14 Travel Destinations For People On A Budget

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budget friendly travel destinations

Thinking about a solo trip or small group trip but afraid you might empty your wallet? Being aware of some of the best budget travel destinations can make a huge difference in how you plan your vacation. By simply figuring out the least expensive places to visit, you will be able to get the biggest bang for your buck; particularly if you are equipped with the right knowledge.

What Is The Cheapest Place To Travel?

There are so many amazing cheap places to travel to if you want to stick to a small budget. Below are 14 amazing travel destinations on a budget that you can explore; all of which are practical and reasonably priced. In addition to their incredible traditions and cultures, these destination offer cheap authentic cuisines and many activities that can be enjoyed on a budget.

Check out some of the best and cheapest places to travel in the world when you’re on a budget!

1. Budapest, Hungary

budapest hungary

Budapest is basically a more retro and vintage version of Vienna; however, it is certainly cheaper to visit. On your visit, you will be able to discover great food at reasonable prices, remarkable history and lots of captivating murals and architecture. The Central Market offers some epic, budget-friendly food tours that are bursting with a variety of flavors.

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2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

kuala lumpur malaysia

The city of Kuala Lumpur has a fusion of different cultures, from Indian to Asian, and this makes the food tremendously remarkable. Hotels are also inexpensive; you can even gain access to a five-star hotel, complete with a rooftop infinity pool for just $42 per night. In addition, the city is the hub for cheap trips throughout Southeast Asia. For example, a round-trip flight to Thailand from Kuala Lumpur costs only $24. Find the best flight to Kuala Lumpur here!

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3. Porto, Portugal

porto portugal

As the second biggest city in Portugal, Porto is currently one of the trending budget destinations in Europe. The city offers reasonably priced accommodations (check out the Vera Cruz Porto Downtown Hotel or Moov Hotel), local food and inexpensive museum and other tours. With an Andante Tour card, you can get unlimited use of the bus, metro, and some trains around the city and a Porto card ($15.43/day) not only gives you unlimited transportation but also free admission to 11 sights and museums and tons of discounts.

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4. Bangkok, Thailand

bangkok thailand


There are a few reasons Bangkok is extremely popular with backpackers; among other things, the city has a rich culture, idyllic islands, tantalizing cuisine, many beach huts and an abundance of adventures. Best of all, they are all available at prices that are often staggeringly low. With careful planning you could actually get by on between $25 and $30 per day.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

prague czechia

The city of Prague is among the least expensive capital cities to explore. The beauty of this city is breathtaking and chock-full of history. It is also the ideal location to leisurely explore by foot. In addition, for a small amount of Czech Crowns, you will be able to delight in a hearty meal and wash it down with pretty decent local beer. Find the best flight to Prague here!

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6. Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca Mexico

De Juan PorterTrabajo propio, CC BY-SA 3.0, Enlace

Oaxaca de Juarez is undoubtedly among the most stunning destinations in Mexico for travel. Among the inexpensive activities you can enjoy is visiting food stalls and getting a taste of local dishes for less than $5. You could also opt for a visit to Mezcaloteca for free Mezcal tastings. Additionally, finding your way around Oaxaca is easy; however, if your preference is joining a guided walking tour, you can do so for free or at an affordable cost.

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7. Cape Town, South Africa

cape town south africa

Cape Town is another remarkable location for individuals looking for a destination that will provide true value for their money. Whether you are traveling alone or with family or friends, ensure that you take a look at the wildlife; this will certainly make your vacation more memorable.

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8. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain

As the second largest city in spectacular Spain, Barcelona is among the most sought-after tourist destinations in that country. Free public transportation is available to take you around the city. Using the Barcelona Card, which is extremely inexpensive, makes it possible for you to benefit from all types of discounts. The discounted venues include entertainment facilities, shops, nightclubs, museums and tourist restaurants. Find the best flight to Barcelona here!

9. Komodo Islands, Indonesia

komodo islands indonesia

Komodo is the ideal destination if you want to experience an epic adventure without busting your travel budget. The island has been named among “the New 7 Wonders of Nature.” Since Komodo is located in Indonesia, which is renowned for its low-cost vacation options, food and accommodation are quite inexpensive.

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10. La Paz, Bolivia

la paz bolivia

La Paz is the ideal destination for individuals seeking adventure while enjoying the perks of being in a bustling, pulsating city. During the winter season, you can take a day tour to ski one of the world’s highest ski slopes for under $70, which covers food and transportation. Additionally, five-star hotels can be found around the city providing near luxury amenities for prices that are almost always under $150 a night.

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11. Karpathos, Greece

karpathos greece

This Greek Island offers many of the same allure as elegant Mykonos and Santorini; however, it has the distinct advantage of cheaper prices. There are many studios and apartments to rent in Karpathos, which results in real savings. Additionally, there are a number of budget-friendly hotels that cost less than $100. Many tavernas and restaurants are available where traditional Greek dishes can be savored at low costs. Find the best flight to Karpathos here!

12. Zanzibar

stone town zanzibar tanzania

Zanzibar is tremendously stunning and a ferry from the mainland of Tanzania to this breathtaking destination will only cost $35 or $50 if you prefer to ride in a VIP seat. Flight to and from the mainland are typically priced below $100. There are budget-friendly accommodations like the Surf Escape, which is located right on the beach and has on-site wind-surfing, paddleboard and surf lessons that cost roughly $40 a night.

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13. Istanbul, Turkey

istanbul turkey

Istanbul is undeniably alluring and offers a type of old world charm and mysticism that can be felt throughout its streets. The city can be a remarkable place for tighter budgets. The best lost-cost methods of soaking up the city include eating freshly-cooked kebab on a street-side terrace, riding a Bosphorus ferry and exploring the streets of the renowned Grand Bazaar.

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14. Shanghai, China

shanghai china

One of the biggest appeals of Shanghai for budget travelers is, without a doubt, the large quantity of incredible street food on offer. You will also be able to find accommodation at the lower end of the scale. Traveling the busy streets of Shanghai on foot is an adventure in and of itself. This will allow you to experience the interesting juxtaposition between new and old China.

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