1. Since I sweat more in the summer, I always get acne breakouts on my back. This acne body wash always does the trick!

summer skin care essentials

2. I don’t self tan, but a few of my friends do and they swear by this self tanner. It’s fast drying and you won’t end up looking like a pumpkin!

summer skin care essentials

3. If you want amazing summer skin, you gotta exfoliate with a body scrub.

summer skin care essentials

4. I have oily skin, and during the summer it’s on overdrive. To get rid of the excess oil, I use a powerful clay mask.

summer skin care essentials

5. A lip balm with SPF is a must to keep my lips moisturized and protected.

summer evian

6. When the weather heats up, I always invest in a facial spray to rehydrate, refreshen, and re-energize my face. I’ve tried several but Evian is one of my favorite facial sprays. I also like to use the spray over my makeup.

summer skin care essentials

7.  I never leave the house without applying my favorite sunscreen and because it’s summer, I reapply throughout the day.

summer skin care essentials

8. When I’m at the beach or outdoors during the day for a long period of time, I don’t like to wear foundation. As an alternative, I use a tinted facial moisturizer with SPF protection. It’s perfect because it’s lightweight, offers sheer coverage, and I can layer with a foundation if I plan to go out at night.

tend skin

9. Tend Skin is a must-have if you have razor bumps or ingrown hairs around the sensitive bikini line area. I swear it gets the job done and your man can use it, too!

summer skin care essentials

10. This foot cooling product smooths and refreshes my tired feet and it smells wonderful.

meladerm skin lightening cream review

Bonus: As we age, we start to see more sun spots pop up on our skin. Using a product targeted to decrease melanin production is a significant step towards sun spot prevention.

What are a few of your summer skincare essentials?


  1. Nice list of skin care products, thanks for that. One question though..

    I have oily skin so I don’t think I can use any kind of suncscreen, right? I need one that is made specifically for my type of skin.

    Do you know which one of the products you listed here is good for oily skin?

    I should probably mention that I am a guy 😀



    1. Hi Romy,

      I have oily skin too so you should pick a sunscreen that’s oil free. I wouldn’t recommend a product on this list because of your skin-type however, I’ve heard great things about Jack Black Sun-Guard Oil-free sunscreen from a few of my guy friends. It’s also water/sweat resistant which is perfect for the active male. You can check out their product line here—> http://www.getjackblack.com

      I hope this helps!


  2. Thanks Diana.. that helped a lot. I was actually looking for a good sunscreen lotion…

    it says on their site that it contains Organic Calendula Flower which soothes and calms skin with natural anti-inflammatory properties. So I guess this is good for acne too. ( I have a few pimples here and there).

    I’ll just have to figure out if I should use a moisturizer prior to applying this sunscreen… cause I need a good moisturizer as well.

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